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Rh Negative blood types give off "bad vibes", encounter hostility

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posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 02:01 AM
I am RH- and I have experienced extreme negativity from people for no apparent reason whatsoever, Just by being me, I remember growing up, boy child hood was not a walk in the park. My family (Not my immediate family) did not like me, I had barely any friends and the list goes on. When I went on school or family functions, the people there always treated me differently, it was very strange. It never made any sense to me till one day and trust me I am not religious, spiritual yes, religious no, but this day it happened that I read something in the bible, I cant remember what but it said that people would be hated because of Christ, now I left that alone but two days later a friend of mine mentioned the blood of the Gods information and linked it to Jesus Christ, which got me thinking, What if WE are the ones that are going to be hated because we carry the blood of Jesus? I am not saying this is fact but it sure makes one think.

It says I think that the people will be hated for speaking the truth well it is known that RH negs are "truth seekers", so again it made me think, we may not literally speak the truth, but our demeanor stands for truth which in essence is the same thing. I do not for a moment think I am above anyone, just stating my observations. Pheromones are known to cause all kids of reactions, what if RH negs have a certain pheromone that puts everyone else off? people have always rejected, feared and hated what they can not understand and therefor, well, being that we are so rare, perhaps this is the reason for all the hostility? Extraterrestrial DNA has already been prove scientifically: Article Here and who's to say that some of the population doesn't have just at tad bit more then usual and this creates the ripe conditions for rejection as in the case of Oliver? it could be pheromones that those of us with a larger percentage of this unusual DNA give off or that others subconsciously know that we are rare and thus their ego is harmed? just throwing ideas out there.

posted on May, 26 2011 @ 08:27 PM
trading card stats......
blond hair, big blue eyes
kind of tall (6 even)
droopy shoulders, slim frame(135lbs)out of the iq tests ive taken it averaged out to 139.
Intersested in art and symbols since early childhood.
Always have had intersest in space and etherical entities.
I used to stutter alot, and have trouble communicating ideas.
Have been drawn to mind altering substances my whole life. (I no longer use or condone drugs.
When i was 16 i was drugged with lsd and methamphetimine, spun out hard and almost killed myself.
I once was on mushrooms, and watched my friend attempt suicide, i was so messed up on the zoomers i physically could do nothing but watch. Strange energy came over me and i was FLOORED. On the floor in a puddle of my own tears and vomit I left my body, and experienced the voice of god telling me that we are all one. He told me i was a good christian and i am bleeding out for me actions, the suicidal actions of my friend, and for the sins of humanity. I could see through my skin, and my blood vessels were snakes chasing bits of light throughout my body. I had the feeling that i was bleeding out all my blood through the pores of my skin. I could feel the feces being expelled from my bowel and my urine being excreted. when i stopped bleeding i was told it was over, and i was born again to help humanity. When i came to i was happy to find that my friend was still alive and that i wasn't actually covered in blood and #. I never considered myself a christian before that. I now consider my self to be a true"born again" christian.
often when i tell this story to non believers, no matter which way i explain it , they come to the do too much drugs, or your just making it it up. The thing is manyy people can do handfulls of mushrooms without having a religous experience ever. The experience comes from within, and the substances are just a faster way to access them. Not always a good idea though, they can overwhelm you and make you question too many things.

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 05:53 AM
reply to post by FutureIsWild

Bad vibes? Puhleeze ... I'm O negative and there are not bad vibes connected to negative blood types! In my case, just the opposite. I'm a person who has never met a stranger! I talk to people in stores, etc. and we usually end up laughing!

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 09:36 AM
reply to post by Whiffer Nippets

The chimp was spurned because he was a mutant. He is not a hybrid, just a fluke. Animals spurn animals with problems in the animal kingdom, which is why baby birds are kicked out of nests. Harsh, but effective.
The blood type is not the reason.

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 12:52 PM
reply to post by Whiffer Nippets

I am also rh- and I have always felt like I don't
belong here on this planet.
Us versus them type scenario,there are more of
them then us!

posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 09:05 AM
The only negativity I encounter have either been the usual growing up woes, the so called frenemies, the weird coven of angry bitter folks you find occasionally anywhere though usually in the workplace.
I was bullied, but then I was shy and probably the weirdest looking gawky mutant child on the planet at the time - the whole plaster on the glasses & jesus sandals girl. It was a fun time you can imagine.

Other than that the only negativity I encounter is usually of my own making through lack of patience, empathy or just expecting higher standards from people - that's my failing. I am though the girl who everyone knows & knows everyone, I am the girl who attracts the nutters on the bus, the nutters in the pub, well, nutters everywhere and they always seem compelled to tell me their life story. On the whole my encounters are usually very positive, the only problem I have is shocking rubbish luck.

posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 11:16 AM
reply to post by galadofwarthethird

It's a fact. I am rh neg and while pregnant was forced to receive a shot to protect my baby. We didn't want to pay for my husband to have a blood test to determine whether or not he was + or - so I got the shot once while I was carrying and once after birth. I carry a card with me. Here's what it says word for word:

I am Rh negative. I have received a protective injection of Rho(D) Immune Globulin (Human), HyperRHO S/D.
Important: In the event of future pregnancy and the pregnancy is terminated PRIOR to 13 weeks' gestation, I should receive an injection of HyperRHO S/D mini-dose within 3 hours after termination. If I deliver an Rh positive baby or if pregnancy is terminated after 13 weeks' gestation, I should be considered a candidate for an injection of JyperRHO S/D Full Dose within 72 hours to maintain my protection.

Sorry if someone already answered your question. Didn't read all of the replies yet.

posted on Jun, 25 2011 @ 11:26 PM
Your never going to get the respect and love you deserve unless you have lots and lots of money, a good job, and lots of resources that women can tap into. American women only love themselves and out of greed and selfishness like the whore america is only wants to take advantage of you. If you have a child with her, oh oh...that is bad. Now your stuck losing your son or daughter and on top of it, she can take all she wants from you (thanks to the judicial system for that).
My philosophy of meeting a woman? Club her on the head and take her to your cave. When your done with her, throw her out!!!! Grrrrahahahahahah!!!!

posted on Nov, 1 2011 @ 04:36 AM
reply to post by 08051962

I have been going through the same thing my whole life, even now! My A RH+ spouse of 20 yrs will randomly turn on me and act like he hates me. He did it today as a matter of fact. When I ask him why he is being an ass he ALWAYS says , that I am the one with an attitude and the negative energy even though I was happy and content til he started in on me. It's like I agitate him my "VIBE" interferes with his or something?? and since I haven't done or said anything wrong he he'll start bringing up things from the past just so he can justify his actions. I was an outcast in school and no matter how hard I tried I had and still have not even one close friend and I'm 42 yrs old. I recently spent the whole day catering and trying to entertain one of my husbands old classmates and his wife. I thought It went great (food, music, country air etc..) and then she never befriended me on facebook like she said and come to find out she doesn't care for me. I was amazing to her even gave her my good sweater to take home because she was chilly.

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 06:13 PM
reply to post by NoRegretsEver

That's funny. You just described me. I'm O neg also. The thing with kids and babies like they are fascinated by me, the thing about people asking me for things in a store, even when I am not wearing anything close to the uniforms they wear. I always wondered about that. The way people are at ease talking to me. I do try to be friendly, but I'm not really that outgoing. I can be very nervous in public so I don't talk a lot myself usually. I have also been told that I'm like a breath of fresh air, the room brightens when I walk in and that I have incredible eyes (I don't). I see people feel like they are suddenly made nervous around me. I always wonder what they see in me. I am not over the top good looking. I'm actually only average looking, kinda plain way of dressing, a little overweight. So it seems that people's reactions to me are not a result of my looks. I've had elderly people in my family member's nursing home brighten at the sight of me and one even kissed me once and took my hand to walk with her. Another time one looked at me as I walked down the hall not even paying much attention to what I was doing, I always smile and nod at them though, and she looked amazed and said, " What are you?" I just smiled but thought, wth? "what" am I? I don't know.

Anyway, I was going to respond to the thread already, but your post struck me because you sound like me. Hehe.

posted on Dec, 7 2011 @ 01:35 AM
Oh wow more O-Neg people like me all sounds the same, one thing i have noticed most in my life is feelings and emotions of others in a large crowd i do not even know whats my feelings and theirs it makes me feel lost, and i get the feeling i dont belong here, alot of people take advantage of my kindness like they sense a sucker but it seems i know what their doing, i always seem to be left out of everything hmmm its strange but thats ok with me sometimes i just do like to be noticed and usually i am not i am really nothing special i just consider the way i am a gift its strange how most animals want me to pet them just so many strange things to describe could be our blood type dna people do say i am a little odd but on the other hand i consider everyone else a little odd lol. So i guess O-Neg people are a little different or we were made this way for a reason.

Bless all O-Neg People.

posted on Dec, 8 2011 @ 11:16 AM
That's very interesting. My grandmother who raised me was Rh negative. I'm O positive, but seem more like an Rh negative person....leading me to believe there might be another genetic marker. I could see what others could not as a child and my grandmother could see it too. I'd ask why the rest of the family couldn't see what was happening and she'd say they just couldn't...shhhh. don't upset them.

I've met a few people who could see through things in the same way I do. They're a handful of people. We always have an instant rapport. It's such a relief. Often, years go by where I am alone in my perceptions. Others are hostile to me for no reason. It's always happened. My friends often ponder why it happens, asking if I knew the person who just attacked me so viciously....but I never have met them. I used to think I was Hitler in my last life.

Anyone ever heard of a second genetic marker for us weirdos?

Sorry about bumping an old just spoke to me....

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 12:05 AM
reply to post by Whiffer Nippets

I was just randomly googling copper based blood stuff after watching 'Tuvix' Voyager lol.
I used to research my blood type quite a bit, but found I was rereading all material I could find on the subject. It's not well looked into, or discussed. I find it's also taboo, try getting someone blood type from them 'I do'nt know.'
'Jeez, never really thought about it' etc. I had to pay to find mine out, my mom's was RH- and after reading about all that david icke, reptilian stuff I just had to have mine checked out. Costed money too.

I'm A- which is a bit different than these O's.

People generally do'nt like me. I do'nt think it's because of a vibe, or anything, but because of the fact that I'm an alpha and I do'nt beat around the bush. I tell people what I think, and I will do what I want. Even if that means other's getting their feelings hurt.
My mother, and people willing to talk (They assure me others feel the same way but are quiet about it) that I have a Powerful attitude. I 'Speak to other's in a harsh tone' Even if my words seem perfectly neutral or positive. I must admit that I have a concious effect to this sometimes especially when arguing, making a point, or mentally lashing out to people. I will say something that will offend them subconciously, or passively, but to the curious onlooker or witness it will seem perfectly normal. That way if anything happens I have a cover story. In person to person conversations the naked truth will be transmitted by me. This will usually frighten the person if it's something personal or I have a 'problem with them', but not like we have speech/verbal police around to stop me from saying 'cruel things'

LOL this whole post probably sounds dramatic and cruel, maybe you can see what I mean through the computer? I'm not trying to make myself sound like a mean person. On the contrary, I will only target people I do'nt like, normal people at work, I'm very friendly to. Also I make it a personal mission to not lie to people, if I do they are probably white lies, truths untold, or walk arounds. You can't build anything off lies. My mother says I talk like a lawyer, let's just say that, and you know how people hate lawyers.

Kids like me because they are honest and bold with their points, and so am I. But I really do'nt like kid's because, well I just don't. Except for my own.

Old people HATE me, despise me, and will go out of their way to b!Ych and complain about me! They hold grudges and I've lost many a personal relationship and job to people parents, and grandparents influencing their decisions!! Maybe it's a generational thing.

People from the military, they dislike me. I feel they do'nt trust me, most authority figures really. They are constantly on their guard, keep me at a distance and withhold information from me like I'm interrogating them -.-
I report crimes at my job and they always assume I'm involved until they discover I work there (No it's not my clothes, I'm slaved er- submitted to dress nicely.)

Anyway I usually dislike talking about myself, but this seemed the thread to do it, and let's face it, it's the internet. People read if they are interested. I just thought I'd put it out there.

Oh pictures, to show my interest.
edit on 14-12-2011 by DerVerboten because: My luck is SH!T too, or so I'm told, I can't really come to believe that, I will be too depressed. And believe me I could RANT on that.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 10:12 AM
I'm A Negative. When I was brought into this world in 1953, I was a "blue baby." The doctors, I'm told, partially extracted my right foot from the womb, and performed a transfusion. I still today have a crescent shaped scar on my right heel. I was then brought forth, with a C-Section surgery, and immediately given another transfusion. Finally, a direct transfusion from my Father was done, and so I lived.
My Mother was A-B Positive, my Father A-Negative.

I am encountered hostility for all of my life. Most people cannot look me directly in the eyes, people tel me it makes them feel "strange" top do so. My entire live has been strange, and different. I can see ghosts, and see them all the time. I have had the ET experience, more than a few times. I seem to know things I never studied, or researched, and never was one to fall into a cult, or a trend. I was told in school I could be a NASA engineer, but chose to be an automobile mechanic instead. I can tell when a person is lying to me, and it seems when someone screws me over, or rips me off, bad things happen to them, not in any way by my own design.

Can all of this be explained by a blood type? I highly doubt it. But something is going on. I just have yet to put my finger on it.

posted on Dec, 24 2011 @ 03:48 PM
I find this subject very interesting. Although I'm not RH - my mother and hubby are. I don't agree at all that RH - people give off bad vibes or that they invite bad behavior. Both my hubby and mom are the kind of people who never meet a stranger. I would say both of them attract very positive attention.

Where my interest lies is with my relationship with my mother. My brother is RH + like me but since he was first born he wasn't attacked by antibodies before birth. Our mom miscarried a child between us, at that time no protective shot for RH - mothers existed. Unlike my brother I spent 2 weeks in the hospital and required several transfusions.

Because of my severe reaction to her antibodies and my inherited almond shaped eyes my mother assumed I was mentally retarded. I was left to lie in the crib and I really think she hoped I would just die. After getting laid off my Dad took over child care while my mother worked. From the beginning he was forbidden from taking me out of the crib. After finding himself alone with me for the first time he couldn't resist...he reached in and quite literally saved my life. By that time I was 9 months old so my walking/crawling was delayed a bit but I thrived under his care.

I spent the rest of my life trying to prove I was not mentally damaged but to this day I have no emotional ties with my mother. I wonder if it's possible that because my mother's body so vehemently rejected me her emotions followed suit? She has always worshiped my brother yet from a young age he had behavioral/learning difficulties that required specialized care. Her acceptance of my brother makes me think her rejection of me had nothing to do with her fears of giving birth to a retarded child.

I don't understand our relationship at all. Since it was off from the get go I wonder if it wasn't something chemical. From what I understand she didn't visit me in the hospital until it was time to take me home. I always felt I wasn't meant to be. Medical intervention and my Dad are the only reasons I'm here. I have great respect for all you good Dads out there. I don't think some of you fully realize how vitally important your role is but I do!

We are often little more than a cluster of hormones and chemical reactions that can easily override our hearts and minds. I often felt I was alone in my theories concerning RH - people. From what I gather it seems some of you also believe there is something going on with them. Great thread glad I found it

posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 06:05 PM
reply to post by RainbeauBleu

I just HAD to respond to this-OMG,i dont know HOW many times i said in the past almost 4 decades: "I just HAD to have been Hitler in my past life,to have a life like this! Its the ONLY freakin explanation!" So much hostility! It often seemed that LIFE ITSELF rejected me..(I am B Neg+all 3 of my kids,1 girl,like me,B Neg,and my son+my oldest girl O Neg) However,bout a year ago,the cause of my hellish life became apparent,not blood type but another agenda (personal stuff) and after finding the truth,everything changed,so dramaticaly its INSANE! I cant walk down the street now without everyone beaming their brightest smiles,its like im a people-magnet..and i have,nt changed blood type.Also,my kids are well-liked + tho they have had friendship woes+troubles,nothing so bad that its general people seem well-disposed to them and each has always had at least one best friend,and my youngest girl has 3 son is adored on sight,by every one who ever sees/meets him..people notice him the moment he enters any and every public place(tho he does nothing to draw attention to himself) and immediately you just see this look of absolute delight on their faces and the huge happy smiles appear..So yeah,i know in my case the hostility was due, definitely,to something different,and my kids dont seem affected,so far i can see.

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 11:13 PM
reply to post by Whiffer Nippets
o neg. my dad and mom are both o+ they both hate me for some reason i cant talk to my dad for than 2 mins we have timed it. im very clean unless ive been working on my choppers or street rods i think people smell something it triggers hate but thats not all the time i can cause a lot of it myself just beacuse i walk too fast or have too much fun. my wife is a+ we have problems all the time never ending. my sister is a- we have had our times but for the most part i think because of the way we were treated she even she can be around for just a short time and shes - whats up with that

posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 02:11 PM
reply to post by Whiffer Nippets

Never mind me, I'm just trying to get my "name" on every thread heading on the results page.

Seriously though, this is an interseting topic. I never really gave much thought to the theory that blood types affect how we treat each other. It kind of makes sense in a way. It's common knowledge, especially in law enforcement circles, that the full moon affects human behaviour in a negative way. Call me paranoid, but back when I drove cab I made it a point to stay out of certain parts of town and avoid calls that were most likey going to be bar calls when it was a full moon. I had never been robbed or shot at in 7 years. Call it coincidence if you want.

The full moon affects the tides. Ask any sailer. How much water is in the human body? 60% ? And that's not counting your blood which has a lot of water in it as well. We're water bags and the amount decreases with age. Which explains why we "shrink" as we get older and get more emotionally "level". We have less fluids for the cycles of the moon to influence. The TYPE of blood that you have would come into play here as well because the anti-bodies differ with the types. Don't ask me HOW they come into play in this regard, I don't think anyone knows yet, but they seem to.

There will always be a physical reason why people treat other on different emotional levels At least initially. From " Oh, his eyes are so dreamy"......or "Man, she's got a hot body" to the types of anti-bodies that your blood has. From the most obvious to the least obvious. It runs the gamut. With primates like chimpanzees it's going to be the physical reasons you can't see, like different blood types. Which goes a long way in explaining, to me at least, why you're right in assuming that different blood types treat each other differently.

BTW, my post is a little biased because I've got a thing about blood these days, and that grudge is going to be with me for quite a while.

Bottom line OP: You're probably just a peaceful person which is why you're met with so much resistance by other people. I feel ya. Draw your own conclusions.

posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 02:34 PM
I have RH neg blood, that according to Dr's is impossible. When I was a child, Dad was in the Navy. Not sure why but at one point the whole family had to be typed. They tested me again and again saying my blood type was impossible. Both my parents are RH positive. I have no idea what that means if anything. My parents were definately my parents and I exist sooooo.

I have often expereinced hostility for no reason, but I always thought it was because I am unwilling to play workplace politics.
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posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 07:21 PM
A- here.

Its a two way street here, I dont like people and people dont like me. Been that way as long as I can remember. People would think I was being "snobby" when I was young, more like I was deathly shy and wouldnt talk to anyone expect the people that I was really friendly with. So people didnt like me for that reason, they misinterpreted me . As ive gotten older I dont know what the problem is, maybe Im just a bit too honest nowadays. I've also been told that I have a nasty attitude lmao. But I was usually told that when I was drunk and its true.

As for me not liking people, its a strange thing. Can't usually put my finger on it initially but there will be something that creeps up later like lying or when in the workplace theyre a complete slacker and that kind of thing really rips my knitting. And as soon as I mention it to someone else they say yeah I thought there was something funny too. I dont think that has anything to do with blood type / rhesus type, maybe im just a bit better at reading people than most others.

An interesting idea to say the least.

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