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Stanley A Fulham

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posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 06:21 AM
I know i posted this in the wrong area but i dont have enough posts to post in the correct area.

Anyway, those who know of Stanley A Fulham will know what im talking about, if you dont i suggest you google him.

Stanley got the 13th of October Predictions correct and ufos were spotted in the skys of new york, on that same day 3 new york airports were closed for a breif period.
He then gave a few more predictions, on December the 3rd I think it was, saying that ufos will be spotted in moscow in the first half of january, well there was a few videos of ufos being spotted in moscow skys around that time, it wasnt just from one poster, there was a few different people from moscow posting these ufo videos on Youtube.

His next prediction on December the 3rd was that 7 days after ufos were spotted in moscow that they would then appear over london. I have yet to find any videos or news of any sightings in london around that time. (some could argue that clouds and bad weather in the uk would give us little chance of seeing ufos) However on a not so well known website called "" somebody posted a sighting from the east london area on january the 19th which from what he/she discribes is very similar to the 13th of
October new york sightings, only at night.

Enough background info, what im intrested in is the increased sightings in ufos this year, theres the sighting over Jersualem posted on ATS with footage from 2 people (which I personally believe is not a hoax). Just looking at the ATS Fire-hose feed im seeing more and more topics about ufo sightings than I did a month or so ago.

Stanleys next prediction was that ufo sightings will keep increasing over the course of the year and they will be seen over continents for longer periods of time. Could the increase if ufo sightings and topics on the web and here on ATS be a start to proving Stanley was correct?

Personally I dont think this man was lying or attention seeking in the slightest and its a shame if his predictions do come true and hes not around to see them.
Just my opinion guys, feel free to discuss. (and i appologise if its not well written, this is my first post!)

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posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 06:26 AM
Unfortunately Stanley A Fulham died of cancer on 26th December 2010.

Apparently he had been battling it for a while.

Edit - You've changed the title of the post :¬)

The weather in the UK was indeed horrendeous during the period Fulham stated (I'd go as far as to say we were still getting hit by snow when it was meant to take place over London). With such low lying cloud it would be impossible to see anything overhead.

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posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 02:22 PM
Though i started a Stan Fullham thread a week or two ago it got snowed down with the anti telepathy/channelling bullsh*t and didnt get discussed properly...
I shouldnt have lost patience with the assH))*&le that was distracting the conversation.
Stanley also predicts that the culmination of this wave of sightings will be an address at the UN by alien reps sometime in 2014.
The information he gave in his book,Challenges of Change, is far more detailed and though i havent managed to snag a copy(they are about 100$) there are some interviews posted in my old thread with lamont webre etc.
Hoprfully we can discuss this here without the poo pooers calling RUBBISH! because some of the info is recieved by a channeller according to stan.

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