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The thought of freedom......And the possible Mind set

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posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 02:30 PM
I  woke up and realized one thing. My birth certificate does not have my consent or signature of agreement to any obligation bound to it or by it. 

I could not, as an infant, grant anyone the power to obligate my existence to any social, legal or moral framework.   From the day of birth, a group of people conspired to bind my mind, body and soul to a governing body WITHOUT EVER informing me that I had a choice. This renders the birth certificate and ANY document or contract assigned to the name on it, as worthless as the paper it's written on.

From that day forward, I have lived under a fraudulent identity, and enslaved my very being to the burdens of that fraudulent identity because of my ignorance.  However, this does not mean that I am bound forever to it. Nor do I need permission to dissolve it's hold on me. This means that I do not need a legal fiction or governing body to grant me something I have always had...unalienable GOD given rights.

Now it doesn't matter if you agree or not, that is the wonderfully thing about freedom. I am a child of God, ANY attempt to stop me from doing ANYTHING peaceful, can be considered as an attack on my individual GOD given sovereignty. And as such,  for survival, I must defend my being to the best of my spiritual and physical abilities. If I am not imposing my will upon you, stay out of my way! 

I am a divine human being living a life on a planet.  No boundaries, nations or rulers. I am surrounded by people who believe in many illusions, such as governments, authority figures and many matrix'es of legal and social doctrine.  However, i dont believe in them.   In fact, I am as equal as the highest King on this planet. So to, is the homeless person on the street. 

 If a king is not imposing his will upon you, or attacking your sovereignty, what makes you think that you can tell him what he can or can not do?

Never mind law, it is irrelevant and a complete fiction. So to, is any document granting freedoms that nobody has the power to grant or take away.

Our constitution is just a reminder of truths that any sovereign would agree with. We don't need it, to give us what we have always had. Regardless of how long you have fallen for this Worldly deception,  you have permission from GOD to disassociate yourselves from it.  This doesn't mean that the tyrants, who enforce this criminal enterprise, won't try to kill you or stop you. Such has been the plight of any free species on Earth.  Good luck out there my fellow ex-slaves... president of the U.S. To the poor man on the park bench. We all need to wake up.

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 03:20 PM
reply to post by Visitor2012

Very well put...S&F

You understand what "freedom" really is...congratulations! The hard part is convincing the rest of the same thing...
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