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The brightest of white light engulfed me last night while in state of twilight

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posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 11:59 PM

Originally posted by firegoggles
I do understand your disdain for certain terms used to explain things we are not normally perceiving but is ever present. As far as this experience being linear and all , really everything has already happened. At the same time we must use care to meet people where they are and communicate the best we can. If we parse words to much then we may just miss a point no?

Oh, dont mistake my words for disdain
It is simply the connotations involved, which you seem to understand. Through such a discourse, we not only find ourselves learning, but that others who are reading (and lurking) will perhaps hear what they need to as well. Some refer to it as the "shotgun effect"
it seems linearity is as much of an illusion as it is not. Conceptually, a circle (particle) plotted over time, becomes a wave. It is in that dichotomy that we can sing

The remnant are the ones that are going to become eternal beings and move on into high dimensions operating like Yeshua. We will become like him. We are an extension of his very essence yet we are a separate entity at the same time. According to my belief some will see death. I didn't say hell i simply said death. The remnant will not see death but live FOREVER and go on to rule over dimensions and worlds and so on most likely.. But who knows? It's really fun to speculate on that part though isn't it?

Ah yes, heaven and hell are interesting things. It seems humans ever present need for procrastination places it after death, but perhaps these things are much more presently immediate... This one enjoys your overall take
separate in valid perspective, one in eternity. I tend to refer to such things (through some posts here, and in verbal discussions) as the planets forming. One of this ones favorite quotes is "Love is our strength, God our condition, and our actions are as the planets forming." Perhaps it will mean something to you as well

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 12:05 AM
reply to post by dominicus

I know what you mean man. Before I felt the light I was constantly thinking about God.

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 12:05 AM

Originally posted by dominicus
yeah happened to me about 7 years back after getting baptised...

It was like electricity, and Love, Light, Power all entering into me through my head felt like I was dying but really it was just the beginning of ego death.

Basically its the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Can happen after or prior to baptism, can happen just thinking about God, about the interconnectedness of all things. This is a Grand experience and for me lasted years after the initial onset.

You are now a Christian mystic and have been introduced to the real life mystical realities of the spiritual world. No one themselves can choose to be a Mystic just happens to you.

Best thing to do now is just to spend many times a day in meditation and that experience will come back and unfold and you will be in complete Love with it is incredibly Awesome!!!!

pm if you need any other advice.
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Very good description of how it felt once again, and yes incredibly awesome it was! So in your case it happen more than once? Wow! I just want to hang out in the state, and talk to him is why I want it to happen again, not for the feeling but to see Jesus... and ask a whole lot of questions because I'm one that has been addicted to knowledge, and now I feel like your implying ...I'm entering a new phase so to speak. So you nailed it too!

Sorry for run on sentences and stuff, I'm getting tired and may doze off. I just can't get enough of this!

Thank you very much for sharing !
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posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 12:11 AM
reply to post by sinohptik

I believe I do understand. And my aren't we "two peas in a pod" ehehe! I feel a kindred spirit/anointing in you albeit your more advanced than I and much more eloquent. I have much to learn still..We should stay in touch for sure.

Thank you again and I thank you all too

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 12:29 AM

Originally posted by firegoggles
reply to post by sinohptik

I believe I do understand. And my aren't we "two peas in a pod" ehehe! I feel a kindred spirit/anointing in you albeit your more advanced than I and much more eloquent. I have much to learn still..We should stay in touch for sure.

Thank you again and I thank you all too

We all have much to learn! Simply the inherent quality of a finite perspective pointing at infinity. whittling it down into concepts, and then verbal communication. It is vast in complexity, the different ways the mind does that process, and incredibly interesting how another perspective goes about it. "advanced" is only in ones perspective, because, after all, we are in the same pod!
kindred spirits are an absolute blast to locate, arent they?

Feel free to U2U me, at any time. and also read through some of my posts in threads. though i suppose you dont need "permission" to do that, do you?
It felt proper nonetheless. I cant seem to stop babbling about this nonsense, so if you cant get enough, there is a certain balance there

This one, however, is off to bed. We'll see what happens, this night, neh?
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posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 12:32 AM
reply to post by firegoggles

Very good description of how it felt once again, and yes incredibly awesome it was! So in your case it happen more than once?

Yeah it happened hundreds of times over the course of several years. It completely transformed me ...killed of alot of the old ways of thinking, old habits, made it easy to meditate, I was shown spiritual-quantum-physics like formulas and truths, was shown the afterlife, was given a transcendent Love that allows me to Love complete strangers...... I lost count how many times it happened.

Oh and get this ....this holy Spirit after indwelling me over and over ...was felt and see by others in my house hold ....also seen by friends. They could tell there was something about me and something around me....

Wow! I just want to hang out in the state, and talk to him is why I want it to happen again, not for the feeling but to see Jesus... and ask a whole lot of questions because I'm one that has been addicted to knowledge, and now I feel like your implying ...I'm entering a new phase so to speak.

Yes your entering a new phase ...of being able to directly experience the things that Jesus did. This the transformation of Christhood. Its all over the Bible when Paul says "Not I but Christ in me" ...well that experience that presence will live in you and transform you to be like Christ......

Also in the Bible it says that when you get the Holy Spirit ...he will teach you things and shows you things that man cant teach and show. This is direct lessons from Divinity. Transcendent and mystical things....

Sorry for run on sentences and stuff, I'm getting tired and may doze off. I just can't get enough of this! Thank you very much for sharing !

No prob .... the most vital part is to spend time in meditation ...ask for more of this Spirit, ask God to show you the truth ...then sit in meditation quitely and await the response. This is extremely vital and was something in my own past experiences that I saw that I should have done more of. (Extremely Vital)

This is a very important experience is what being "Born Again" is all about. The ego and old ways die and are replaced by the divine perspectives of these experiences....

Also be careful with what-ever church you go to. I found after my experiences ..that 99% of the Christians that I knew, the pastors, the theologians, Christian book authors and Christian university theologian professors had no Idea about these super deep and intimate direct experiences with the Holy Spirit.

I did find some loose knit Christians ...Christian monks, eastern orthodox, hermits, and few here and there that underwent the same things you and I have......

There are also other experiences that will come after these first few. Illumination, Dark Night of the Soul, Dark Night of the Senses, and ultimately Union with God...... Though for me its been about 8 years to get to the beginning of the Union stage.

Ok talk soon ...(and make sure you meditate and allow these experiences to happen. Dont fear them and dont block them from happening. It is pure Bliss from God and it will destroy the ego which is scared to let go. But the ego is the sinner and its the ego that being melted away by pure electric divine Bliss. Its the Holy Spirit)

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 01:55 AM
reply to post by firegoggles

I could say I had a similar experiance as you did but mine was a lucid dream. This happend almost a year ago but still remember it in vivid detail like most of my more memorable dreams.

This one started as a black cloud approching me. It had beady eyes all over with mulit. fauseted beaks protruding from it's body. I felt this was a deamon trying to devour my essance. I used my inner light to fight this creature.. It did not matter how much I gave it still seemed to press in on me while it tried plucking at me. The smell was putrid. That of old rot. Just as it was going to rip me to shreds it disapaited from the back.

There before me was a golden light shining down from the heavens with a figure on a cloud floating down to me. The individual I did not know but I knew. It's shape, shifting from the image of jesus to bodhivista and all of the other images of gods long past. This image spoke to me but the words I could not understand but I knew to look at the men in black robes holding three foot scroll cases that were sealed.

This golden person spoke again. Saying two seals are broken as you have already witnessed. Soon you will witness the others.

I'm not a religious person but I have done my homework to a certain extent and this dream has bothered me since then. I ascribe more towards jedism.

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 07:04 AM
reply to post by firegoggles

that is odd as I am a musician too - guitarist / drummer. i normally laugh at peoples posts about being abducted as it just seems so ridiculous, but ive literally been communicating with what im positive are "UFOs" near my house, for the past few months as a matter of fact. the reason i dont think it was a dream is because i only ever remember leaving my bed - in the form of floating above my bed heading towards my window. the memory lasts all of like, 2 seconds. then in another occasion, i only remember seeing the ship leave and i was in my backyard...again thats just like a split second of a memory. what bothers me is i feel if it were a i also practice lucid dreaming... i would believe id easily be able to remember much more of my dreams as i usually do. also i feel if it were a dream, one of my biggest questions is what these ETs actually look like. i feel if i was dreaming about being abducted id definitely dream up some wild looking beings to go along with the ship...but nothing. im not even big into abduction cases so its not like id go to bed dreaming about that. ive talked to these lights in 'real life' while awake, and ive asked multiple times for them to come down and contact me, please dont probe me / scare me etc etc, so it almost makes sense to me if that was a real abduction, they did it about as nicely as could possibly be done. didnt hurt me physically, didnt scare me, and left me just enough memory to put it together myself? i feel crazy for even debating this, but im telling you these things are for real.

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 12:33 PM
Somewhere on another post I mentioned this, but I think many are being given a clue to a higher self or something similar.

I did not get a bright light, but was removed from my body and shown an intense white, light being which I feel was my higher self or soul. In my way of seeing this, no religion is necessary for this to occur. Meaning we are shown in ways that is tailored for each of us individually. I am not a christian, but live to high standards, yet my handlers voiced a phrase, when showing me the light being, "that is a sacred thing". Yup, I understood this as I as one time was taken into churches so definitions such as this are clear.

Now my grandson, a normal 17 year old thought it really cool when he was floating above his body and saw this intense white light streaming from his body. We each see it in our own way, but there is a connection here that is fairly obvious.

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 05:02 PM
reply to post by Stalker619

Very interesting indeed. I have heard of a similar experience actually. I find the mention of Golden beings here and there. You actually see this in the book of revelations describing Jesus too. Even in my case I questioned the experience which we are supposed to do. Try the spirits and know if they are sent from our creator or another source. But with mention of the seals broken and so on really hits home, now wonder you reflect on it all with question, very trippy story too man! I notice you went on to say Jedism? I have study a great deal of all sorts of religion and spiritual practices. I myself have not practice all of them don't get me wrong here, I just studied them. But Jedism alludes me? Is that the basis for the Star Wars stuff is there really a religion based on that type of belief? Somehow that one has alluded me. But you want to hear something ultra trippy. I actually refereed to myself in a joking way as a Jedi many times and I'll tell you why. Don't laugh OK.

Well I am very addicted to knowledge. I can't get enough. I want time I really thought man I'm out of control with this knowledge thing.. any how heres what happened. I began to study Quantum physics and from there it lead me to other disciplines. I began to study what at that time was a very well guarded physics. The hyper-dimensional physics. People like Hoagland and others talk about this physics very often. So from there I started studying this stuff heavy and it lead me to Egypt. I won't go into detail because frankly this physics is still somewhat i secret and I think I understand why.

After lots of study one day I began to get Revelation about how it works. I grabbed a sheet of graph paper and began to draw an object that for all argument sake looked like a....lightsaber. The drawing was completely based on this hyper-dimensional physics. It just started flowing. I know how crazy this sounds. The device though was based entirely on the golden ration and there were some parts that I could not even get. One Part I need is a special cultivated crystal and I just knew it had to be made in a vacuum. This thing was a healing device though. As I continued to draw it up and the ideas just kept coming, quasi crystals, everything based on harmonics and the golden mean. I stepped back and was asking myself if I was losing it or if this thing looked like something out of science fiction. so I drew another model of it but this time with a few changes the revelation came to me how to make it a weapon. That's when I got kind of freaked out. I could go on but I'm sure now everyone will think I'm delusional, which I assure you I am not!

I just wanted to share that since you mentioned Jedism, of course there could be no relation to hat your referring to you just reminded me of my invention side of things. With that said can you elaborate on exactly what Jedism is? Oh and let me add I do want to be clear about something here I'm a believer in Christ and I do believe he is the only way to enter into the higher dimensions whether we like it or not. I told someone recently you won't hear to many believers talk like I do because I'm so non-religious. But any way I'm really rambling good at this point. Please do tell then.. What is Jedism all about?

Thanks for posting your experience too bro!

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 05:19 PM
reply to post by iversusvsversusi

Bro I used to laugh at people too at one time! I didn't not believe in abduction at all. So your not crazy and no your not dreaming. I know exactly what your talking about when you mention the "one second memories" and so on. I have many of these. I also have longer ones and have been allowed to recall some experiences. I say allowed because they put up blocks so you Can't remember. I'm about 99% that's what is happening in your case. Now about practicing lucid dreaming. This may or may not make your more vulnerable. As far as asking them to contact you I don't' think it's a good idea. Only beings that are aligned with the Manifested Creator should you allow to communicate to you. They are so very smart and tricky might I add. Guard your heart and make sure your aligned with the Yeshua. But hey it could be just the "good guys" who am I to say? If you have not read the book called "The Threat" by David Jacobs I can't recommend it enough. In my opinion it is as close to the truth as we are going to get as far as, "what it's all about"!

I actually have some external proof that I'm a contactee. I looked up my family line on one of these genealogy web sites and guess what I found? Story's documented from the 1890's about my relatives experiencing lights from the sky and reports of my relation seeing a fireball come down from the sky and something like "ole geezer so and so fighting the devil himself one evening"! So then I just got brave and called my sister and started opening up to her about what I was experiencing and would you know she broke down crying and telling me she had been implanted with embryos and they came and took it and all that crazy stuff! I was completely freaked out now. I don't think many people that claim they are an abductee can actually say they have proof of relatives being abducted as far back as the 1890's! As crazy as it all sounds it's real. And from what you told me you are definitely being visited/abducted but they are blocking your memory of it obviously. Again I wouldn't be inviting them back though, they just want to steal your traits! Your DNA and make for themselves a new race as they have been doing for a looog time. They do this stuff by the cover of night they make deals that are secretive it all stinks of self service. No don't trust them for a minute. Unless they can identify themselves as one of the beings that are truly aligned with our true Creator then tell them to get lost and go steal someone else's DNA.

Of course that is just my opinion and you can do as you like.

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 05:26 PM
reply to post by sailormon

I hear where your coming from and have no problem acknowledging the higher self. A Matter of fact during many of my experiences in speaking telepathically my voice comes form my chest to my surprise! The first time it happened I was like .. what the heck? Why is my voice coming from my chest?

As far as religion as I have stated I believe in Jesus but I'm in no shape form or fashion religious. Religion makes me sick.

I feel that if I had a "sim" game and I made beings that could feel and where a part of me.. then along comes some of my pals that take over the game and use the beings a created as containers for there own night of fun.. then yea I would become a little "sim" person and go down there and tell them to realign themselves Whit me so that they may escape the trap that my rebel friends trapped them.. That is the ultra short version of my faith! Get it? So the real Creator how created the aliens and the whole universe manifested as man out of LOVE! My gosh man that's a beautiful story isn't it?

Don't let the noise of the naysayers drowned out the truth of the Love of God for his creation!

Thanks so much for posting!
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posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 09:32 AM
reply to post by firegoggles

Funny you said that.

I dont doubt you for a second, if you got the time send me a message with what it was like/what you learned I'm so interested in it and a lot of some stuff on the web is some bull#. I guess it wasn't too great of an experience. I can't find any physical evidence anywhere, although I wouldnt doubt they could do whatever they have to do without me knowing anything or leaving marks. What do you think of John Lear? I know hes a nut but I just read some of what he has to say and watched some interviews and I think he might not have been so crazy, which is scary to say the least.

posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 11:05 AM
Hello my friends,

I wanted to share my own experience, but I posted it in another thread. If any of you are interested, I would like to know if the feelings are similar. I did not go into much detail as others have here, but I see parallels with my own.

If you do not mind reading it, here it is. If the feelings are similar, please let me know but keep the comments here on this thread. It is a bit off topic on the thread I started.


You may need to go to page two. I reveal it somewhere in there.

With Love,

Your Brother

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