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2 GOOD jokes

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posted on Jul, 12 2004 @ 04:31 PM

two irishmen are looking for sherwood forest.
they get tired 1 sits on a log and tells the other to go over the hill and search
he comes back

well? did u find it?

i couldent see any thing there was too many trees in the way!!!


a king gives his three slaves a challenge

he says the first man that swims across this shark infested pool
gets any thing he wants

the first 1 jumps in gets quater way across and gets eaten

the 2nd gets half way across and gets mauled

then suddenly splash a third man is in the water, he swims as fast as he can fights off the sharks and climed up on the other side.

king says, well dome my son well done.
u can have any thing u like just name it

slave......I want the ba#*ard who pushed me in !!!

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