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Rh Negative blood types give off "bad vibes", encounter hostility

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posted on Sep, 30 2018 @ 11:36 AM
I know this is an old thread and I dont know if anyone will ever read this but I have some things to get off my chest. I will try to make it simple and straightforward to read

I came across Rh Negative blood type a few years ago on some alternative website. It really struck a cord with me. My mom said I was not Rh negative. There was no way. When I found out that both parents were O positive , I thought she must be right.... but something did not feel right in my heart. Eventually I got an eldoncard and proved her wrong. I did the test twice and found out I am indeed o neg which I just KNEW all along..
I have a strong intuition if I do say so myself.
As for the so called 'characteristics', sorry but I havent found a shred of evidence to back this up. Except for it being prevalent amongst caucasians, the toxoplasmosis thing effecting rh negs differently(?) and the autoimmune disorder connection.
I have normal blue eyes brown hair and nothing special. Irish, welsh, as well as swedish aristocratic blood, for health, I have eczema , athsma. Am hyper sensitive, and have connection to mi6 through grandfather.
I have always been spiritual and have always felt very very lonely.
Last time i went to the doctor i told him of my dizziness. He sort of shrugged it off even though he knows my ferretin levels are 12, slightly low. Nothing was done. Doctors tend to be pretty crap and set in their traditional ways. Have always known how corrupt our entire system is and it makes me angry.
I try to steer from paranoia that runs rampant in this particular community, no offense.
Taoism keeps me centred.
This is all I can say. I would be grateful for some reply if anyone can relate.

posted on Mar, 7 2019 @ 07:38 AM
a reply to: IamthatIam27

Like you said old thread but I'm new here so I'm late to this conversation. I first found out I was a-, rh-neg when I was caring my first son. My husband was also rh-neg he is o-rh-neg. The doctor said it was like rolling snake eyes. I have auto immune problems, low thyroid, rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety but I also have some really cool things. I can read people really well, I have a very close relationship with God and he with me. Not religous more he is my Father in heaven, I am his child, very spiritual. I have weird experiences so much so I just see it as normal to me. I have kinda a 6th scene about things, a knowing about how things are supposed to be and how things work how people think. Just a kinda "knowing" that is so strong most of the time it boggles my mind how they can't get what I'm talking about and then they do something stupid and they ask me how did I know. All i can say is i can just feel it. They just don't get that. I can't say I have ever felt lonely or truly alone but I am alone in this world and have always been. I have a real "I want to go home feeling" all the time. But Nothing, no place here is home. I grew up being told I was too sensitive but I don't bother people with my emotions. I think most folks are too shallow and 2 dimentional.
As for rubbing folks the wrong way, I used to think it was me, something wrong with me but my Mum told my long ago I intimidate people. I see this now with my boys. I have 5 boys and they are really intelegent, lots of common sense. They are all o-rh-neg except my second who is a- rh-neg. They just are all quiet big thinkers they're really good guys all a's in school, no trouble at all. My oldest is 24 my youngest is 8. They don't have close friends. They are each others best friends. I have to say I think they just intimadate people. I am very proud of my alien spawn.
Sometimes I wonder if it is just me picking up on something from others that is totally normal to everyone else. What I mean is, I am very emotionally sensitive. I can feel other peoples energy or aura or feelings or something that's where the anxiety comes from. When I'm with someone and I ask them did you pick up on that? They seem to feel all is normal but my boys, my one and only fiernd and their Dad who are all Rh-neg know exactly what I mean. My two brothers are the same. So maybe that is how the rest of the world really is just kinda superficial compared to us. I think we just expect more because we know there is more. Maybe they are are picking up on something with us something that tells them subconsciously that we are different. I know I'm not doing or saying anything that would make them turn from me. But then once in a great while you just click with someone and it will turn out their are rh-neg too. It is just weird. Something makes us different. As you can see I have done a lot thinking on this matter. Sorry 'bout running on. One last thing, my boys and I, my best friend and my boys Dad have never had the flu or cold sores or any viruses that we know of not even a 24 hr stomach thing. We get sick but if we bother going to a dr. it is always bacterial. I know there is more to this rh-neg thing but, what?

posted on Mar, 21 2019 @ 06:44 PM
There seems to be a conspiracy of not telling people they're RH negative. I have street light interference, psi abilities, crash computers etc, but everyone always said I'd know if I was rh - ... I think certain genes that originate from the same gene pools of RH negative people have the same effects in RH positive people. Less incentive to tell someone theyre RH neg if they're not female, since pregnancy is where problems may arise.

Anyway the whole people being hostile to you thing sounds like gang stalking or hive mind tech, and a lot of the victims are RH neg or simply have german ancestry. It's like an entire city will turn against you when this tech is used on you. I feel like RH neg people are targeted either to eliminate them so nobody finds out psi abilities are real, OR, to activate their abilities and study them.

posted on May, 5 2019 @ 07:42 PM
Thank you for this thread, I am B negative and do feel the bad vibes of people directed at me even if I do not do anything...

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