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Taliban Suicide Bomber kills 8 in Afghan Capital

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posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 05:50 PM

Taliban Suicide Bomber kills 8 in Afghan Capital

KABUL, Afghanistan – A Taliban suicide bomber blew himself up Friday inside a supermarket popular with Westerners, killing eight people — some of them foreigners — in an attack that showed insurgents can still strike forcibly in the capital despite tightened security.

The Taliban said their target was an official with the U.S. security contractor formerly known as Blackwater whom they followed into the store. Although the insurgent group regularly attacks those allied with NATO forces or the Af
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 05:50 PM
While this is a terrible story, the worst part about this is the comments.

Yes that's right ,the comments.

For example look at this...

To whom this may concern, I am a muslim and it hurts me deeply to see this young man being held captive. I cry as I see the look in his face. I hurt for his parents and family members. People probably think all muslims are bad. Well that's so stereo typical. I don't think all Christians are bad even after David Koresh, Timothy Mcveigh or Jim Jones etc. I'm sure those extreme muslims have one thing in mind, whatever that is. I believe that Bowe Bergdah should be set free and sent back to his family and I hate that he has to suffer and carry the burden of others. I pray that he makes it through this and that God Blesses him to make it out alive and returned home safely to his family. God Bless him and protect him. Pray, pray, pray for a safe return.

Now here are the replies....


I, too, pray that he makes it home. But Koresh, McVeigh, and Jones were not Christians. Jesus never taught such actions.


And what about thousands of Afgani Capitives! no one cray for them!!!!
are they human also?
are they defend their own country?
This only one soldier hold with Taliban photo came from time to time to make American hate muslims and forget what they do for them every where in the world every day!!!
Muslims are human Stop killing and hate them and they will do the same no body hate another human without a reason except the brain washed American!!!


i agree that not all muslims are bad. there are just some who are screwed up and will just let religion be a facade of the terrible wrongdoings they've done.


christians are believers in christ our preaching are about love forgiveness peace.We are not thought to hate to kill our fellow mankind.Muslims on the other hand are opposite sorry for you but I still dont trust you my freind .You are only lucky we are not traitors so you can still sleep well !!!!!
I still believe that only a good muslim is a dead muslim!!!!!! No matter what your allah is the devil he is satan.
Guess what if muslim are not killing christians they will kill muslims too go home you will be dead too your fellow muslim will kill you.
If you are serious denounce allah convert so you will live in peace!!! and start eating pork they are delicious let me know so we could celebrate a roasted pork!!!!!

Gio's is not even the worst comment on here, there are far more terrible comments than this.

Am I the only one appalled by this?

The most rational comment was by Posh.

The second most hypocritical was MEL's.I say that because if a person tried to say the same argument in favor of Muslims instead of Christianity, then they would have been called many, many derogatory terms.(That last part was from personal experience.)

I call propaganda, does anyone else agree?
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 06:24 PM
I dont believe in taking peoples lives , im against wars including religious wars .
we will never get peace the one thing that benefits US .
War benefits only TPTB i wish all soldiers on ALL sides would drop their weapons .
Let the elites take up arms lets see how much they want war when they have to be killed or kill or watch THEIR family die -
A WAR IS ALWAYS FOUGHT BY PAWNS - PAWNS AGAINST PAWNS - if you would stop attacking your fellow human being you would realise that we are the kings and queens .
we dont NEED TPTB they need you the pawns to make them rich they need you to kill each other they need you to invade and rape and pillage . say NO _
You can be a PAWN or a KING its YOUR choice !

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 07:41 PM
And there goes another one probably enjoying his 72 virgins by now... ughhh

How's that for a comment OP? ...

Not being funny but I am just so fed up of people using religion or should I say religion using people to spread insanity. God help us all! (If there is really one that is.. )

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 07:46 PM
funny this ting bout judging the victims of an invasion based on proven lies.
and not even having any proof of guilt.
That's the American way?

The way things are going.
I guess Americans are about to find out for them selves soon..

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