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A Debate Between Souls

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posted on Jul, 12 2004 @ 10:51 PM
So I had this interesting conversation. Anyone care to comment?

Adapt Or Di3: i have a question, actually
NO: okay
Adapt Or Di3: in the common judeo-christian mentality, heaven, as tought to kids, is in the stars, surrounding earth..but is it just that we can not see it, or is it not there? lately, i've felt as if heaven is just..another dimension, you know? where your soul can only has no matter in this world, and can not be sought until death
NO: and you're right. heaven is only seen through Jesus, and you can only go there after you die, or God takes you in some way. it cant be seen by us unless God allows it
NO: where did that question come from?
Adapt Or Di3: i don't know, i'm kinda contemplating things recently
Adapt Or Di3: i've been sick, in bed, so i've had a lot of time to think
NO: yeah, are you feeling better?
NO: contemplating things, such as...christianity?
Adapt Or Di3: no, i'm thinking about heading to the hospital tomorrow
Adapt Or Di3: my doctor thinks its pneumonia
NO: oh, well i hope you get better soon! :-\
Adapt Or Di3: spiritualism
NO: ahh i see
Adapt Or Di3: i've been thinking about god, life, missing parts
NO: yeah
Adapt Or Di3: somewhere, somehow, this all has to tie together and make sense
NO: glad you're making that connection, ha.
NO: any other questions?
Adapt Or Di3: are you christian or catholic
NO: there's not a difference. catholics are part of christianity. it's just that some catholics try to separate them to make themselves look better.
Adapt Or Di3: there are a lot of differences, it sees..not in beliefs, but in politics of the church
Adapt Or Di3: seems*
NO: well i know that
NO: but catholics are christians...if you follow Christ you are a christian no matter what denomination
Adapt Or Di3: so what am i?
NO: do you follow Christ?
Adapt Or Di3: more or less
NO: well, then you are a considered a christian.
NO: but you have to be stronger about it, like. you have to have a relationship with God to get to heaven. it's not just one of those things that you can just say and then it's over.
Adapt Or Di3: okay, let's say the christians are right about everything..where does that leave the jews, muslims, buddhists, and others? do they go to hell because they chose wrong?
NO: i think so, because they had the opportunity to hear the truth, but they rejected it.
Adapt Or Di3: okay, but what if the buddhists are right, and we go to hell
NO: how can they be right?? what is the backbone to their religion. their god didnt exsist.
Adapt Or Di3: but two buddhists can have the same conversation we're having, and claim that our god doesn't exist
NO: but there are historic recordings of Jesus' life.
Adapt Or Di3: there are historic readings of buddha's life, of abraham's life
NO: ...abraham followed God.
NO: and the jews are right to an extent until they say that Jesus is not the messiah.
Adapt Or Di3: then let's stick with the buddhists
Adapt Or Di3: there are historic facts proving buddha did exist
Adapt Or Di3: they're just older
NO: but are there facts stating he died for his people? that he rose again? that he performed miracles?
NO: like..i dont want to come off as mean or anything..just trying to understand why you're questioning all of this.
Adapt Or Di3: because Christ is shown in the bible as a man who forgives..but he'll deny millions of people entrance to salvation, because they chose wrong. yeah, they decided not to follow him, but if he is forgiving, he'd give them another chance before judgement, am i right? forgivnance doesn't just stop at a certain time, it has to be infinite.
Adapt Or Di3: the way it's set up, then, is that everything ebfore christ, everyone in ancient rome who believed in many gods, went to hell when they died
NO: would you still love and forgive someone who has rejected you all their lives?
Adapt Or Di3: so heaven was empty for billions of years?
NO: tough question.
Adapt Or Di3: no, but i don't say i'm the son of god with infinite forgiveness
NO: you have to repent and turn from whatever you were doing wrong. not just say you're sorry.
Adapt Or Di3: but if a muslim dies, goes to the gates of heaven, and repents, would jesus let him in? despite following the wrong god their entire life?
NO: no, because they had probably sinned all their lives. you have to have the blood of Jesus covering your life.
Adapt Or Di3: then that's not infinite forgiveness
NO: give me a sec.
Adapt Or Di3: okay.
NO: no. they had their chance to hear God's message, and they refused it. i think they knew in their heart of hearts that he was the way. but they didnt follow him. but i know as long as we are on this earth, he will forgive us no matter what.
Adapt Or Di3: okay, but lucifer, satan, whatever you wish to call him, was an angel who was under the love of god, obviously. he was an angel, and he was cast away, without forgiveness
NO: God gave him every chance to repent. he wouldnt do it.
Adapt Or Di3: but even when he did whatever he did to be castaway, he was still under the love of god, so it should have been forgiven anyway

posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 11:58 PM
Jesus freed us from hell by teaching us how to develop our minds into a union with perfection. That is the secret teaching. Hell is the state you enter if you do not achieve this spiritual union.

That is why they said that before Christ came, men were all held in bondage of hell. It is true, the door of our minds was shut to the greater Glory. Christ opened it, and made a way for us to escape this material universe and death.

Take it as you will, that is the faith of the full-grown Christian.


posted on Jul, 21 2004 @ 12:33 AM
What would you like us to comment on in particular?
I dont know any of this for sure, just giving you my opinion

The bible says that if you do not accept christ into your heart as the messiah, that you will goto hell.
The Jews, the buddhists, the muslims, and every other non-Judeochristian on Earth.

But the interesting part is that they are allowed to say the EXACT same thing about all the non-jews, non-buddhists, or non-muslims of the world. Its all a matter of perspective, as is almost everything in this world. Just have to have faith that the one you have chosen is the right one.
(Although, I have considered the possibility that there is one God, and each religion just has a different name/story for him... but any acknowledgement of a force greater than yourself constitutes worshipping "God", etc etc)

I was always taught that before Jesus came, everyone went to Hell/wherever, but after Jesus came, people had a chance to goto heaven.

[Edited on 21-7-2004 by shidge.]


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