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If the US government actively supresses UFO proof, what would happen if someone posted it here?

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posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 05:41 PM

Originally posted by lifeform11
it's simple, you just up the ridicule on the subject, in the media. send people to post on the pages where the 'evidence' is to call hoax and come up with 'logical' reasons why nobody should take it seriously.

The media plays it "neutral" and "skeptical" when they could have blown the lid off the entire thing decades ago.

Its not about credibility at all! You can be a 5 star general or just a corporal...if you talk about aliens your going to look like a fool and eventually die as a nobody. The ptb(nwo) prefer to lie their ass off day-in and day-out so they can control people and bring about the one world government. Its not about right vs left or democrat vs republican.

He who denies you knowledge wishes you to be his slave and him your master! Is it a coincidence they don't teach people anything about atlantis and lemuria, zero point energy, man made curable "untreatable" diseases, want to ban guns, tax you to death, no free time at all so you can be a work slave, never went back to moon, nothing about electric/nuclear tbms, the fake global warming crisis because of humans, etc.........JUST TO NAME A FEW HERE....!!!!!

And oh no lets not forget the blanket "national security insecurity" bs accompanied by the treasonous UNpatriotic act after the false flag 9-11, followed by wars, followed by the bail outs, followed by the tsa, followed.....humans are stupid as joke!

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 07:28 PM
Maybe ATS was created by a major Government (Russia, United States, etc.) to see what the public thinks is going on. If somebody gets too close to knowing what's going on, they say false things to disprove what the person is saying and then they try to fix what they did wrong (The government)

Also, what do you mean by posting UFO proof? There are pictures and videos on here all the time of UFO's and supposed Aliens. There's no way you can prove it unless you actually see it with your own eyes.

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 02:00 PM
Proof only exists if there is a consequence !

To prove ETs publicly would lead to a very 'public' consequence. Sorry if this sounds confusing but please read on.

So far, UFOs and ETs have been the subject of speculation - just like the Meaning of Life itself. As yet, neither a UFO nor an ET has impacted the lives of a community in a physical way. They may have impacted the life of a witness and his/her relatives but not a community as a whole (either local or global).

Therefore no point trying to prove that there are ETs loitering about with intent. In fact if they had an agenda they have certainly made no progress on it at all (It has been a long time since 1947)

On the other hand, if a direct benefit can be derived from contact with 'unknown forces' then we are talking about something different. I would put it to you that this forum would not even exist and nobody would want to report a UFO if that was the case.

There is no reason to suppose that alien beings would only wish to contact governments, etc. The concept of "Take me to your leader" is absurd with regards to alien beings.

What the UFO phenomenon has done for me is to make me realise that we understand so little about what we call reality. If anything, UFOs should be a clear message to the seekers amongst us that we too can walk with the gods.

BTW, MIBs are just agents on recreational activities. Sometimes they are diverted away from serious crime/matters to investigate UFOs. It is just because the government needs to be in the know and would simply not accept being last in the chain of information (especially if it was something big happening).

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