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Aluminum and its Effect on the Human Body

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posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 07:53 PM
INTRODUCTION: Is it dangerous? In what amounts? What we do know is that aluminum is NOT a necessary element to the human body - and it is all around us in our food, water, the air, and hygiene products. With this project, I hope to build on the small amount of information that is out there.

-Establish a good baseline for "normal" levels of aluminum.
-Dig up any previous experimentation, if any were done on non-dialysis patients. (a majority of what I have found so far suggests some testing on patients in end stage renal failure)
-Corroborate the expert opinions from the video "What in the world are they spraying,"
-Contact the experts who appeared in the movie or that are uncovered over the course of the project

EXPERIMENT: I will be purchasing some test kits online later this week, and will be testing myself, my drinking water, and perhaps common foods. There will be a control as well as variables to be manipulated. To clarify, as someone brought to my attention-- maybe 'control' isn't the correct term to use. I may have to test myself for several days, but I want to establish a BASELINE of aluminum in MY BODY as it is. Since it would be impossible to exclude/include aluminum levels in food and air that cannot be avoided, hopefully a small amount of manipulation will still yield some noticeable differences in what is in the body on a day-to-day basis. For all intents and purposes, this is for the sake of information.

Minimum Tests:
-Test tap water
-Test filtered tap water
-Test self without aluminum antiperspirants
-Test self with aluminum antiperspirants

Possible Additional Tests and Variables:
-It would be interesting to try testing soda pop from aluminum cans
-Noteworthy of aluminum levels in food intake

Hopefully corroboration of an established baseline of acceptable aluminum levels will be apparent through this experiment. The main goal is to see if any of the variables such as antiperspirants affect aluminum levels in the body. Unfortunately the experiment will not determine if the aluminum is actually harmful or not-- which is where the research must come in.

MEMBERS: Please U2U me if you want to participate. Feedback is welcome

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