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IT BEGINS: Wealthy And Famous Egyptians Flee Country On Board Private Jets

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posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 05:22 PM
reply to post by easy530

yep, yet being the operative word there. If it did come to the US I guarantee it wouldn't only be Egyptians. Hell, it could be the one thing that brings the people together.

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 05:26 PM

Originally posted by searching4truth
reply to post by Stormdancer777

Of course he's going to say that....however I want some of what he's smoking. The Egyptians do not want a more religious government they was a secular non corrupt save country with a better economy.

I think someone smells the winds of change and doesn't what their own protesters awakened again. I wonder if Iran is covering the event?

I hope you are right about them not wanting to become more religious, but sometimes we get fooled, then it is to late.

I am still waiting to to see who is behind all these protest in the middle east, and who the Egyptians have in mind for a new leader, if that even happens.

Axelrod: President Obama Has “On Several Occasions Directly Confronted” Mubarak on Human Rights for the Past 2 Years “To Get Ahead of This” tml
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posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 05:33 PM
reply to post by Stormdancer777

I don't know about being fooled, they seem very focused. As in any situation of upheaval, there is always the possibility that an undesired group will seize power. But I don't know that will be successful without the support of the people or the military, and so far the military is just letting the people do their thing.

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 05:36 PM
Egypt protests: America's secret backing for rebel leaders behind uprising
The American government secretly backed leading figures behind the Egyptian uprising who have been planning “regime change” for the past three years, The Daily Telegraph has learned. html

HUH, this is what I suspected earlier, on another thread.

The American Embassy in Cairo helped a young dissident attend a US-sponsored summit for activists in New York, while working to keep his identity secret from Egyptian state police.

On his return to Cairo in December 2008, the activist told US diplomats that an alliance of opposition groups had drawn up a plan to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak and install a democratic government in 2011.

The secret document in full

He has already been arrested by Egyptian security in connection with the demonstrations and his identity is being protected by The Daily Telegraph.

The crisis in Egypt follows the toppling of Tunisian president Zine al-Abedine Ben Ali, who fled the country after widespread protests forced him from office.

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posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 05:37 PM
Obama's words:
Through one ear and out the other...

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by Stormdancer777

your links not working? or they pulled it sing.html
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damn I can't get it to link directly either.
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posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 05:40 PM

Originally posted by searching4truth
reply to post by Stormdancer777

your links not working? or they pulled it

WOW, I am glad I saved what little I did.

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 05:41 PM
Background (I think this is the WikiLeaks cables): Cables: Egypt, US clash over democracy

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 05:42 PM
I still have it

The disclosures, contained in previously secret US diplomatic dispatches released by the WikiLeaks website, show American officials pressed the Egyptian government to release other dissidents who had been detained by the police.

Mr Mubarak, facing the biggest challenge to his authority in his 31 years in power, ordered the army on to the streets of Cairo yesterday as rioting erupted across Egypt.

Tens of thousands of anti-government protesters took to the streets in open defiance of a curfew. An explosion rocked the centre of Cairo as thousands defied orders to return to their homes. As the violence escalated, flames could be seen near the headquarters of the governing National Democratic Party.

Police fired rubber bullets and used tear gas and water cannon in an attempt to disperse the crowds.

At least five people were killed in Cairo alone yesterday and 870 injured, several with bullet wounds. Mohamed ElBaradei, the pro-reform leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner, was placed under house arrest after returning to Egypt to join the dissidents. Riots also took place in Suez, Alexandria and other major cities across the country.

William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, urged the Egyptian government to heed the “legitimate demands of protesters”. Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, said she was “deeply concerned about the use of force” to quell the protests.

In an interview for the American news channel CNN, to be broadcast tomorrow, David Cameron said: “I think what we need is reform in Egypt. I mean, we support reform and progress in the greater strengthening of the democracy and civil rights and the rule of law.”

The US government has previously been a supporter of Mr Mubarak’s regime. But the leaked documents show the extent to which America was offering support to pro-democracy activists in Egypt while publicly praising Mr Mubarak as an important ally in the Middle East.

In a secret diplomatic dispatch, sent on December 30 2008, Margaret Scobey, the US Ambassador to Cairo, recorded that opposition groups had allegedly drawn up secret plans for “regime change” to take place before elections, scheduled for September this year.

The memo, which Ambassador Scobey sent to the US Secretary of State in Washington DC, was marked “confidential” and headed: “April 6 activist on his US visit and regime change in Egypt.”

It said the activist claimed “several opposition forces” had “agreed to support an unwritten plan for a transition to a parliamentary democracy, involving a weakened presidency and an empowered prime minister and parliament, before the scheduled 2011 presidential elections”. The embassy’s source said the plan was “so sensitive it cannot be written down”.

Ambassador Scobey questioned whether such an “unrealistic” plot could work, or ever even existed. However, the documents showed that the activist had been approached by US diplomats and received extensive support for his pro-democracy campaign from officials in Washington. The embassy helped the campaigner attend a “summit” for youth activists in New York, which was organised by the US State Department.

Cairo embassy officials warned Washington that the activist’s identity must be kept secret because he could face “retribution” when he returned to Egypt. He had already allegedly been tortured for three days by Egyptian state security after he was arrested for taking part in a protest some years earlier.

The protests in Egypt are being driven by the April 6 youth movement, a group on Facebook that has attracted mainly young and educated members opposed to Mr Mubarak. The group has about 70,000 members and uses social networking sites to orchestrate protests and report on their activities.

The documents released by WikiLeaks reveal US Embassy officials were in regular contact with the activist throughout 2008 and 2009, considering him one of their most reliable sources for information about human

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 05:43 PM
link tml

Link to telegraph document

wtf is it the telegraph or ats, ats is running slow for me it gets stuck connecting to the ads.

Just copy and past i guess

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ahh ha it worked, don't use the link button just copy right into post and it works.
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posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 05:45 PM
I have the secret document too

Egypt protests: secret US document discloses support for protesters
Here is the secret document sent from the US Embassy in Cairo to Washington disclosing the extent of American support for the protesters behind the Egypt uprising.
10:30PM GMT 28 Jan 2011





CAIRO 2454 C. CAIRO 2431 Classified By: ECPO A/Mincouns

Catherine Hill-Herndon for reason 1.4 (d ). 1. (C) Summary and

comment: On December 23, April 6 activist xxxxxxxxxxxx expressed

satisfaction with his participation in the December 3-5 \"Alliance of

Youth Movements Summit,\" and with his subsequent meetings with USG

officials, on Capitol Hill, and with think tanks. He described how

State Security (SSIS) detained him at the Cairo airport upon his

return and confiscated his notes for his summit presentation calling

for democratic change in Egypt, and his schedule for his Congressional

meetings. xxxxxxxxxxxx contended that the GOE will never undertake

significant reform, and therefore, Egyptians need to replace the

current regime with a parliamentary democracy. He alleged that

several opposition parties and movements have accepted an unwritten

plan for democratic transition by 2011; we are doubtful of this claim.

xxxxxxxxxxxx said that although SSIS recently released two April 6

activists, it also arrested three additional group members. We have

pressed the MFA for the release of these April 6 activists. April 6's

stated goal of replacing the current regime with a parliamentary

democracy prior to the 2011 presidential elections is highly

unrealistic, and is not supported by the mainstream opposition. End

summary and comment. ---------------------------- Satisfaction with

the Summit ---------------------------- 2. (C) xxxxxxxxxxxx expressed

satisfaction with the December 3-5 \"Alliance of Youth Movements

Summit\" in New York, noting that he was able to meet activists from

other countries and outline his movement's goals for democratic change

in Egypt. He told us that the other activists at the summit were very

supportive, and that some even offered to hold public demonstrations

in support of Egyptian democracy in their countries, with xxxxxxxxxxxx

as an invited guest. xxxxxxxxxxxx said he discussed with the other

activists how April 6 members could more effectively evade harassment

and surveillance from SSIS with technical upgrades, such as

consistently alternating computer \"simcards.\" However, xxxxxxxxxxxx

lamented to us that because most April 6 members do not own computers,

this tactic would be impossible to implement. xxxxxxxxxxxx was

appreciative of the successful efforts by the Department and the

summit organizers to protect his identity at the summit, and told us

that his name was never mentioned publicly. ------------------- A

Cold Welcome Home ------------------- 3. (S) xxxxxxxxxxxx told us

that SSIS detained and searched him at the Cairo Airport on December

18 upon his return from the U.S. According to xxxxxxxxxxxx, SSIS

found and confiscated two documents in his luggage: notes for his

presentation at the summit that described April 6's demands for

democratic transition in Egypt, and a schedule of his Capitol Hill

meetings. xxxxxxxxxxxx described how the SSIS officer told him that

State Security is compiling a file on him, and that the officer's

superiors instructed him to file a report on xxxxxxxxxxxx most recent

activities. --------------------------------------------- ----------

Washington Meetings and April 6 Ideas for Regime Change

--------------------------------------------- ---------- 4. (C)

xxxxxxxxxxxx described his Washington appointments as positive, saying

that on the Hill he met with xxxxxxxxxxxx, a variety of House staff

members, including from the offices of xxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxx),

and with two Senate staffers. xxxxxxxxxxxx also noted that he met

with several think tank members. xxxxxxxxxxxx said that Rep. Wolf's

office invited him to speak at a late January Congressional hearing on

House Resolution 1303 regarding religious and political freedom in

Egypt. xxxxxxxxxxxx told us he is interested in attending, but

conceded he is unsure whether he will have the funds to make the trip.

He indicated to us that he has not been focusing on his work as a

\"fixer\" for journalists, due to his preoccupation with his U.S.

trip. 5. (C) xxxxxxxxxxxx described how he tried to convince his

Washington interlocutors that the USG should pressure the GOE to

implement significant reforms by threatening to reveal CAIRO 00002572

002 OF 002 information about GOE officials' alleged \"illegal\"

off-shore bank accounts. He hoped that the U.S. and the international

community would freeze these bank accounts, like the accounts of

Zimbabwean President Mugabe's confidantes. xxxxxxxxxxxx said he wants

to convince the USG that Mubarak is worse than Mugabe and that the GOE

will never accept democratic reform. xxxxxxxxxxxx asserted that

Mubarak derives his legitimacy from U.S. support, and therefore

charged the U.S. with \"being responsible\" for Mubarak's \"crimes.\"

He accused NGOs working on political and economic reform of living in

a \"fantasy world,\" and not recognizing that Mubarak -- \"the head of

the snake\" -- must step aside to enable democracy to take root. 6.

(C) xxxxxxxxxxxx claimed that several opposition forces -- including

the Wafd, Nasserite, Karama and Tagammu parties, and the Muslim

Brotherhood, Kifaya, and Revolutionary Socialist movements -- have

agreed to support an unwritten plan for a transition to a

parliamentary democracy, involving a weakened presidency and an

empowered prime minister and parliament, before the scheduled 2011

presidential elections (ref C). According to xxxxxxxxxxxx, the

opposition is interested in receiving support from the army and the

police for a transitional government prior to the 2011 elections.

xxxxxxxxxxxx asserted that this plan is so sensitive it cannot be

written down. (Comment: We have no information to corroborate that

these parties and movements have agreed to the unrealistic plan

xxxxxxxxxxxx has outlined. Per ref C, xxxxxxxxxxxx previously told us

that this plan was publicly available on the internet. End comment.)

7. (C) xxxxxxxxxxxx said that the GOE has recently been cracking down

on the April 6 movement by arresting its members. xxxxxxxxxxxx noted

that although SSIS had released xxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxx \"in the

past few days,\" it had arrested three other members. (Note: On

December 14, we pressed the MFA for the release of xxxxxxxxxxxx and

xxxxxxxxxxxx, and on December 28 we asked the MFA for the GOE to

release the additional three activists. End note.) xxxxxxxxxxxx

conceded that April 6 has no feasible plans for future activities.

The group would like to call for another strike on April 6, 2009, but

realizes this would be \"impossible\" due to SSIS interference,

xxxxxxxxxxxx said. He lamented that the GOE has driven the group's

leadership underground, and that one of its leaders, xxxxxxxxxxxx, has

been in hiding for the past week. 8. (C) Comment: xxxxxxxxxxxx

offered no roadmap of concrete steps toward April 6's highly

unrealistic goal of replacing the current regime with a parliamentary

democracy prior to the 2011 presidential elections. Most opposition

parties and independent NGOs work toward achieving tangible,

incremental reform within the current political context, even if they

may be pessimistic about their chances of success. xxxxxxxxxxxx

wholesale rejection of such an approach places him outside this

mainstream of opposition politicians and activists.


After listening to Hillary Obama and Gibbs it is obvious.

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 05:48 PM
Well then my apologies to Lucidity, perhaps there was no depantsing

So, their done with Mubarak. I wonder then if Elbaradei is the heir apparent and if that's the case then out with one puppet in with another.

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 05:51 PM
reply to post by searching4truth

Think this secret document should have its own topic. html

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posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 06:08 PM
I am astounded with the arrogance of this Mubarak.....he's not getting it...and neither are the rest of these dictators. What gives him the right to disolve one government...and replace it with another. Does this guy...NOT GET IT!!! Do the rest of the PTB...NOT GET IT!!!!! hahahahahhaha...This should get VERY, VERY interesting....tomorrow!

I did record the speech that he gave...and i'm just totally dumbfounded. The people don't want you there....sir!

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 06:22 PM
You are witnessing the closing days of The Islamic Jihad in Egypt. So far from their Coptic and pharaohnic past have the Egyptians strayed that their collapse into a full Islamic State is guaranteed. I fear for the Coptic Christians.

Watch what arises from the ashes and remember....Jihad is real.

There will be no democracy in Egypt only more Islam, more Jihad, and more darkness.

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 06:27 PM
reply to post by chiefsmom

Thanks for the chuckle, that was funny to me. I know exactly who you're talking about. That guy is so self-important and never lets us see the "good stuff". Maybe he's already hopped a flight out of there and when this is all said and done, there will be a new sheriff in the land.

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 07:08 PM
You may want to check out my thread

I suggested a NWO link on this thread 1st, I believe before anyone else brought it up here... so please have a look and contribute,


posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 09:46 PM
The military will end up controlling Egypt and we'll find ourselves along with the British backing the next dictator.
This could spread through the military and it's possible a fundamentalist cell within the military might be able to take control. That would be the most difficult situation possible for us to deal with.
Hard to drop bombs on the country that controls the flow of oil from the Middle east to Europe and half of North America.
My money is on the military getting control.

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 10:13 PM
reply to post by Asktheanimals

Same. This is a very tough situation for us to deal with all around. Not a good day.

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 11:39 PM
reply to post by burntheships

U2U me your thoughts on preparedness. Or shoot em at me here? Porfavor?

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