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Freedom Crusader of Myrland Method Arrested. Threatened King County Prosecutor.

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posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 10:48 AM
David Myrland of The Myrland Method was arrested for threatening a King County, Washington Prosecutor.

Myrland is an outspoken defender of freedoms, and believes that the IRS and tax collection, in general, are illegal. I have studied his methods, and he is credible. His assertions may be unorthodox and even sound crazy, but he cites common law, and he does make some valid points.

Myrland has been helping people to turn over IRS collections, and has actually helped them to win in court against the IRS. It is no surprise that he was arrested. It's hard to tell if he actually did something wrong at this point and what. I think law enforcement would do anything to silence him, because he has legitimate complaints about the legality of tax collection.

For David Myrland the whole thing started around April 15th, 1988 – when the IRS knocked on Mr. Myrland's door to inform him that he owed taxes on some tips he had earned four years earlier. David Myrland is the fastest bar keep in the West or anyplace else. 1984 had been the last year he filed a 1040. His reaction was different than most people's; David Myrland began studying the law.

Realizing that those who confront the system lose David began an intense study of the law and the IRS code. By 1992 he was working as a full time tax payer advocate helping out others as well as writing statute that solved problems in several states.

That intense study resulted in a thorough understanding of the founding principles and a contiguous understanding of how Americans had been sold a bill of ungoods.

His insights resulted in a series of tutorials that work, enabling the user to confront and defeat the system. You can find those online at Your Remedy is in the Law

Over the years I have seen dozens of tax protesters, seminar producers or citizens go down in flames; that hasn't happened to David Myrland.

Myrland understands the law and practice, where the statutory bodies are buried and how to use the truth. It will be fascinating to watch this unfold. Myrland is well connected to some very powerful freedom fighters who will be in his corner.

I don't know what the real story is on his arrest. Maybe he screwed up, but since he is a Sovereign, he will claim the 'admiral' laws of the courts aren't applicable to him.

Federal charges: Man threatened Kirkland mayor, prosecutor Expanding on earlier allegations, federal authorities say Redmond man’s supporters threatened King County Prosecutor By LEVI PULKKINEN

SEATTLEPI.COM STAFF A Redmond man previously charged in state court with threatening to arrest the Kirkland mayor and city attorney is now facing federal prosecution. Filing charges earlier this month, federal prosecutors at Seattle reiterated claims that David Russell Myrland threatened to come to the homes of the Kirkland officials and went on to allege that Myrland’s supporters have made threats against the King County prosecutor and others.

In September, King County prosecutors filed felony charges against Myrland, a traffic offender who was apparently upset that his car was impounded following a traffic stop and sent a threatening e-mail to Kirkland Mayor Joan McBride. In the letter, Myrland, 52, of Redmond, suggested the mayor leave her home unlocked to facilitate a citizen’s arrest, according to charging documents. He went on to claim to have issued a “writ of probable cause” and said he would be arriving at the mayor’s home with 50 armed concerned citizens, police said. “DO NOT RESIST as these Citizens will be heavily armed and will meet all resistance with all necessary force, as provided by law,” Myrland continued, according to charging documents. “If you default or otherwise do not appear, and if my application is granted, I would advise you to keep your front and back doors to your home UNLOCKED to better facilitate your lawful arrest.”

Four days after the e-mail, police contend Myrland left a short threatening message on the home phone of an assistant city attorney who’d been involved in a civil case filed by Myrland. “Keep your doors unlocked,” Myrland said, according to police. “Don’t resist. You’re going to be meeting people.” Myrland was arrested and his vehicle impounded by Kirkland police on Aug. 10, 20 days before the e-mails arrived. According to charging documents, Myrland was suspected of driving with a suspended license and an expired temporary license plate. At the time, police contend Myrland had an unloaded pistol and a loaded ammunition magazine on the passenger’s seat.

During the stop, Myrland repeatedly told officers he was “not subject to Washington state laws” and offered to provide Kirkland officers with a legal brief, a Federal Protective Service senior special agent said in charges filed Jan. 21 in U.S. District Court. He is alleged to have claimed he would be “constitutionally authorized” to come to an officer’s home and arrest him or her. Officers ultimately removed Myrland from the car and found he was carrying a loaded pistol in a shoulder holster. Asked why he was carrying the gun, the agent said, Myrland claimed he owned it to “shoot pit bulls.”

Contacted by a Kirkland detective, Myrland reiterated his threat and expressed his concerns about police conduct during the traffic stop. “He stated that the Kirkland Police Department illegally arrested and kidnapped him, stole his motor vehicle, disarmed him by taking his handgun, and allowed fines to be incurred against him in both tow impound fees and illegal traffic citations,” Detective Joseph Indahl told the court. “Myrland stated to me that he has every right to ‘arrest’ both the Mayor and Assistant City Attorney for ‘felonies’ that they have committed and he is going to carry out those arrests.” Myrland offered to not pursue those “arrests” if the city dropped the charges against him and paid his impound fees, the detective added.

King County prosecutors filed charges against Myrland in September. Months later, according to the federal agent, threatening letters related to Myrland’s case began arriving. A letter sent from Little Elm, Texas, and received by the City of Kirkland on Dec. 27 faulted King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg for engaging in ”malicious prosecution” of people who think like Myrland, the federal agent told the court. The letter’s author claimed that it is “lawful for a private citizen to use deadly force in attempting to apprehend a fleeing felon,” and that “an assault is lawful when necessary by a person arresting one who has committed a felony,” then went on to claim that the Kirkland mayor and city attorney are criminals. “If (Satterberg) knows what’s good for him he’ll either prosecute them instead, or he can expect the use of force against his person if he intervenes on behalf of any criminal victimizing anyone I know,” the letter’s author wrote, according to charging documents.

“The same is true of the Kirkland police and city officials.” The agent added that similar letters were sent to the King County Superior Court and the state Bar Association. The letter prompted the agent to call Myrland and ask whether he knew the letter’s author. According to the agent’s account, Myrland said he was aware of letters but had not written them himself. Instead, he allegedly said he’d provided information to the senders so they could draft their own letters of support. At Myrland’s direction, the officer reviewed an audio program recorded by Myrland. “During the recording, Myrland tells people to go to a website, print out a letter and describes how to mail them in, and to whom,” the federal officer told the court. “In return, anyone who presents proof of this will receive copies of Myrland’s audio teachings.” Court records show Myrland had previously, unsuccessfully, argued that police lack the legal authority to issue traffic tickets and conduct law enforcement activities. In a 2009 case handled by the assistant city attorney, Myrland — who is identified as a tax avoidance expert on various websites apparently created by him — contended he had the authority to arrest city employees. “(The City of Kirkland) is scheming in private and in secrecy to damage (me) by malicious prosecution and other pains to cover up the crimes of which (Kirkland) employees and officials stand accused from coming to light of day for examination,” Myrland wrote. Myrland went on to claim that the city was attempting to force him into “an armed confrontation so they can kill him.” He asked a King County judge to order the Kirkland police to turn in all of the firearms and ammunition owned by the city.

King County prosecutors had charged Myrland with two counts of intimidating a public servant. Myrland, who was free, was arrested Tuesday and was ordered detained at the SeaTac Federal Detention Center pending a hearing scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. Myrland has been charged with transmission of threatening interstate communications, a felony. Visit‘s home page for more Seattle news.

This is an interesting case of a Sovereign citizen standing up for his beliefs. I don't think Myrland has a chance in hell of winning, but the case should bring up some interesting aspects of gun rights, Sovereignty, the right to travel without a license, and other Unconstitutional laws that have been passed upon us.

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posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 11:01 AM
David Myrland cites the Laugenour decision to fight the IRS. This decision has been confirmed by 2 DOJ judges that the IRS has no grounds to collect taxes outside of Washington DC.

Laugenour Decision

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