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Could this work to travel around

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posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 09:14 PM
It's a little tough to explain but I will draw it out in awhile.

The basic concept is based on a typical UFO flying saucer design.

You have two seperate disks: The top and the bottom.
Both can rotate 360o and have we will say eight seperate sections like a pizza.

Now each section (or slice) has it's own thrust, and the air flow will follow the curve of the section.

If you used the disks seprately You could use them to manuver.
Use the top and the bottom of each disk, align the sections (or slices) and force the thrust through,
as the thrust follows the curve of the disk the two seperate sections.
When the thrust from the two sections converge it would create forward motion.

If you used only the top disk you could create an upward motion.
This would be produced by using all the sections (or as many as it would take)
and using the thrust that follows the curve of the disk.

Using both disks and the sections in different configurations could create a muverable craft limited only by the drivers ablilties.,.

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