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World Court

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posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 03:59 PM
Over the years we can all recall despots fleeing the country they have abused with a good chunk of its national wealth and instead of being vilified and arrested they are welcomed into other countries with open arms.

Here in the UK, politicians who are more than willing to pursue social security scroungers with the threat of imprisonment yet when these same people get caught with their hands in the cookie jar they are allowed to pay back what they stole and get away scot free, worse many remain in office even leaders of their parties.

The list of these shysters is endless and they are never pursued by the law or the press.

A thought comes to mind. Could we not set up an ATS court? One day is set aside for suggestions and then we vote via the flag system who to put in the dock. Again a time limit is set after which the trial begins and the ATS diggers build a case for defence or prosecution.

If found guilty or innocent they go in a hall of shame or fame respectively again decided by the flag system.

So we could suggest heroes as well as zeros

Mods could move the posts to a dummy account where voting is carried out so no one benefits personally from a flag vote or perhaps you could suggest another way of achieving this.

What do you think or am I guilty of a stupid idea?


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