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Virginia considers alternative money (Never gets old! Not a repost)

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posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 08:22 PM

Virginia considers alternative money.

Reviving a great idea fresh on WND AGAIN

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Both of the following links contain the full text of the [color=gold]VA Bill 557
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01.12.11 Virginia Considers Gold as Alternative Currency for When FED Breaks Down

Cites 'inevitable destruction of the Federal Reserve System's currency'
Posted: February 01, 2011
8:42 pm Eastern

Kelly O'Meara
© 2011 WorldNetDaily

WASHINGTON – Virginia state Delegate Robert G. Marshall has introduced legislation to study whether the Commonwealth should make the preparations now to switch suddenly to an alternative currency in the event of an implosion of the Federal Reserve System and the destruction of the dollar.

House Joint Resolution 557 is another piece of a growing movement among state legislators who are concerned about the dollar's demise. Ten states have considered similar bills, recommending a return to some form of a commodity-based currency, using either silver or gold.

There are 10 other states considering ...

So, what are the chances of moving the bill through the Virginia legislature?

"It's puzzling," says Marshall. "I presented it to the subcommittee and ... they just sat there smiling like Cheshire cats, they didn't move to kill it and didn't move to report it to the committee. So, I'm going to try and move it along and get the attention of someone on the full committee to report it.

"This proposal," says Marshall, "is about being prepared. If you're crossing the Atlantic on the Titanic somebody should think about a life preserver. This is about asking the simple questions 'does Virginia need some life boats, can we build them and how long will it take.'"


This is an excellent idea, however, the Federal Congress has the power to mint money. I'm not going to do any in-depth research as to whether states can coin their own except after (or in the event of) succession.


Taking this idea one step further... The price of metals can be manipulated SO THIS IS IDEA IS FLAWED!

The Federal Reserve Notes ARE NOT backed by precious metals. It's all about faith in the paper dollar.

That's IT. Nothing more.

Here's the better solution... (Not MY idea!!! I'm not that smart!!!)

US Congressional Greenbacks!

We'll be needing some artists

Sanctioned by Congress as defined under the Constitution.

Congress issues Serialized Greenbacks using the same technology currently used by the FED.

All Federal Reserve Notes will no longer be accepted in ANY trade within the United States.

All Federal Reserve Notes can be exchanged at ANY Bank or Post Office in nominal amounts.

Large amounts to be exchanged will be done at larger central banks and overseen by a Congressional representative. Etc...

Other countries can exchange the Federal Reserve Notes on a first come first serve basis.

Added Bonus: This WILL put the drug cartels out of business over night. "War On Drugs: OVER" At least severely crippled for some time to come.

Wow, how ingenious ... Not my idea I'm just reposting a WND article... Adding MY SPIN as they say...

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posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 11:30 PM
reply to post by DrMattMaddix

Finally, a good idea surfaces and politicians sit back and laugh... that definitley helps my confidence in the government. With that said, I hope that this gets pushed through, I'm interested to see how many states will follow Virginia's lead on this one.

You said there are 10 states that are considering similar legislation, do you think you could list those states? I want to see if my state is on the list

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