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George W Bush: I'm Through With Politics, Don't Want To Campaign Or Fundraise?

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posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 06:47 AM
Check this guy out. He drinks/drugs his way into our office (with help from his father and other Illuminatus figures) and then destroys our country like no other president since the birth of the first one and now he wants to just wash his hands of everything and be anonymous in life as if nothing ever happened. Get this, he want's to be anonymous because he feels "it's bad for the country", for him to undermind future presidents. YOUDON'T HAVE TO UNDERMIND THEM, you idiot. he also says at the end that he finds anonymity very "liberating" which is ironic, considering how many of our liberties that he sacrificed to the NWO. What a nimrod. They clearly WANTED to destroy our country that's why they put a stupid monkey behind the wheel of the American vehicle, and as expected he ran it off in the ditch and totaled it, leaving the U.S. citizens to financially foot the bill. He then balmed us for it, as did the media! What does everyone think about this? We are forced to remember our history through, recession/probably depression soon, hungry and homeless children and families, a corrupt banking system and a guy who came in and wiped his ass with our constitution and now HE has the audacity to say he doesn't want to be bothered anymore and wants to be forgotten in history as a footnote or hoping that everyone will not be so hard in him in history if he is unseen....therefore out of mind. I have a feeling this is why the Skull and Bones society named him "Temporary". I for onw am going to make sure that everyone I know remembers Bush and how stupid he was and how bad he destroyed our country whether they take the internert from us or not! You will not be anonymous Mr. Bush, nor will you be forgotten, nor will you Mr. Cheney! The Illuminati and your father may write good tings about you in a history book, but the rest of the world will have, as Paul Harvey would have said,.......the rest of the story.

GWB - "I'm through with politics, don't want to campaign or fundraise"

Oh yeah, give me some stars and flags if ya don't mind. I don't know why I want them, or need them, but everyone else is begging for them so give me some too. : > ) and thanks in advance for the S&F's. Gimme...Gimme...Gimme more.......Gimme....Gimme..nah, I hate Britney Spears, ...or I love her, whatever you want to hear if it gets me stars and flags. I sound like a real politician now don't I?. ..."I'm Phenomium.....and I approve of this message".
edit on 31-1-2011 by Phenomium because: Added video.

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