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Lets talk Serpents

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posted on Jul, 12 2004 @ 05:05 PM

Im still not throwing the possibility out just yet. Too many themes pushed in media and symbols that have a Reptilian theme to it. Even under intense scrutiny and sometimes financial ruin David Icke holds to the stories as do people that have had encounters.

The bible frequently refers to demons and devils as serpents or serpentine creatures which live within the earth (stating the obvious).

Ancient Hebrew religious texts refer to the serpent of the garden of Eden as "Nachash", which many Hebrew scholars contend was a bipedal or hominid reptile of great intelligence. Consider why a serpent would be the biblical animal in Genesis that tempted Eve.

It is also known through studies of evolution that the limbs of many reptile species atrophied over time, as the creatures lost the need for them. The bible speaks SPECIFICALLY of how the serpent from the garden was cursed to crawl upon it's belly AFTER it's actions with the Adamic race. That would obviously indicate that the infamous serpent of the garden walked upright!

From earliest days, the serpent symbol is to be seen in many parts of the world, but undoubtedly the most fascinating portrayal is a detail on an Egyptian "magical" papyrus in the British Museum depicting a serpent encompassed by a ray-emitting disk. Whats been in the News lately? Sudan

Old Testament: NUMBERS 21:6: "And the Lord sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people, and much people of israel died."
(What is a fiery serpent???)

Nagas are from ancient Indian mythology. They are described as humanoid lizards or serpents.
In the earliest works they ranked with gods, but later they got demonised. They were not originally considered hostile to "mortals". This is from texts 10 to 15 thousand years old. In those days even mortals could come and go between "heaven" and Earth. But when the gods withdrew from the affairs of man the Nagas retreated to great underground cities where they guard their privacy.

Quetezecoatl was the feathered serpent of South American fame. He was a culture bearer and law giver. He is sometimes depicted flying on a rocket!

SERPENTS in CELTIC MYTHOLOGY: Serpents and dragons appearance was always followed by strife and infertility.

SERPENTS IN THE GNOSTIC TEXTS: There are three powers: the High God, who is most powerful; Elohim, the male God and co-creator with his female partner; and Edem/Eden, the goddess associated with the Earth, half maiden and half serpent, who creates the cosmos with Elohim.

Sint Holo (Sint-holo):excerpted from
by Gerald Musinsky

Sint Holo is an invisible, great horned serpent, having spiritual and cultural significance among the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw and adjacent tribes. This "snake" might reveal its presence to any male youth who had demonstrated a marked degree of wisdom or intelligence beyond his peers. According to certain but vague accounts, Sequoya, regarded as the primary inventor and developer of the Cherokee written language, "must have seen Sint Holo, the horned reptile" in order to create the alphabet for the Cherokee.

Deep in a cave below the water, Sint Holo dwelled. He brought on heavy rains and could make a noise like thunder but could not make thunder, like the Thunderer spirit, its enemy. Only to those who showed they were wiser than the others, would he show himself and offer his old wisdom.

American Indians: The American Indians have a creation legend that says they came out of caves underground while the 'reptile people' were banished to underground.

On July 14th, 1974 an article by Stoney Brakefield appeared in the Pennsylvania newspaper, NEWS EXTRA, reporting an incident which allegedly took place in 1944 near this small coal mining town.

A mining inspector and a fellow investigator had been called upon to examine a mining cave-in. About fifteen men had been killed in the incident. When they arrived and began to dig, they almost immediately uncovered the first body beneath debris that should not have been sufficient to kill the man. Laceration marks -- as though from claws -- were found all over the corpse. Similar marks were found on many of others and some of the bodies could not be located. Apparently the mining inspectors dug through the debris and began to follow a passage for about a half mile in search of the other men. Eventually they came to a room which seemed to be the end of the shaft. At this point, far up the tunnel behind them, there was another cave-in. A follow up team was immediately sent in to find the inspectors. When the inspectors were located, they were horrified and told of an encounter with a single reptilian being (humanoid) within the room who appeared appeared very threatening to the men before disappearing via unclear means (as if giving a warning to "stay out", much to the terror of the men involved).

Hitler was fond of drawing a reptilian humanoid and even tried to publish a book in 1909 around it. From his works, including Mein Kampf, he mentions meeting with "supermen" in underground bases and that their eyes "were fierce and I was afraid".


Subject: Annunaki/Reptiles.

Remember when tracking devices were silly conspiracy theories

"Prison Without Bars": OFFENDERS TO BE TRACKED

I mean look at the guy, its that same look that stares right through you.

posted on Jul, 12 2004 @ 05:10 PM
Thank you for that "introduction" to serpents.

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posted on Jul, 12 2004 @ 06:50 PM
i was gonna post that last pic of the statue with a peepee but here is a link with good stuff

look for the lacerta file and you will find what i am saying.


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