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Not new but new to THIS (intro thing)

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posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 02:11 AM
I totally forgot to intro myself I THINK.

I'm from the USA, Illinois to be exact. I love ATS for all it has to offer BUT you do have to remember that there is a lot of truth, but there is also half truths and full out untruths. Once you're here long enough, you learn how to spot the differences. That way, you don' freak out over something that later turns out to be wrong, lol.

I'm into:

Vid games: currently playing and addicted to Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3. Love both for different reasons. Play on PC. Also love any survival horror games. Silent Hill series owns my soul. But not as much as Fallout 3/NV.

Am a paranormal investigator in my spare time. Love it.

Going to be starting my own business soon where we do web/graphic design, 3D rendering, animation, video game design and development, voice over for animation and video games, music for video games, and other little things like that. I have a roster of 6 very talented folk right now who are waiting for me to get it off the ground and running so we can start right in. Can't wait. I think a jack of all trades business like that will bring in some good clientele to say the least.

I'm into every kind of music there is to listen to except rap and gospel. Just because. Also into nature and the universe and so on. I'm not a ufo junkie but I also know we can not be the only things in the entire universe, but no, you will rarely if ever see me in the ufo area. I tend to stick (lately) with the current events like the world and I love reading about the 2012 stuff. XDDD Some things people come up with is just grand to read. I love people.

Some stuff makes you look like the Thinker too, as you contemplate the possibilities. Again, it goes hand in hand with what you wish to believe is fact, fiction or semi factual with a side of fiction for taste.

I think that's enough for now. Gives a wee taste into this gal's life. Oh, was born in 73.
But I look 22 or so. LOVE it. NOT arguing.

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