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WARNING: The Jihad is progressing & you havnt noticed.

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posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 06:07 PM
reply to post by 547000

I'm not clear on what you are referring to. Just to preempt clarification, I am mature enough to accept the good with the bad, but when the bad is based on ignorance, falsehoods and lack of comprehension of context, then those who spout that information should be more than prepared to receive the counter-argument (referring to Glenn Beck).

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 06:16 PM
reply to post by DarthPhobos

We (via the words of Obama) want Mubarak out sooner than later to assure that our guy, the new Vice President, who has been the CIA "pointman" (I guess it's the term) on the extraordinary renditions program in Egypt.

We want Mubarak out so that we can appease the vast majority of the Egyptian public with a half-hearted promise of transition during the following elections where they will learn the US brand of democracy: corporate-backed status quo with excellent branding and marketing support! And if they don't like it, we'll...I mean, the new, autonomous government of the people will have enough to plan for a new protest and by then the media will be less interested because they will have lost all their energy touting the grassroots democratic reform that the people the US and Multinational corporations brought to Egypt

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 11:11 AM
And so it begins, Let me just say this & please look deeper if you wish, It aint no suprise this falls on the exact same day of "Iran's revolution" to what they call "The US backed Regime", That was done under a disguise also

Stranger forces at work here folks

Iran Celebrate Anniversary

Muslims urged to show support

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 05:07 PM
After a weeklong break I fear it’s time to get back on the story. Mubarak was forced from office by the military & quickly went about business suspending the constitution & dissolving parliament. They take their place as rulers of the nation for the coming months. Muslim brotherhood are very much on the rise, they have a member on the committee redrafting the constitution and has said it will set up as a political party as soon as laws are changed to let it and others do so. The Brotherhood's spokesman appeared on state television a few days ago, a first for a movement banned in the Mubarak era. Having been timid in the early days of the revolt, it clearly thinks it is safe to come out. The Brotherhood is viewed with suspicion by Washington but is seen as the only truly organized bloc in Egypt and reckons it could win up to 30 percent of votes in a free election. Meanwhile all media attention shifts to let Egypt transform into an Islamic stronghold while our minds focus to another country, Bahrain, a land with equally important strategic position is being promoted by the media as the next main event. A country with Sunni rulers who have ruled for over 100 years in a country with a Shiite majority. It’s an easy target for any group wanting to shake up the masses what with all the history between the two. Bahrain has seen the beginnings of an uprising in the disguise of oppressed people. Their military is meeting them with force & want to crush the protests before they begin, but with each person they kill & heavy tactics they use, the good people of the world will once again be fooled into thinking it’s time for a change. The battle is being fought & I’ll say it again, behind the cloak of these so called revolutionists hides a very powerful movement which is slowly gaining ground, armies, economies & bases. The third piece of the jigsaw for them is coming together, this is their equivalent of Shock & Awe, it may be slow but one day when they have completed the jigsaw, only then will the cloak be lifted & for some here who can’t see it, shock will dawn on you. Not I, the MSM don’t fool me & I can see very clearly. Look out Bahrain, Obama & Cameroon will soon be pressuring you to fall, Good bye American bases, hello & welcome to your new friends across the water, Iran

What’s even more concerning is while we in the west go broke, while all our monies is pumped into arms for ground & arms for space, the middle east has all the oil, lots of the money & will one day be united & be as big as America & Europe. The world is changing fast & unfortunately our governments are taking us backwards while other's progress, In the meantime we continue to fund & arm them to the teeth. Makes you wonder whose side certain people are really on, damn I want to see that birth certificate. Boy it’s a crazy world.

All of the above & what has been attested to on previous pages is what’s happening, I’m not fear mongering, I’m attempting to unravel the cloak on what’s really going on out there. Remember what we were all taught from early on, rule number one, don’t believe a thing that is being spun on your news, it’s all lies, propaganda. Now I’d like to state, I don’t want the jigsaw to be completed, personally I want to see it stopped & nipped in the butt, but I fear its being allowed to happen. TPTB are seemingly rolling along with it & letting it play out. Are they playing a dangerous game with the objective of clearing out the region in the coming years, having the whole of the middle-east pose a threat is a great excuse to justify & convince the people that going in & taking the whole region over is what needs to be done. A new war on the grandest scale is what brings in the money for those at the top. Damn it’s getting warm in here

edit on 17-2-2011 by DarthPhobos because: (no reason given)

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