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is what is going on in tunisia, eygpt, saudi arabia , and jordan being orchestrated by one group

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posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 10:56 AM
and if this said group gains control of these countries what kind of military assets will they inherit. i know that saudis have a considerable sized army with fairly modern equipment. what would these 4 cointries military might mean for Israel, the mediterrean region the world. what would it mean if west lost use of suez canal.

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 11:08 AM
reply to post by proteus33

"Her princes in the midst of her are like wolves tearing the prey, shedding blood, destroying lives to get dishonest gains."

The people of this land practice 'extortion' and commit 'robbery'! They oppress the poor and needy! They extort those who come to this land and deny them 'redress'! What land is this?

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 11:15 AM
Good post OP

Your premise that a 'single' source may be suspect follows my present line of thought. Something is NOT quite right.

When world events unfold, unless by earthquake or tidal wave-instantly, the audience or the other persons watching the stage play unfold in daily events under the control of men need to consider coinciding events, a song and dance a correographed affair.

so...begin with Wickilieaks diplomatic releases way back when central theme: Arab nations lying to their people and living opulent lifestyles at the peoples expense and secretly talking bad about each other in confidential cables. All the while...Israel is never mentioned in a single cable yet the cables play into their hand in controlling the middle east.

And soon after the questioning of Assuage...Tunesia explodes and topples their government, Egypt next, Jordon suddenly, on a whim I suppose, disbands his entire government and presumably hires a new one to replace it to keep unrest down their...all of these countries SURROUND Israel.

Is this fact lost on everyone?

And of course, Israel supplies crowd control planes which are actually Boeing 747s with no passenger windows tankers I presume the kind that spray chemtrails but could not see the nozzles, linked thru drudge or any other news outlet to see photos of the el al cargo jets...

yep...gotta go with the little middle east country that is so silent on all this arab goings on...the silence of israel in all this is exactly what hand is in control.


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