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Earth's Magnetic Field

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posted on Jul, 12 2004 @ 06:28 PM
According to the Drudge Report, the New York Times will lead with a story in the July 13, 2004, edition that the Earth's magnetic field is collapsing. The collapse started 150 years ago. This story is coming from Drudge's sources inside the NYT.
The collapse of the earth's magnetic field, which both guards the planet and guides many of its creatures, appears to have started in earnest about 150 years ago, the NY TIMES is planning to report on Page Ones Tuesday.

Science reporter Bill Broad has filed a report, according to newsroom sources, which explores how: 'The field's strength has waned 10 percent to 15 percent so far and this deterioration has accelerated of late, increasing debate over whether it portends a reversal of the lines of magnetic force that normally envelop the earth."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

There is not much to analyze at this time. However, starting tomorrow, it appears we will have much to discuss.

editted: 7/12/04 to take out "Alert" after posts stating this is old news in the "field".

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posted on Jul, 12 2004 @ 06:38 PM
Is this like the Core? if we find out that 5 nukes will reverse the magnetic field back to what it was, we are golden? Whatever we do, don't use DESTINI..(OR is it HAARP in the real world?)

It was the first thing I thought of...I just had to put it out there.

posted on Jul, 12 2004 @ 06:46 PM
Guess we'll know tomorrow.

posted on Jul, 12 2004 @ 06:46 PM
I hope it's not like the Core -- what an awful movie! .
I'm glad I saw it as a rental.

As for the details, not too many. But, if the NYT publishes online as usual, there should be more available after 12:00 AM EDT

posted on Jul, 12 2004 @ 06:47 PM
This is actually not a breaking story.... this idea has been bandied about in scientific journals for a few years now. In fact, PBS had a Nova special about it last year. In every sense of the word it isn't 'news'.

Drudge probably had just never heard about it before.

It is important, though, and something to keep in mind when designing electronics.

posted on Jul, 12 2004 @ 06:53 PM

Originally posted by onlyinmydreams In fact, PBS had a Nova special about it last year.

I saw that special too. Nothing to worry about. Just a prelude to the next pole reversal. It was well explained in the documentary. I could see how this could be used to generate even more fear in the populace now.

posted on Jul, 12 2004 @ 07:00 PM
Sorry, then for the post. I didn't know about the status of the topic in general. I'll see what I can do to make it "not breaking" news. You know, since having kids in my life, I have not been able to watch NOVA for the last two or three years! I sure miss the show.

Sorry for needlessly worrying anyone. When the story is published, I'll edit/update my original post.


posted on Jul, 12 2004 @ 11:22 PM
I posted this site on another thread. Perhaps some folks here might interested. It has some good links even for those than do not want to volunteer.

posted on Jul, 30 2004 @ 05:23 PM

posted on Jul, 31 2004 @ 03:41 AM
Could this explain this?


posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 10:25 PM
This signifies the lost path of one's human nature. As capalism has proceeded, so has our culture,values and morality. We longer encompass compassion and peace but have inherited the negativity that envelops our soul. This is the cause of the loss power of the earths magnetic force. We have lost our own spirit nature, now we live in a lower energ loss and deprived way of being which reflects itself from space.

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