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IT BEGINS: Wealthy And Famous Egyptians Flee Country On Board Private Jets

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posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 11:48 PM
reply to post by laurosantos

Chiming in with this man, whom many of you may know and someone I tend to listen to. The chaos is liely swinging our way:


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posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 12:09 AM
reply to post by laurosantos

Nothing out of the ordinary, yet so many of us wont due to everyday pressures.

1 Water
2 Food
3 Shelter
4 Warmth/Climate Control
5 Security

One of my best go to sites on preparedness.

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 12:28 AM
Communism was where all people benefit in society.

Why was Communism so fought off in America? So a few people could become Billionaires at everyone else's expense. The crude oil boom allowed many people to become Billionaire's in America.... robbing the people.

Now you know why they fought off Communism so hard. King's have been made globally.

They all can fly off to calmer waters and return later to buy up everything cheap as your 'savior'.

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 12:54 AM
Love to see the Ancients Prophecies coming to fruition.. lol

People think they won't be living in a 'different world' when 2012 -2013 gets here?
At the rate things are going...
You won't even have to wait until 2011 is over! lol

Blessings upon all who are worthy of them.

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 01:25 AM
reply to post by burntheships

does anyone remember Argentina Evita was heralded as a great movie and stage play but do people realize that the perons bankrupted the country by shipping out all the gold reserves to the gnomes of Zurich thats what drove a civilized country to martial law

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 01:32 AM
reply to post by burntheships

Hi burntheships,

Thank you thank you thank you for being on top of it.

It's good to be knowin this stuff. I listened to Michael's vid (a few times) and posted it on my FB and also PM'd it to my family and some of my friends. AND found these links...

Egypt's military secures famed antiquities museum

Michael C. Ruppert's Collapse Network

And this is the PM that I sent on FB. Please feel free to pass it on to as many people as possible ASAP. You can take out "hugs" if you want to.
Or just write your own version. That's even better. But in case you don't want to or can't write your own, feel free to use my version. Whatever. Just please help each other by letting people know. We are the new MSM. ha ha well you know what I mean.

* * * The PM.

You need to watch this video...

And please keep listening to and reading what this guy, Michael Ruppert, has to say. I don't want to fear-monger or alarm - I want to help you!

And people like Michael can help you and your family get through some tough times ahead as he's helping me. In case you don't already know that a worldwide collapse is inevitable (as I have for about a year now), Mr. Ruppert says that, besides several Middle Eastern countries that are CURRENTLY RIOTING, Europe and the U.S. are not far behind them.

He says that "predators" will be watching and waiting to take advantage of the "police shortage", to seek victims for violence. Which doesn't surprise me cuz, in the last couple of years, massive police chiefs, etc. have quit or retired from the force here in the States. Michael also discusses (in his vid) how NOT to look or act like a victim for predators. Good advice don't you think so? He says to keep watching him and he'll let us know which "trees" to avoid one tree at a time. Referring to overall events to come. I'm paraphrasing him. You can do this by following the link I've provided to his website (below).

Oh AND a bunch of wealthy Egyptians just packed up and left Egypt with tons of luggage (100 suit cases and bags, etc.). That can't be a good sign folks.
Cuz guess what??????


And that's why people in the Middle East ARE SETTING THEMSELVES ON FIRE, because they are HUNGRY and FRUSTRATED!!!!! Why? Because there are food shortages, not only in the Middle East but worldwide. Why? In this case we're talking about HIGH FOOD PRICES. Michael says that rioting and violence are coming to a country near you. LIke, uh, the U.S. Check out this vid!!! It shows rioting in Egypt...

I remember vividly telling Cora, my ex-landlady, a couple of years ago, that our streets in America were going to become A WAR ZONE one day. Michael says (in his vid that I posted here in this post) that there is NOTHING that we can do to stop the collapse - just like we can't stop a hurricane - but we CAN be "prepared". Now what have I been doing for the last at least 3 years?


Michael suggests to have enough food and fresh water for at least 3 months and get some self-defense training (if you don't already). And to be strong for each other because they're will be people (neighbors, friends, family members, etc.) who WON'T be prepared, who will be walking around "dazed" and fall victim to predators.

Good luck to you and your family.

Here we go. Are you ready?



"11 police officer shot in 24 hours. Police departments being gutted. -- MCR" (You'll find this statement directly above "NYC fight" video at this link (warning turn down the volume if you can't stomach the music)...

Michael C. Ruppert's Collapse Network

Mike Ruppert - The Beginning Of Systemic Failure - Latest Update, 26th January 2011

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posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 01:51 AM
reply to post by Antoniastar

S&F for you, and you lit a fire under my butt.

Funny that...those folks would hop on a plane and leave the life they loved behind.

Or was that just the life they were living?

One thing for certain, lets make sure we live these days as the life we love.

Time is short, be wise, and love to the fullest!

Oh yeah, and prepare!

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 02:14 AM
reply to post by burntheships

What? Oh you S&F'd me? Ohhhhhhhhhhh thank you!!! That's very nice. I wish I could stick to the frig.

Hey I forgot to mention that I gave you a star and flag in my previous a posting.

Oh? I lit a fire under your posterior? Well good, I'm glad. That's the effect I was going for. And I agree with your assessment. Time is short. Love? Yes love - life as I know it. Okay.
That's a very good one! Love makes things grow.

I am ready but I'm not ready, if you know what I mean. Too bad I was born a female sometimes cuz I have the hardest time trying to figure out what to pack in my "bug out bags". It must be nice to be able to take 100 pieces of luggage and airplane. What a minute! I wonder what was in the luggage???? What the heck. What kind of packing is that? Do you think they smuggled something out? Maybe not. Maybe they just have a lot of underwear and stuff.

Yeah, that's a good question. Why did they leave exactly. Did they go to the bunkers? Where are they now?

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 02:22 AM

Originally posted by burntheships

All that, and it could be a sign of surrender. They loot first, then leave with the goods,
get out and give up.

Or it could just be a temporary arrangement which has been planned. Off to the underground bunkers or secluded paradise to wait out the revolution. When those left leaderless kill off each other through crime and fight for survival and the population dwindles after a bit, then perhaps a clean-up crew of troops will be sent in. Or perhaps the survivors will just be left to languish for a few years until the dust settles.

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 04:26 AM

Originally posted by Misoir
Probably because all of them have dipped their feet in the pool of corruption and couldn't get them out. The people of the world are waking up to what and who is oppressing them, well at least the Arabs are... I just have to wonder if Iran will be the one gaining the upper hand in the region from these revolutions.

More likely Israel.

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 08:10 AM
reply to post by Misoir

So you looking forward to civil unrest where you live ,,when freedom of religion is not a choice? Radical Islam is NOT for all muslims...if you have spent time in war torn muslim country you'ed know that to be fact.

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 08:13 AM
reply to post by burntheships

Now that the rich and elite are leaving Egypt, maybe Zahi Hawass is leaving as well and someone can go in and see what the # he's been hiding from the world.

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 12:32 PM
reply to post by Bartibog

true, I wonder if the new government (post Mubarak not his current short lived sham) will honor Hawass's lifetime appointment

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 04:00 PM
All times are local in Egypt.

11:06pm Cairo neighborhoods are being policed by local residents wielding kitchen knives and hunting rifles, after the military called for civilians to protect their own property

6:18pm Al Jazeera Arabic reports that planes carrying families of Israeli diplomats have flown back to Israel.

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 05:03 PM
Official: 19 private jets, carrying families of Egyptian businessmen, leave Cairo

An official at Cairo airport says 19 private jets carrying families of wealthy Egyptian and Arab businessmen have flown out of the capital.

The official said the jets left Saturday carrying dozens of family members of Egypt's business elite. He said most of the planes were headed for Dubai.

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posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 05:15 PM
Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Jordan organize 10 flights to evacuate their citizens from Egypt t-ap/

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 05:17 PM

Originally posted by burntheships
Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Jordan organize 10 flights to evacuate their citizens from Egypt t-ap/

But Saudi was so supportive of Mubarak I thought they said the evil protesters were infiltrators who would stomped out. Huh. Seems Mubaraks downfall is even more certain.

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 02:37 AM
reply to post by burntheships

Good. To hell with the old, bring in the new.

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 02:53 AM
You know where they will all end up, don't you? Where every other deposed despot goes when life gets too tough for them - Saudi Arabia. Until Saudi is "free", there will always be a place for these scumbags to run to.

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 05:49 PM
just think, if ALL the dictators and elites in the world
had their gold and assets taken away and redistributed
evenly among the populace of the world.

We'd ALL be millionaires

great thread

Gaddafi alone is worth $10B
Mubarek alone is about $15B
Saudi Royals worth about $100B

do you realize how many budget
fixes that would solve ???

every monopoly game ends sooner
or later

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