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What in god's name is happening??

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posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 01:30 AM
I posted the following in response to a thread in breaking news. To be honest, it wasnt really the place for it. I put a lot of energy into the post though, and do not wish to type it up again. I am not asking, or telling anyone to do anything. I am proclaiming what this one intends to do, "end of the world" or not. It is irrelevant. I have put my all into the following post. I mean it with the entirety of my very being.

"I see all these talks of revolution and "change" and cant help but have serious, serious doubt.

How long did it take for the american revolution to simply fall back into the hands of corporations, and greed-obsessed individuals? not long at all.

Many of the very people calling for change would be guilty of the exact same crimes they fervently fight against, if put into the same positions. Nothing will change, it will simply prolong the problem, shoving it off on our great-grand children (at best). This cycle has repeated itself for far too long. What makes anyone think THIS time will be different?

Contrary to the popular view on this standpoint, it doesnt mean nothing is to be done. It means, to this one, that people need to start taking responsibility for their actions on a personal and individual level. If the change doesnt occur there, it is simply procrastination (one of the things humans do best). I have little doubt that a revolution in say, america, would lead to nothing but chaos and looting. Perhaps that is a cynical view, no, that is a cynical view, but humans have very little interest in actually helping one another as "self" and much more interested in helping ones immediate body as self. They will trample over one another to get the last piece of bread, without a care to how many die in the process.

It is not the nebulous "governments" fault, they are simply giving in to the same base desires most people would if put into the same position.

It is only a matter of time. It is the individuals involved responsibility for their own actions, devoid of any vague entity such as religion, government, or anything else.

You know what? Ill put it out there, since its so disheartening to see all this destruction, division, and hate.. it truly, truly, truly brings tears to my eyes. This is my agenda.

The solution is coming from a place of unconditional Love. When this happens, the definition of "self" changes to include ALL. Who would trample one they Love for food? Who would stifle the progress of their people if they had unconditional Love? Who would murder one another in the name of Love? Who would need to have a revolution if the governing bodies came from a place of unconditional Love? This is NOT speaking of the directed emotion of love, where one becomes the almighty arrogant judge of what is or is not deserving of it. It is, as my signature says, a state. A conscious, mindful, choice towards true balance and equality. Realizing that this sack of blood and guts is no more important than the next, period.

That does not mean no action is ever taken.
That does not mean one sits around twiddling his/her thumbs while the world crumbles around them.
It means that every single decision..
every single thought..
every single f#cking movement is done from a base of Love.

If we, as a race, are truly interested in change, what else can be proposed?

This one will no longer sit around, hoping this endless, useless, violent cycle will somehow dissipate this time around. The only way this will work is to truly realize the "power of the people." Those who have said this throughout history have turned into nothing but martyrs or given the title of "saint." As if they did something others somehow were not capable of choosing themselves. Do humans really want change, or do they just want the opportunity to do the same terrible things themselves? Or do they simply not realize their "revolution" will simply devolve into that which it fought against in mere decades, if not immediately? Call me a fool, call me an idiot, call me what you will. It does not matter. It is time for change.

I am making a damn stand.

This is a revolution of a different kind.

I do not "love" you individually, i am in a radiant state of Love.
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posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 01:41 AM
I can not type such things, or even read them, without tears streaming down my face.

I am not ashamed.

The above is what this one will do. is doing.

This is the story i choose to write with my life. That is my free will choice.

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 01:47 AM
reply to post by sinohptik

Wow Sin,theology right out there,truly awesome, and as you know philosophy and theology go hand in hand throughout , if they can`t co exist in society then there is essentially materialism and the effigy of chaos and wanting destruction,no utopia..
Has anyone experienced death and survived,seen beyond the veel,the curtain that sanctifies the houses we can`t see.I too am

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posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 01:48 AM
reply to post by darrylss

I understand your scared and subconsciously take comfort in deluding yourself that everything is going to be ok, but at some point your going to have to face up to the facts.

Originally posted by darrylss
We are all children, and scared. If anything slightly ever changed trust me, you will be the first to crap your pants.

Speak for yourself.

"If you could only flick a switch and open your third eye, you would see we should never be afraid to die"

Death is just a natural transition, when you understand that you'll realize that even if worst comes to worst and all life on earth dies (which is not the meaning of "end of the world") it wouldn't be a big deal at all, especially not in the scope of the infinite all that we are.
Everything is cyclical, for someone who hasn't seen an autumn before it may appear horrible seeing all the trees look like they are dying but the more seasoned observer knows spring will come again.

Prophecy all seem to state that the horrible old world full of suffering is crumbling, and the new peaceful utopia is being born. Why should I be scared of such predictions?

Why should I fear death? Shouldn't I look forwards to my next incarnation?

Why should I fear cycles?

Only the insane or the ignorant would fear death. If truth is known, fear is not.

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posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 01:52 AM

Originally posted by nakiannunaki
Does anyone else feel as though we are living in the end of days?
I know many people who feel like this. I am talking about people who have solid jobs, professionals, trades people, health care workers, great educations, normal lives. They have said things to me recently that normally belong on forums like ATS.

But the "end of days" can simply mean the end to a certain type of "day". The end to an era or a certain type of lifestyle and mentality.
I think people are starting to wake up to the fact that the way we live, is fundamentally wrong. That our political, economic and ecological practices are creating more inequality, more poverty, more injustice, more division and more environmental damage than can be ignored by one having a good life.

People know something is wrong. We know it! You don't have to listen to Gerald Celente or watch Zeitgeist to know this! GreenPeace is not needed to explain to most people that we are trashing the Planet, We have British Petroleum to tell us that!

So much has happened to humanity since the towers came down it feels like a new reality is starting to emerge and one that is completely alien to say the least.
Unfortunately, for me, this is probably only relevant to the USA. I have travelled to Europe recently and the feeling over there is more an economic reality check than a terrorist inspired reality check. As an Australian, we have been isolated from both the war on terror and the GFC to a great extent, none the less, the feelings that you refer to in the OP are present within my community, even more so given recent weather events.
Regardless of the inspiration, people are actually taking stock of our lives, our planet and the way we are heading.
Atleast, that is how it seems to me.

In which ever direction we choose to look there seems to be total chaos.
This is a reflection what we fundamentally know, but have not fully admitted to as a global culture.
When ever we see extreme weather now, on some level we must reflect and ponder on our impact on the environment. When ever we see poverty we reflect and ponder economics in our society. When ever we see violence and war, we are reminded, and reminded, and reminded again of the politics and the religion and the madness.
It is now everywhere.
There is no escaping from all that we have created. That is my opinion.

What we do though, as humans(especially on ATS as I have observed it), is that we externalize our hopes and fears into a mythology. So people refer to armegeddon, or the return of Jesus. Some hope aliens will land and inspire us as a people to move forward. New age philosophy speaks of our collective desires manifesting into an avatar that will herald a new enlightenment, others talk of asension, Indigo Kids or galactic alignments, a new evolutionary step, ancient calanders, Planet X etc etc.
These are religious methods of dealing with a deep hope for change that is inspired by what you know and feel in your OP.
You know that something is fundamentally wrong with the way we live.
You feel it to your bones.

We can take nature for example, earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, cold weather and I’m sure this summer will bring with it, its own new set of problems and on and on and on...

Yes it will.
Scientists have been telling us that the weather would become more eratic and extreme for a long while now. Volcanoes in conjunction with this does magnify it some what. But none of the volcanic activity of late has been significant IMHO, and there are plenty of threads on this already.

The earth, the people, the world its all changing and it's changing really fast.
Change is always present. What is missing now, IMHO, and what inspires posts like yours is that these changes are far more uncertain then ever before. With great uncertainty comes great fear. People all over the world realize how little control they have, how forces can destroy their worlds at will. The weather, 9/11, the wars, the economics, the politicians.
The world as we know it is losing faith in the pillars that have held it for the last few centuries that have simply been believed in with little or no real questioning by the West because it has served most of us well. That has changed significantly.
Even our faith in science is being attacked in these times we live in.

Perhaps it is just me and I am too involved in stories like mass animal deaths and disclosure and the like or perhaps something really is happening. I just can't help feel that the current rioting in Egypt is the line that humanity is crossing into a new realm of reality.

Something is happening my friend. It is just not as abstract as we make it sometimes. People are sick of being treated unfairly.
In Egypt for example, 50% of people under 30 are unemployed.
These people are fighting for a future. Tunisia and Egypt may turn into more within that region. Morocco and Algeria have seen rioting recently related to food, fuel and the cost of living, this is within regimes like Tunisia and Egypt where leaders live lavish lifstyles.

With this event, just the amount of people involved it is becoming more and more intensified.
We now have a salacious culture with each event needing to be more powerful than the one before..
It is almost like a lust and desire for extremism without us even realising that we are in fact secretly gluttonous for more chaos.

This is just the start. Trust me. I'll take a wager with anyone here, we will be seeing more and more of this as Governments impose austerity measures in order to fund debt to world banks as food prices increase, fuel increases, water shortages increase. Droughts in Russia, floods in Pakistan, Brazi and Columbia just to name a few places effected, will add further food shortages and strains.
This is not conjecture or conspiracy, the UN actually announced that 2011 would see similar conditions to 2008 in relation to food shortages and riots.
Add to this young people like Egypt and Tunisia fighting corrupt governments and in Europe protesting against the GFC impact on their own nations and education(like the U.K riots of higher fees, French protests etc, etc.) and you have a huge tinder box.

We are now active participants in the revolution and we are the ones taking a stand, we are the ones waving weapons and throwing stones, we are fighting and dying. The time of peaceful protests have come to an end.

Blood brings Blood. If peace is what we want, so it must be earnt with peace. We need to stop participating in the system. That is what needs to be changed. But that is a whole other thread.

From here on in every march, every protest will have a sense of world unity to it. We no longer fight the small fight but come together to wage war against the machine.
The easiest way to stop a machine is to turn it of, not fight it. We need to stop being fuel that runs the machine.

It is my belief that we are at this very moment crossing a precipice where the future is unknown to the majority and yet the minority control it all.

You are right and you are wrong IMHO. The level of uncertainty about our global future is at its highest that I can ever remember seeing or feeling. Weather, Environmentally, Ecologically, scientifically,Finacially, Politically, Spiritually. We have already crossed the precipice my friend, we cannot go on living like we do, or can we go back to how things were. We simply must force change, but it will come at a huge price to the minority you mention and they will simply be unwilling to pay it.

The bottom line is that if the world government really wanted peace then they would send an ambassador to tell the world they are laying down their arms and distributing world wealth equally. These people in power do not even care about money they are beyond that. Money is a commodity for the layman. They move in circles of great power and influence where money has no effect.
Money is all they have. Without money they have nothing, no power, no military, no minions. Money is the resources that fuels their power and influence.

Yes these riots may settle but the world will never be the same we will continue to make the next event even greater than the last until we come face to face with the enemy in an all out war. That is the way things are heading and it seems there is no stopping it save a messiah, Christ, or Ufo world event taking place.

I ask you all what in God's name is happening to humanity, the earth and the world as we know it....?

We know now my friend. We know we have to change. We know that we are ruining the planet. We know that the system is unfair and corrupt amd rigged. We know that those that we select to represent us, do no such thing. We know that things like shelter, health, education, employment, food and water, things that we take for granted in the west are no longer gaurenteed simply by living in the West.

We know the dream is a lie, and we know we have to wake up.
And.......we know that we are waking up. All over the world.

Good Luck my friend. Stay strong. Don't let fear hold you back.

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 01:53 AM
reply to post by sinohptik

Star from me all the way!

Your post has also brought me to tears, and that is a rare occurence indeed!

The revolution of unconditional love! How very Aquarian! In fact, this should be how the next 2000 years will be remembered.

You have no idea how deeply this aligns with my own humble path in this temporal existence.

I need to go and digest this profoundly felt reminder that has touched me through cyberspace.

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 02:01 AM

Originally posted by darrylss
your just fearmongering, its that simnple...

The fear is not in the message. It is in the interpreter.

Where one man sees "information" another sees "fear-mongering"

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 02:06 AM
reply to post by darrylss

your just fearmongering, its that simnple... I dont feel a darn thing... no change, and I am very intune with my environment. I read what I read but i dont belive it....i only belive what I experience...

At some point we all converge with the environment and times they are a changing,if you can`t feel it then like all sentiant creations you have lost.

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 02:09 AM
reply to post by nakiannunaki

If today is close to the end of the world, then WWII must have really, really been the end of the world.

No can ever know when the end of the world is coming. You can't even predict because no matter how bad you think things are, it can get infinite times worse.

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 02:10 AM
All I really feel like is that there is an alarm going off and it just keeps on and keeps on, while we sleep.

Even those of us that are awake....dreaming of throwing sticks and stones...even me, grumbling

It seems to me it's pretty clear: We can no longer say "that's the way it is. That's what governments do. They are doing what is best for us! Isn't it great to be free!"

We can't really say those things and then go on with life. We've GOT to address our problems now. If we love our country, we've GOT to pull all the skeletons out of the closet and clean it up and make sure it is well organized and that no dog has hidden a piece of rotted meat or moldy biscuit in there. If there's roaches or moths, they have to go.

We gotta clean house! We don't have to throw everything away though! We just need to clean and declutter, and get things straight.

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 02:12 AM
It used to be that unless you intently watched the 7 o'clock news, you didn't really know about what is happening in the world, even if you did see the news, it all 'felt' so far away and not in your neighborhood or it didn't affect you somehow. In this age of information overload, not much gets past the populace. And what info is available gets hashed out on the internet in all scenarios, rumor becomes truth and speculation as well.

I feel like in my lifetime I have seen even more tense times than we have now, but I understand that with so much information available to the general population of the world, we know more.

There have always been uprisings, wars, revolutions, ect. They never feel good.

The one thing that , for me, I think is truly increasing is the number of people killing others for no reason, or out of desperation. Whole families wiped out by their own fathers/mothers, idiots like the killer in AZ, things like this are definately increasing.

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 02:16 AM
What I wrote earlier, I don't usually discuss, as I believe this is a time of encouragement, as we continue through these changes.
Fear should Not be propagated but rather Understanding should be sort after.

All of us have the knowledge within our selves, and the wise will know, it is the flesh we experience, but we are Not Flesh but are of LIFE eternal and should Not forget this.

If even one Soul is lost, then “The Man Child” has failed but this is impossible, as not a single Soul is lost, which has already happened, and is now history.... But these Souls are yet to complete the 7,000 year period.

Many have been through this Program before these generations, and after we have completed the 7,000 year program, others will follow and also pass through the same Programs.

The Sole Purpose of the Earth is to invoke "The Birth of the MAN Child" in All Souls and is referred to as "The Metamorphoses of The Soul".

From “John’s Preaching of the Gospel” The Acts of John 87-105 ..Quote;

45. I will that there be prepared Holy SOULS for Me.

46. Understand The Word of Wisdom!

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 02:18 AM
reply to post by space cadet

It does say at the end times "The love of the greater number will die away",this is open to interpretation but is saying ,the love that would abide will be no more,the swords/knifes are out !

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 02:27 AM
reply to post by mysticnoon

Thank you for your encouragement, friend. You as well gringo. It truly means the world.

I am making this stand, alone, or with billions. But this one is making it

Feel free to copy and paste, re-post, or what have you, anywhere you wish. I do not wish for credit in any way, i only wish for change. It was written for the people and NOT as an individual. As i said, i literally poured my all into it. I simply could not have put more of my soul, and my heart, into text.

I can only put it out there to so many people, but perhaps if many people do, that percentage will grow. I expect it to fall on mostly deaf ears, im glad it did not go entirely un-noticed. This one can only do so much.. But i will, absolutely and without hesitation, give it my all. I cant sit on the sideline saying "what will be, will be" anymore. I have decided to polarize.

Thank you, again
Your words mean more than you might know.
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posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 02:28 AM
reply to post by nakiannunaki

If if a person were to bury their head up their ass even still change is coming out the ying yang from everywhere and all directions.

THIS is the time to be alive now, and yes, our choices now are going to be the deciding factor.

It's both kind of scary and kind of fun and interesting, a curious time to be around, with everything seemingly coming to a head of some kind, but what it is and what awaits on the other side of "it" we cannot really say.

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posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 02:32 AM
I think the end has come many times how many times have entire civilizations been wiped out. History has not been recorded correctly revelations could have already happened does that mean it cant happen again not sure. What I am sure of is this is all Gods plan it might not go down like revelations said maybe those were just hints that when those things start happening bad #s coming. Also when civilizations were taken out that didnt know of God due to isolation if they were good in they're heart I cant see the God I worship not saving they,re souls for they were like a child and without knowledge. Yes these are end times I do not know if we will all be drawn up to heaven but there will be a reckoning angels may fight beside men good versus evil. War will come on mankind but to draw the picture of what is going on here is clear the evil has got to go man will gain knowledge in truth so they can rebuild and love to live again. You can believe in the nwo or the illuminati the devil who ever is behind our situation but it also comes down to pure unadulterated greed and selfishness passed down generation to generation. If evil is in your heart and soul when the war begins and you do not help or save your soul you too will be purged and cast into the lake of fire.

I think this generation this civilization the world throughout has gone far enough it might not have gone far enough for God yet but it has for me. I dont care about technology or anything like that I can leave it all behind I welcome the stone age. I want a foundry for metal working. An bow maker, tools for wood working, solar panels, guns and bullets enough to last my life time, live stock, and seeds and my two sons and one daughter and my land. I have a extended family of over 100 people we live close to each other I hope they all make it to me this is just life If you hold on to your worldly wants it is a sin you only have your needs. I can go to heaven or I can have peace knowing im not a slave knowing the land is free to hunt and fish and survive and take care of your loved ones. The world has gone blind to what matters thats why God will cleanse the earth. even if you didnt factor God and you just did what was right in your heart war would come the good people of earth will get tired of the bad if you are evil go jump in the lake of fire and save us the trouble.
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posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 03:31 AM
Good stuff OP, and great comments by other posters.

But I would say that we are definitely not facing the "end of days," though I can understand why some would feel that way. I think it's more of a shift happening, and things are changing for sure, but it is by no means the end. More of a new beginning.

The most important thing I can say is that there is no reason for fear, though again, I can understand why some would feel that way. Not knowing what may come can be a bit scary, but things are unfolding as they should. After all, how long could things in the world really go on as they have been? Anyone paying attention should have realized long ago that inequality, corruption, greed, waste, suffering, evil and pure BS, et cetera et cetera, have reached grotesque proportions on a global scale. How long could it really last?

I think instead we should be joyful that the old ways of doing things are being called out and rejected for what they are. A New Age is coming to be, and none too soon IMHO. So please, do not fear.

What's the worst that can happen? Physical hardship? Temporary, my friends. Death? The last thing that should be feared, and I speak from experience. Please do not fear what is to come, for as I said, things are working out as they should. All we are seeing is a correction, long overdue.

We should be celebrating.

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 04:11 AM
Bahaha! "Yes, we can!" Do you remember that one? And people wanted change. Some fought. Some hid. Mostly people believed and had faith for a happy ending. Sure, you can have it all.

Without communication as it is now, I would not have realized how screwed up the world is with all the death and doom being broadcast.

So what is REALLY happening? Business as usual? Nothing? Maybe there is still beauty in this world. Go on. Take a look outside.

It's nice sometimes to get away from this disease of propaganda. Wake up now, hon. Time to get up and celebrate another fine day in paradise.

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 04:40 AM
reply to post by nakiannunaki

I think you and your sensationalist posts should go elsewhere, and this has nothing to do with "God" so why even factor him/her/thing into the equation, in fact your paranoia is the only problem here.

The worlds not going to end, humanity will continue as it always has, the planet is not going to die and i suggest you start living life instead of worrying about Armageddon.

Take a break from ATS, you sound like one of those easily impressionable people who believer everything they read.

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 04:58 AM
I have always had such feelings. I was around 4-5 when I started having terrible nighmares which, to some extent, still follow me today.

My joining ATS only increased my fear of the future
Wars, famine, natural disasters, countless lives lost in stupid wars and so on...

Then I realised - I can't help all that. All I can is trying to help myself and my closest circle, and whatever I think of the future - it always has the ability to surprise me in the strangest ways.

I see no reason to worry about the end of the world. We all die, it's the one thing that makes everybody equal
Does it really mater if it's now or 70 years into the future?

I say it's best to take everything that's best from life right now and distribute love among your friends/family trying to do no to harm to anyone else in the process. Our options are limited at best and constantly thinking about possible negative scenarios will just have a negative effect on your body

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