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I had to explain chemtrails to my children.

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posted on Feb, 13 2011 @ 02:54 PM

Originally posted by Aloysius the Gaul

Originally posted by sonnny1
I suggest you tell your children the truth. Tell them Governments around the world have used civilians in secret tests for years. Tell them anything is possible.

And hten tell them there is not one shred of evidence of "them" doing anything with contrails right now. After all you wouldn't want them to get only part of het truth.

For those who believe our Governments havnt done these things to its peoples,and can outright claim it isnt happening,shame on you.I suggest you go back to this link and read the documentation.

I dont' know anyone who thinks that Governments have not tested on populations in the past. However you yourself say you dont' believe in the chemtrail hoax, so why would you list that as a condition for believing it?

Your children need guidance.Knowledge is everything.

As long as you have all the knowledge - the chemtrail hoax is built around ignorance - ignorance of atmospherics, ignorance of chemistry and physics, ignorance of atmospheric sciences.

So yes by all means tell your children all the truth so they do not have to needlessly live in fear of a perfectly natural phenomenum!

I would think that I was honest in my assessment of chem-trails. I dont believe in them. Could it be happening? My proof that it might be happening,is what I learn from the past. It would be like someone claiming Governments DONT have secret agendas. I would never claim Chem-trails are a hoax,based on what the past says.The Past says Governments HAVE experimented on its citizens. That isnt a hoax,that's a fact.History repeats itself.Its up to the OP,as a parent, to tell her children,right or wrong what she wants to tell them.Not up to someone who has knowledge,based on being this or that. I remember those who were CLAIMING global Warming,based on scientific data.Come to find out those very scientists,fudged their data. Its a fine line on claiming something as FACT,when the Past has your answers for you.I have given you the data,to surmise for yourself. If you believe that the Governments of this world,couldnt perform secret tests,then I dont know what to tell you. Ignorance is bliss,I guess.

posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 03:04 PM
Of course governments COULD be doing secret ttests - in fct I am sure they are doing some....right I type.

But htey are NOT spraying anything from every airliner in the world at 30-40,000 feet at some time in it's life!

did some scientits fudge some data for global warming? Yep - but you know what? it wasn't much, it wasn't important, and it dosn't negate the conclusions that it is happening - despite the outraged screams of the fanatic morons who each daily spout more lies than the total sum of the data "fudged"!!

How about that?

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