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Probably the RUDEST thing I've ever read.

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posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 01:08 PM
People who use these terms are pathetic and feel the need to degrade the poorer part of society to make themselves feel better.

I worked in a welfare office. Yes people take advantage of the system. But there are people who generally need it.
Until we live in a society that provides equal education to all, where there is no sexism, ageism, or racism, then we need to have a buffer for those thrown out the system.

Most of the people who are on welfare don't want to be there. Most live hard lives. And no one is thriving on 300 dollars a month. There are corporations and business owners who write off extravagant vacations for them and their family. Yet, no one is screaming how awful they are. Because they are in a different class.
Quite frankly, I despise the person not paying taxes and getting a nice vacation that I can't, then a single mother getting 300 dollars in food stamps.
There are all types of thieves, but funny how the racists here only pick on one.

Most of the people who come in and have trouble working can't read, can't write, and have mental illness. And there is an uptake in age because with lack of work, it is getting harder for older people to get a job.
I hate to say it but many are just slow. And have trouble understanding even the basic questions.
There is also a problem that this is the only way of life you know. To them, achieving a paying job and buying a house is as feasible us someone in the middle class buying the white house. It is a cycle that needs to be stopped. And many good souls are trying to change that.

These are people who fall through the cracks of society.

posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 02:14 PM
It's a phrase that the more well fed say, ussually those who have no clue on how society actually is and works, those same ones who think education creates jobs or that politicians in an office somewhere created the world, or that higher education will fix everything, ya like we can all become ceo's or doctors, not becaouse we cant, or that education is hard, if given the chance for real, your would have a line a couple miles long for those jobs, but becaouse what would happen if we all became ceo's or doctors, imagine that billions of people becoming a doctor or ceo, who would actually do all the work then?

Nah even education is a scarcity system, not because it cant be done for all, but because it's scarcity is what drives it's profits and what makes it desirable, and makes that job profitable. Kind of like cops and the whole judiciary system, if there were no criminals and "bad guys" well then they would all be out of a job, so in a way they have an invested stake in keeping the criminals out there, and even creating phantom criminals or laws that create criminals, out of thin air. Like the whole weed smoking thing that puts kids in jail, or that whole prohibition thing they had a while ago in this country, or the whole "mysterious" war on drugs thing that never seems to be doing anything or achieving anything.

Same old # different day op, and you should never be ashamed of using the system thats out there, to help yourself, the only difference then the banksters and the people on welfare that don't need it, and try to gimp the system. Is that the banksters take way more in way of bailout taxes for doing less, and that they have a whole army of propagandists who make what they do look good for the TV. Infact all of you all who pay taxes, pay way more and will pay way more for a long time, even your kids will probably have to pay for there expenses and mansions and whatever, then for the people who use welfare to there advantage. One uses the system to take a couple hundread dollars for himself, the other takes a couple billion dollars for himself because he needs to be bailed out, now who is the real socialist in that?.

posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 06:16 AM
In another sense, it also refers to the obese, couch-potato, paper-pushing kind of useless eater.
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posted on Feb, 9 2011 @ 03:04 PM
reply to post by sarra1833

yes...Yes....YES! Give in to your hate, and anger. It will make you powerful, will aide you on your journey to the darkside.

Dude you got to let it go. There are a lot of idiots in this world. Just like the one who cut you off, while talking on the phone, while drinking coffee, and playing their music so loud their windows vibrate. They are idiots, if you spend any time at all giving a !@$% about them, then it is time wasted. You aren't going to change them, they are idiots for a reason.

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