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Everything Happens For A Reason(?)

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posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 11:00 AM
There is no doubt in my mind that this thread has been done before, I just can't find it... Could be my lack of sleep that is slowing me down and making me struggle to do so, whatever.

Anyway, here are my reasons why I personally believe that it is true, everything does happen for a reason. Of course, some people see everything as coincidence, but after putting all of these things into a more 'mature' perspective, I've realized that coincidence just seems too far fetched.

As far back as I can remember why I believe that things do happen for a reason, is many years ago when I had a few friends stay the night, these were old friends who I hadn't seen in about three years because I moved schools and started living with my Dad permanently. I was visiting my Mom and decided to have them stay the night there. We were on the computer, one buddy was talking to his girlfriend and I got this one girl's number, who was her friend which was with her.
We started talking a lot, and during that time I was very depressed, to the point where I wanted to kill myself.
Fast forward a few months, her and I still talk and depression has just gotten worse and worse, I text her one night telling her that I plan on killing myself the next day, and she just phones me crying all night.
The next morning her and I are still texting back and forth after I got what I thought would be my last sleep of my life, and she had somehow finally convinced me that I shouldn't do it, and that took a lot of convincing. I phoned my parent's and got committed to a youth psych ward sort of thing, I was there for about a week or two before I convinced the doctors by lying to them, that I was okay...

Now, while you're reading this, this far in only you might think, okay a girl made him not kill himself. There's more to it than that, it's only the beginning.

Since that time, I've experienced a lot of different things and have become a much stronger person, and had my first real serious relationship shortly after that time, although most of the time was spent with this new girl and I being drunk and fighting, I met a really great person who would soon become the biggest part of my life.
For about a year, I spoke with her friend Alex online, we had a lot of things in common and were both interested in the exact same things, before we met in person we started considering one another brothers.
Finally, after about a year we got together one night and went to see a movie, we opened up a lot more in person to each other than we already had after a long time of talking online, and eventually we started hanging out with the same people. We all made new friends, both being normally outcast people, it felt really good for both of us.
Through meeting all of those people, I acquired an even better relationship than any I ever had, which taught me very much. It didn't work out as drugs were a big thing in her life, and I was getting tired of doing drugs so much as I was forced to go to detox once throughout the relationship when I became completely homeless, and dropped out of school. It was a learning experience, and once I got out of detox we were both going to try and be sober.
Things didn't work out though, as always. But through that girl, a few of her friends and still my buddy I mentioned, I was introduced to a genre of music that would forever change my life.
It's a genre that a lot of people frown upon, but that is not the point at all.
The point is, it's become the biggest part of me.

Horrorcore rap.
At first, I didn't like it... It was rap, what's to like? Through the time dating the previous girl I was far more interested in metal, and punk rock. We all went to punk shows and metal shows together, even that buddy, as we both got each other in to different music. But after drugs stopped being a big part of my life, I started spending more and more time at home by myself, just me and my computer.
He followed those steps, and again we were talking online constantly. That's when I gave this genre of music a real chance.
It took a while, but eventually I really got in to it, and downloaded one album.
Fast forward a month and a half, and I noticed my entire library of music was no longer punk rock and metal, it was almost 100% horrorcore rap.

And right now, you're thinking big deal, he found a genre of music. It's not that simple.

Once I turned sixteen, i was the ONLY thing I was listening to, the genre spoke to me like no person or music ever had. The lyrics contained everything about me, as I am still haunted by the way I grew up to this day, I think that is the main reason. I can go in to details, and will because I think it is suitable for this thread, and my whole explanation for this ridiculous theory.

Throughout my childhood, I was abused a lot physically, as well as mentally/emotionally, which is a big reason why I had the depression. My mother, and her husband both hit me a lot for little things, I can't think of any reason in the world a kid should get hit, and I got hit for anything.
My older brother and me were close kind of, but when we got together for too long we were like an accident waiting to happen, more so an incident rather than accident. We got in a lot of physical fights, once ending up with us both in cells over night and having a restraining order.
I got bullied a lot in school as well, and never really had any real friends which is why I cherished this one so much.

Anyway, that's enough of that... So horrorcore rap became me, it was a part of me now, not just something I listened to for entertainment.

About a week or two after I turned sixteen, I decided I would try doing something different with music.
With that, I grabbed the crappy computer microphone I had at the time, and came across a large number of instrumentals. I recorded my first song, poor quality and total garbage. I won't even let people download them anymore, they're off the internet completely.
I released a demo of about fifteen tracks, one of which was professionally done with a friend in Victoria, BC, Canada.

That was what started it all, and it is still only beginning.
I've now released that demo, and have a full length album that all sounds professionally recorded. I have about three hundred fans in the USA alone, and I have never been there to perform, in fact I have never performed anywhere.
I have a label a city away from me that wants to sign me, it's all a matter of me moving there, which required jobs and money.
I've had many other artists ask to collaborate on songs with me, and finally I have found my calling... It all started with one terrible relationship that I once regretted entirely. I also forgot to mention that the relationship where I was drunk constantly and fighting with the girl, made me a lot of enemies with a lot of her male friends. Not because I did anything wrong, they just don't like me. I still get walked on all over by those people, and that is just one of the prices I have to pay for what has come from it all. Being bullied hurts, but I have finally found my 'calling' so to say, and have a lot of other artists respects, and have made many fans already, in less than a year.

If you've read this much, most of you might still think... Whatever, it's a coincidence.
And that's totally fine, we're all entitled to our own opinions.
The main purpose of this thread is for me to share my own experiences on why I choose to believe that it's true, and also to see if you guys have anything similar you'd like to share? I'm sure we all do, things happen to us every day, we just need to look at the big picture some time after, and see what really came from our possible poor choices, and realize the positive outcomes it has brought us.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 11:02 AM
reply to post by GraveDigger

There is no such thing as coincidence, it cannot be proven with maths lol, they try and say its chaos, but no, they know it all happens for a reason, but its just they do not understand it.

Happy hardcore was my saviour, not some girl, lol. But it really healed me inside, and i will listen to it till i die.

But your right no such thing as a coincidence, its just that people cannot understand whats going on lol.
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posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 10:20 AM

Originally posted by andy1033
reply to post by GraveDigger

There is no such thing as coincidence, it cannot be proven with maths lol, they try and say its chaos, but no, they know it all happens for a reason, but its just they do not understand it.

Happy hardcore was my saviour, not some girl, lol. But it really healed me inside, and i will listen to it till i die.

But your right no such thing as a coincidence, its just that people cannot understand whats going on lol.
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I think some people just believe that it's too 'crazy' for everything to happen for a reason.
Here's another scenario, what will come of it? Who knows. It's far too soon to tell.

I woke up on Tuesday morning, my Dad was sort of in a panic as he said he needed to talk to me about some serious stuff, he told me to get showered and dressed and then we would talk. So I did that, and then he told me that the police had been watching my Facebook for a few months and want to search the house for guns because my statuses which were all horrorcore lyrics were mistaken as not being lyrics, and they believe that I'm a threat to others and myself.
The police officer came and found nothing at all, no weapons, not even drugs or anything.
He was a real jerk about it, searching things and when he wasn't finding anything he was saying things like, "Luke, I know you want to kill people... Just tell me where the guns are." and I literally was laughing the whole time, or had a smile on my face. He was being totally stupid, and the way I see it was just trying to be a hero cop, get a promotion and try catching the next Columbine killers or Charles Manson... Which isn't me.
He talked to me after and said that I can get two years minimum in jail for threatening the public, and two other charges that were similar.
All for lyrics posted on my Facebook.

I could rant on forever about it, like my privacy rights, freedom of speech, etc. but I'm not going to bother.
Point is, they made me 'volunteer' to go back in to counseling which is fine, I don't mind that I just don't think it's necessary, the whole thing is just blown way out of proportion.

Why did it happen? Nobody knows. If I do go to jail, why would that happen?
Nobody knows about that either, the point is that I am not seeing anything terribly negative from this, a pain in the rear, yes... It is without a doubt. But perhaps a learning experience, perhaps something bigger will come from it one day. Or, perhaps it will just be to safe my future child (if that ever happens) to not make the same mistake.

It isn't a hard outlook to have on anything in life, it's all just one long ride of learning experience, and everything is tied together in the end. Like a roller coasters tracks.

posted on Dec, 5 2012 @ 08:42 PM
It has been nearly a year I believe since this thread was posted, I wish it had gotten some more attention and posts in it from other users.

In the past year I have lost the information and email address to the GraveDigger account, so here I am posting again. I am still a firm believer in the idea that everything in life happens for some reason or another and I would just like to share some more on the subject, and personal reasons why I still believe this theory a year later.

Around the end of 2011 I had a job working night shift, during this time I was working hard on music as I believe was mentioned in this thread. A lot has changed since then, I lost my job and I was real down in the dumps about that. However, once I lost my job I began seeing an old friend of mine, and through him I met my current girlfriend. There is a lot more to it however, and I will share that.

One night when I would have been working had I not lost my job, I was having a few drinks at a buddy's house, an old friend I hadn't heard from in years contacted me and told me to go to another old friend's house for some casual drinks. When I arrived at the house, I noticed a girl that I used to talk to a bit here and there at parties, she was a very unique girl and one that I had always wanted to get to know a little bit better. I didn't spend much time with her that night, but the weekend after I went back for some more drinks, and she was there again.

Her and I got together that night, we spent our time drinking and talking, and we ended up making out after we were more drunk than we needed to be. I took a chance and added this girl on Facebook. We ended up back at that house regularly, my friend who invited me there ended up dating the girl's best friend, so we were always together soon enough. There was the four of us, my buddy, the girl, and the girl's friend. We were hanging out nearly every day now, and I was iffy on the subject of dating her because she was moving to Saskatoon for university. I didn't want a long distance relationship, but our feelings grew stronger within a month and I decided to give it a shot.

Once she moved it sucked, but Saskatoon is a city I have always wanted to live in, so we have been going long distance for quite some time. It is only a 2.5 hour drive, so I often bus up there or she takes the bus down here to see me. The relationship being distant has attached us together a lot more, and makes each visit very special. It has made us very strong as a couple, because we have had to spend a lot of time away from each other. We spent a lot of time partying back when she lived here, so our first month apart was rough because I was partying and she was there with her room mate just hanging out, it was rough for us because of my drinking / drug abuse.

Regardless, eight months later I am finally moving to the city of my dreams come the new year, I have found a girl I am truly in love with, and I know she loves me just the same. We have made big plans for the future, and every day I just think back and say to myself, "Had I never lost that job, none of this would have been possible."

I had given up on relationships due to a lot of bad luck, and during the time I met my girlfriend I was very depressed due to being broke and having no grade 12 education or employment. I am now in school getting my grade 12 because of her giving me the motivation, and as stated, soon I will be moving to the city she lives in. I trust her with my life, and loving somebody and knowing they love me back is such an unexplainable feeling.

Life seems to piece itself together more and more as it goes by, everything has really been happening for a reason, it is all just a puzzle that is putting itself together as the days go.

I know that this isn't a huge update or story, but there is a lot more about the drugs etc that I have decided to leave out of the post.

Besides all that, I always told myself that I needed to find a girl who actually wanted to do something with her life, I had many girlfriends who were ultimately going nowhere in their lives, and after patiently waiting I finally found the one. We are young still, but like I said... Have high hopes for the future and a lot of plans. Perhaps we will spend our lives together. My dreams have come true, and my goals are finally being accomplished. Had I not lost my job though, none of it would have been possible. There is a reason I lost that job, no matter how difficult and painful it was for me at the time, it has paid off, so to say.

I just wanted to provide another post and elaborate on the subject, if anybody is interested in sharing stories or hearing more / asking questions... I'd really like that, I want to read more on this subject from other users, so please don't be shy about sharing your life story and beliefs on this theory... It fascinates me more each time I read about it, think about it, etc...


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