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Why is everything the fault of the jews?

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posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 06:09 AM
reply to post by lonegurkha

Is this one of trick questions, that ends with you're a racist, anti-jew, anti-smite or something anti

If it wasn't for the fact you posted on the Internet, then I'd say you have the Internet.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 06:12 AM

Originally posted by jean59
reply to post by digginapony

The term Jew is from the 16th century, not before....

Actually it's mentioned as far back as in the book of Esther. The Irish used the term in 1079. Regardless of their name, all references are to the same people from the same land and the same God.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 06:26 AM
reply to post by Danbones

That's just bad history, with the inadmirable goals of both making Columbus out to be an innocent victim, and blaming it all on TEH JOOZ.

Columbus did not need anyone to "convince" him to take slaves and ship them back to Spain. He had promised the King and Queen a return on their investment, and one doesn't bail out on the king and queen of Spain! His first voyage found none of the gold or spices he had promised. This naturally presented a problem; he had to show his investors that a return voyage would be lucrative. So he rounded up 25 Taino from the Antilles, along with several dozen parrots, and as much luxury goods as he could find (this consisted mainly of the jewelry worn by the Taino)and went back to Spain. Only three slaves survived, but it was enough to secure financing for return trips.

His second voyage was substantially more lucrative, and far-better equipped; 17 ships bearing fifteen hundred men, cannons, crossbows, guns, horses, and attack dogs. With this force he compelled the Arawak to give over everything they owned to the Spanish; cloth, food, women and girls, whatever the Spanish wanted. if a spaniard felt disrespected by one of the natives, the usual punishment was to cut off a nose or an ear.

Trouble for Columbus was, you're not going to be able to pay for seventeen ships' worth of equipment and men with spun cotton and coral nose plugs. They still hadn't found any gold. So this leads to the big slave raid of 1495, when the Spanish rounded up fifteen hundred Arawak, and sent the 500 "best specimens" back to Spain.

Columbus himself wrote, to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in 1496;

In the name of the Holy Trinity, we can send from here all the slaves and brazil-wood which could be sold in Castile, Portugal, Aragon ... And the Canary Islands they need many slaves, and I do not think they get enough form Guinea. Although they die now, they will not always die. The Negroes and Canary Islanders died at first.

(Eric Williams, Documents of West Indian History)

So what happened to the other thousand captured Arawak? This is what Christopher Columbus' son, Ferdinand tells us in his father's biography. The life of the Admiral Christopher Columbus by his son Ferdinand;

All promised to pay tribute to the Catholic Sovereigns every three months, as follows; In the Cibao, where the gold mines were, every person of 14 years of age or upward was to pay a large hawk's bell of gold dust; all others were to pay 25 pounds of cotton. Whenever an Indian delivered his tribute, he was to receive a brass or copper token which he must wear about his neck as proof that he had made his payment. Any Indian found without such a token was punished.

The punishment? Chopping off hands.

Columbus also had this rather charming thing to tell a friend in the course of personal correspondence:

A hundred castellanoes are as easily obtained for a woman as for a farm, and it is very general and there are plenty of dealers who go about, looking for girls; those from nine to ten are now in demand

(Eric WIlliams, Documents of West Indian History)

Columbus did not receive money for the 500 slaves he sent to Spain; this is because he was paying part of the debt he owed to Ferdinand and Isabella. However, he and his family DID become fabulously wealthy due to his Governorship of Hispaniola; his modern descendants still inherit the title "Admiral of all the Oceans."

He was imprisoned and removed of his Governorship. Not because of a conspiracy by the ship's doctor, but because he was basically running a slaughterhouse in Hispaniola, Cuba, and the Bahamas. He and his brothers were freed by King Ferdinand after six weeks imprisonment. After allowing them to plead their case, Ferdinand and Isabella cleared the brothers of all charges, restored their wealth and estates, and agreed to fund a fourth voyage; Columbus did not get his governorship back, though.

Seriously, the real history there is pretty grotesque as-is. One doesn't need to concoct fantasies of Jewish conspirators to get that effect. Columbus was the architect of American slavery, and he was so brutal with it, that the folks who dreamed up the Auto de Fay were appalled and brought him before the court because of it.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 06:30 AM
reply to post by lonegurkha

What's happening Now is:
All these countries that the White House Supported Dictators, was for 1 of 2 reasons.
1. The Country had Oil and it's cheaper to bribe a Dictator than a Democracy
2. The Countries Dictator was israel Friendly or not Muslem

This means, the White House prefered cheaper Oil over people and peoples rights. Does this sound like what is happening in the USofA right Now?

So in the case of Egypt, the White House would rather support a Dictator and sell him Weapons because he was Israel Friendly. So all this Rhetoric from every President about Freedom and Democracy is Bul Plop.
A dictatorship is perfectly Ok, provided it suits the White House secret Agenda.

Everything the US does has something to do with Israel, directly of indirectly.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 06:35 AM

Originally posted by lonegurkha
reply to post by mayabong

Granted ,but that still doesn't make them responsible for everything.

The Jews make easy scapegoats, even by the Jewish elite. No one claims the Jews are responsible for everything (laws of physics, freewill). This argument is a cover for the very bad things SOME Jews have done in the past and continue to do in the future. They are trying to hide behind the religion of Judaism so that any attack on them sounds anti-semtic, it all stems from the holocaust story. The truth is the criminal elements of Jewry must be exposed while at the same time protecting those Jews who wish to speak out against it (i.e. David Cole).

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 06:38 AM
Because. Just because.

2nd line

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posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 06:45 AM

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posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 06:48 AM
The truth is that those who control the world control what the masses will believe - in this case it suits them to have everyone pointing their stubby little fingers at the Jews as the grand conspirators.

It also suits them to have the masses believing that the US is the cause of all the worlds problems.

They figure that people are too stupid to use commonsense and notice the real facts - and they are exactly right! - and that is where they draw their justification from in managing you all as a herd of dumb cattle.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 07:17 AM
reply to post by mayabong

Congratulations, what a wonderfully restrained answer. Take another star!

Mine would get me banned!

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 07:19 AM
The state of Israel is the perpetual victim state. Any time it's convenient the holocaust is waved at us. But let's make a distinction shall we?

Who exactly is saying the "Jews" are at fault for everything (anything) ? I've never said such a thing and don't know many people that would believe an entire race, or religion, could be so broadly generalized. On that note, how do we define a Jew? I s a person Jewish because of their race, excluding non racial Jews who follow the religion? Is a Jew any and all persons who practice Judaism? Before we can let anyone attempt to blame the "Jews" for anything, we must define what it is to be a Jew. Mainly because this determines when the antisemite label can be correctly applied.

Regardless of how you define a person to be Jewish, be it based on race or religion, can you honestly blame that entire group for the actions of a few? We don't allow you to do this with any other groups besides Jews and Arabs. We live in a world today where for most in the west, all Arabs are Muslim, and all Muslims are terrorists. And I don't agree with that as much as I don't agree with all "Jews" being blames for the actions of a select few.

History is written by the victor, so we can rummage through the dustbin for reasons why people hated the Jews in the past, but until you invent a time machine, I'm not sure anything historical applies today.

We live in the present, and should base our actions on that fact.

Jewish interests play a massive role in American and Canadian politics, and have a large hand in the media available in these countries, this is not racist or conspiracy, it's a fact. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and these groups are motivated and take action, and get results. This singles them out for people to throw blame on.

Sure the banking system defrauded you and you're ruined, sure the bank is owned by a Jewish family, do you really think it would be different if it was a Caucasian running the bank?

Sure the media is strangled and censored by Jewish interest groups, ensuring they get what they want. Do you think it would be any different if someone else were in charge? No, they would do the same thing to benefit their desired group.

For me to come see a thread titled "Why is everything the fault of the jews?" I fully expect that the thread was authored with the intent to start a racist filled banfest. Anyone blaming the "jews" for anything doesn't have a place in my world. That said, anyone calling me an antisemite for my views on the State of Israel doesn't have a space on the bus either.

Looking at the facts, yes the state of Israel is a cause of unrest and danger in the middle east, and the actions of that state have led to war and terrorism on the part of other states, leading to the almost global conflict we experience today.

How on earth does that relate to every single "Jew" on earth? It doesn't. It doesn't even relate to every "Jew" living in Israel!

The Jews aren't at fault for anything
The Christians aren't at fault for anything
The Muslims aren't at fault for anything

The actions of a few of each of those groups are the problem. Generalizing and dehumanizing are the problem.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 08:03 AM
Another thread that money is the root of corruption, yet NOBODY is saying anything is wrong with money, it must be the person/group/race that is to blame!

Grow up


posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 08:28 AM
reply to post by digginapony

My opinion is as valid as yours...
Words are a weapon that are used to deceive and divide.
If you show only one side it gives a false picture.

Play devils the other side.
Radicalisation comes in many forms...You freely give voice to your opinion...allow me mine.

You mention satanic forces...i would say that alone makes your intentions suspect.
But...That is just my opinion.

So much death and destruction, all in the name of g-d. It is about time that the world stopped this relentless
childishness, and moved forward as adult humans.

With respect to your beliefs...please do not bless me, it is offensive to me and who i am.
I am sorry that you where offended by my post, that was not my intention.

One last point...You are saying that, telling people not to hate is a disservice. Maybe you should listen to your own advice.

I hope that we can be friends even though we emotionally mature adults do.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 08:52 AM
reply to post by daggyz

I hope this clear things up for you.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 08:55 AM
reply to post by digginapony

Good try....
I am English born and bred, as all my ancestors.

I am my own person... are you?.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 09:42 AM
reply to post by phishyblankwaters

"For me to come see a thread titled "Why is everything the fault of the jews?" I fully expect that the thread was authored with the intent to start a racist filled banfest. "

Shame on you. For a person who is saying at the end of your post that generalizations are wrong and not welcomed, this seems to be a smack in the face of your own statement. You have made an assumption of intent based on your own frame of mind and bias to what you think you read into the OPs text. Should you revisit the original posting I believe you will see that you missed the bus on this.... I think the OPs intent was clear.

This posting seems to have been started in frustration to comment after comment after comment, on this board and others, that seem to suggest that the "Jews" are the root of all ill and asking just why it seems that a vast majority feel that the "Jews"/ Israel are all powerful. I agree with you that you cannot heap the responsibility of the all the worlds ills on one group/community/religion and I dare say the OP would agree with you on this as well, hence the frustration that drove this thread to be created. In light of the fact that you and most of the people you know that do not blame the worlds woes on one group ... bravo! I give you kudos, in earnest, and wish that more were like you in that, however, I urge you to step back a bit before you start off with an accusation of an attempt to start a racist filled banfest.

Now, in reference to the thread as a whole:

We are all, individuals and countries alike, responsible for the messes we live in and I for one believe that it's about time that we all start taking the reponsibility for our own actions both on an individual basis and on a broader national scale.

If someone feels that the "Jews", or any other group, have hikacked the banking system or hollywood or worldwide politics or their sock drawer for that matter.... then lets turn the mirror inwards and find out who it is exactly who has given them that opportunity?!!? And if someone wishs to use the tired old excuse "I DID'T DO IT, I DIDN'T LET 'THEM' TAKE OVER!!" and think that's the end of it... well then most likely those folks did contribute to the situation unless they stood up to be heard against the actions that gave the "Jews", or whom ever, the ability to do these 'evil' deeds in the first place. It's our own apathy that has led us to the state of affairs we find ourselves in, not the actions of others who simply were able to capitalize on that apathy to their own gain.
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posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 09:50 AM
reply to post by lonegurkha

The only thing that I can think is that it all comes down to God. They (or someone) have labeled themselves God's "chosen" people...and I think, historically, that has not sat well with others who may want to be considered "favored" by God...

I mean, when I think about it...I cannot think of any other reason...and this is a pretty lame reason. After all, people are people right? I highly doubt that anyone is actually favored more than another by God...but anyway, I digress.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 10:00 AM
reply to post by digginapony

"By deception, thou shalt make war." Israeli Mossad motto

it's a sad fact of reality that every organization that has political and/or financial clout, must protect itself by various unscrupulous means. in other words, the big message everyone else needs to learn is that humans (of any race or religious creed) are currently incapable of ruling themselves without lying (which leads to all the rest of the trouble) because the desire to attain and keep power is THAT strong. if you don't lie, you lose your stuff. if you worked hard to get your stuff and stand to lose it to the first person that lies to get your stuff, you're right back to square one. perhaps this is what is meant by money being the root of all evil and would be better stated as the accumulation of power is the root of all evil, as long as we keep covettng what the other guy has.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 10:09 AM

Originally posted by lonegurkha
Why do so many people think that the isrealies and the jews in general are responsible for all the ills if the world.I'll grant you the fact that they are involved in some things ,but then so are we.What makes you think that they are all powerful in the world.

The only people that discriminate against the Jews as far as im concerned are Socialist Nazi pigs and Muslims.

Of course Atheists and Secularists everywhere too, but we dont murder them for being Jewish.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 10:10 AM

Originally posted by MarshMallow_Snake
reply to post by lonegurkha

The only thing that I can think is that it all comes down to God. They (or someone) have labeled themselves God's "chosen" people...and I think, historically, that has not sat well with others who may want to be considered "favored" by God...

I mean, when I think about it...I cannot think of any other reason...and this is a pretty lame reason. After all, people are people right? I highly doubt that anyone is actually favored more than another by God...but anyway, I digress.

i think it all started back in ancient sumer, with the hibiru/habiru
(the original stone masons) who built the temples of the gods and eventually formed the foundation of the priest and ruling classes. at some point, they split off into different groups, who would eventually lose track of their origins. many of their descendants were pharaohs. i believe jesus was the last pharaoh of egypt. we just don't have access to all the data now, as it is spread out over thousands of years, in ancient texts that don't appear to be related due to language and cultural barriers, lost artifacts, and various types of subterfuge and power plays by other groups who didn't understand what it all meant.

some of the original hibiru were black people from africa. some were not, which leads me to believe that originally, being a hebrew wasn't genetic, but religious in origin.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 10:41 AM
It's a very historical thing; prior to the onset of WW1, conglomerates had already shifted blame of 'monopolies' towards the Jews and a Zionist agenda. Partly due to the text "Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion', and the claimed religion of the Rothschild family. They are purportedly of Jewish heritage, though it seems quite obvious that they do not practice the FAITH of Judaism. The Israeli's also do not help anti-semitism. Many Orthodox Jews do not recognize Israel as the nation of the Jews. Mainly because the Torah claims that the Jewish people will NOT have their own nation until the Messiah has arrived on Earth in the flesh. You have many people in the upper echelons of society claiming Jewish ancestry, though most, as with Catholics and many other religions, do NOT practice what they preach. They use their claimed religion as a shield. Since WW2, and the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime (partially funded by banks owned by claimed Jews), it has become quite a crime to relate anything NWO-ish to the Jewish faith. It is shameful, but there are people that use religion and the moral based faith of people in order to push an agenda. Following the lineage of secret lodges which I'll simply term Illuminati, since the names are many for these "masonic" organizations, it becomes suspicious that these elitists have been using "gospel" and scripture for millenia to enslave people through self fulfilling prophecy.

The Khazar heritage of many Jews is also very intriguing. Though I would think most Jews today are not even aware of this ancient conversion that was more political than religious (the Khazars were pagan, even shamanic, and were under pressure from Islam and Christianity, so chose Judaism as an alternative in order to avoid subjugation to the other two major powers of the time). Using an individual religion as a scape-goat is an extremely useful tool for the shapeless, faithless people behind the scenes. History shows that the Jews have been the most popular scape-goat. It is very regrettable that people who are concerned with the dubious powers behind the scenes have been pointed towards the wrong enemy, many a people that should be taken seriously are not because they use the wrong name for the enslavers of humanity.

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