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It appears George W Bush was correct about freedom in the middle east

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posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 07:57 AM

Originally posted by Pervius

Originally posted by HoldTheBeans

Originally posted by drkylefletcher
I'm gonna take a wild guess that maybe the CIA had something to do with the uprising in Egypt.

Why would the CIA create an uprising in a country who is our military ally?

Remember Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines and we flew him out with all the gold/wealth of that country in our military planes?

Would be a grand plan if we could do it to 30 countries.

One problem with that, Egypt has no wealth to speak of. Seriously, what do they have to offer the world? Tourism at best. There's nothing to sell. Military planes? How 'bout a Cesna for all that wealth? The unrest now is nothing compared to what is coming. World food shortages have been reported by multiple sources. Does anyone think that a Fundamentalist Muslim or Military government will make a difference to the poor in Egypt when a food shortage hits? The first link takes you to the "Global" page of the "" website. Take a look at what issue is front and center.

Riot police officers rushed to confront protesters in Cairo.

Odd that a "democratic overthrow" would be at the top of the page. And just days in! These poor people and nations are being targeted for depopulation. These people are struggling now, there's much more to come under the new puppet leaders.

Price Shocks, Food Shortages And Global Economic Riots In 2011?

Food shortages: Creating a crisis to force global food control

Riots spread as global food shortage worsens

If all the food in the world were shared out evenly, there would be enough to go around. That has been true for centuries now - if food was scarce, the problem was that it wasn't in the right place.

But there was no global shortage. However, that will not be true much longer.

The food riots began in Algeria more than a week ago, and THEY ARE GOING TO SPREAD. During the last global food shortage, in 2008, there was serious rioting in Mexico, Indonesia and Egypt. We may expect to see that again, only more widespread.

This last article was written just days, January 20, 2011, prior to Egypt erupting.

A bit of gold or booty taken out of a nation is nothing compared to the wealth that can be milked from the world by controlling the food chain. Oil is a good weapon and that will come into play again shortly. Watch the cost per barrel in the next month. But controlling oil is only one cog of the food chain. Control the availability and distribution of food and you can control the world. All of it.
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posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 11:26 AM

Sure, and like Hamas , they'd have no chance of being elected into a position of power in the middle-east due to their extreme beliefs.

Oh wait...

So again, Bush is to be credited for having one of the stronger supporters of the U.S. in the middle-east (whom we paid billions to annually by the way) kicked out, and leaving a vacuum for groups like the Brotherhood to inevitably fill. needs pawns and a good adversary at times in a game of chess. Think about the group as nothing more than an entity which can be used as diversion and manipulation using propoganda for multiple political purposes by the ruling party.

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