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The gift of the Hart and the Curse of the Gods.

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posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 02:15 PM
Well, you've come for another tale I see!
May I spin you one then?
Hush now, listen well my friends,
as I tell you the story of Manu and Sheah!

Once upon an age long gone, which most can no longer recall, I wandered the bright and fair forests of the Earth, unafraid of Troll or beast, for I carried a brave heart and a strong arm, but alas I was alone, the only human on the Earth. All I had for companions were the beasts and creatures of forest and field.
One bright day I wandered, as I am want to do, from my home which rests peacefully in a quite meadow, and into the forest. There I did spy a creature of the wood, the Hart!
I crept and crawled towards the fabled Hart, intent on slaying the noble beast, for the Hart is a treasure most prized! It's meat, the sweetest and most tender of any beast, it's horns, make the strongest tools and from it's hide, the most beautiful clothes can be fashioned!
As I crept closer I noticed something amiss, the Hart was wounded already, pierced by the shaft of a Satyr!
The wound seemed to affect the Hart most dire, a killing blow to any of the natural woodland beasts, but the Hart is no normal beast, born in ancient times, from the God Fires of Mount Irem.
It spies me as I creep closer but does not run! Instead it limps forward, unafraid of me and as it draws near I hear it speak, not to my ears but to my inner being.
"Young Manu" it calls, "I beseech thee, please pull this Dire Shaft from my side".
Struck dumb by the Harts strange and powerful voice,
I can not move nor even speak, as if numbed by the icy waters of a winter river.
It pleads again, "Please Manu, I beg of Thee, pull the shaft from my side. A reward most precious will I give unto Thee if this shaft Thou would remove"
Recovering my senses for a moment I replied, "Dear Hart, I am struck dumb by your presence, I can not move from this spot, nor barely grab breath to reply, your power is so strong! Please release me from your spell and I will remove the Dire Shaft, which the Satyr has so cruelly tried to fell you with"
Before I could finish my feeble request for freedom, the Hart's spell was taken from me and I felt the cool rush of Fall air and the firey blood did again flow free through my veins!
Once again the Hart did plea, "Now Young Manu remove this Dire Shaft and I shall grant Thee the greatest of gifts." It limped closer still and turned it's wounded side towards me,
I could see it was an old wound, the blood had long since dried and the Shaft had begun to work it's Fell Magic upon the mighty beast. Weak from the Satyr's Poison the Hart stumbled and fell to it's knees.
With what seemed like it's last breath it cried
"Now Manu! I will die if you do not remove the Shaft!" It's voice was so loud it seemed to shake loose my teeth as it echoed down to my everlasting soul!
I replied weakly for the Harts voice had taken my strength,
"Hold still now dear Hart, for this will pain you much!"
Gripping the Fell Shaft and as gently as I could, I pulled it from the Hart's side, poison and blood gushed from the wound on to my hands and quick as I could blink the mighty Hart was on it's feet again and prancing toward the woods.
I cried to the Hart as it leapt and frolicked toward the forest,
"Dear Hart what of your promise, what of my gift?"
The majestic beast turned so swiftly I could not see it move and before I had finished my cry, it was in front of me!
Again it spoke, it's voice running deep to my core.
"My young Manu, the gift was always yours.
It is a kind heart and a gentle soul and love that will never fade,
but if it is a boon you seek, take with you this"
The Hart motioned towards the forest and there emerged a creature most beautiful, clad in the skins of forest beasts, her hair a golden brown, with unearthly flowers surrounding her strangely beautiful face. She seemed to glide more than walk and as she approached I could see she was the most beautiful creature in all the heavens and Earth!
The Hart spoke one last time,
"Young manu, take this woman, she was found here years ago, a mere fawn, cold and alone with no mother to feed her. The beasts of my forest took her and raised her and taught her all the knowledge of the world.
She has cried your name since she could speak and wants nothing more than to be with you"
Saying that, the Hart disappeared into the forest, now darkening as evening approached.
She took my hand and a warm and powerful rush came over me, filling my soul with love.
She spoke then, with a voice like no creature I had ever heard, a voice I had dreamed of for a thousand seasons.
"My name is Sheah and I am yours young Manu,
for all of time, we shall live and love forever
and our children shall roam the Earth and forest,
to tend the land and watch over the beasts of the wood."
I did not know how to reply, yet she understood my thoughts and felt my new undying love.
As we walked towards our home in the meadow, I saw, as I looked toward the forest, all the creatures the Gods had created, standing in the verge of the fading light of dusk, and they were happy.
Yet all would not be happy for Sheah and Myself.
After many thousand seasons, we were parted by a war between the Gods, and even since I have searched for my love.
You see now my plight, to love a woman who I can not find.
I yearn for the warm embrace of my Sheah, to gaze into her eyes and feel the love of her heart.
I have searched the world, from the frozen mountains of the East to the deepest of the seas in the west, North to the Icy wasteland, and South to the burning sands and beyond, but to no avail.

Now friends you know of my curse,
The gods to me can do no worse.
If my Sheah you find, send her to my light,
for I am doomed to wander til my lost loves in sight.

This ends the tale of the first man and woman.

I am Manu.
Have you seen Sheah?
Please show her the way home!
I will continue to search,
through all my life times,
til I find her!

In May of 2010 I Married my soulmate! Finally after all those years Shea has been found! Thanks be to the Gods!
edit on 1-2-2011 by Wardwolf because: Darn typos! lol

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