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The Source of The UFO Conspiracy

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posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 01:04 AM
Hi everyone...

As alot of you whom have ever spent time researching the UFO conspiracy topics have come to conclude, the evidence towards a cover-up of some kind seems to be overwhelming- and the beginning of this cover-up appears to have begun right after the Roswell incident.

So the question remains... why did this cover-up happen?
Why has nothing really changed or been revealed to us over the last few decades?
Do the world leaders really have any idea what is REALLY going on?

Well, I'm going to try and give an answer to these questions, and as speculative as it might sound, in my opinion, this explanation perfectly describes a reality which seems more than likely.

First off, you have to understand that their are certain people out there called psychopaths- people who care nothing but for themselves, and have only the acquisition of as much power as possible as their main agenda. People such as these are drawn to jobs that give them power, such as government and military positions. We all know about superhero stories where superman or spiderman always seem to succeed in stopping some evil villain from taking over the world.

Well folks, those kind of supervillains that you see in comics exist in the real world.

Without doubt, there are people out there who would love nothing more than to take over the world, and I'm pretty sure the only thing that has stopped such people from accomplishing that goal is other like-minded individuals.

So, imagine you are such a psychopathic supervillain in the late 1940s. You are an esteemed general in the military, and are looking for any way possible to increase your power and influence. Word then spreads that a flying saucer has crashed in the desert...

Can you imagine what kind of technology such a vehicle could be utilizing?

Imagine if the crashed flying saucer was from an alien race that was thousands, if not millions of years more advanced than we are?

Imagine such technology as time travel, invisibility, immortality, endless energy and even techonologies that defy imagination suddenly being available?

Without doubt, a crashed flying saucer would be the most valuable object on the entire planet by a long-shot. Any person or organization who could gain control of the technology could literally become the most powerful person on the planet.

So this is what I think happened;

Originally, the crashed object at Roswell was going to be revealed to the public (as it had been before the story was changed), but a psychopathic military kingpin with a power-trip saw this as the ultimate opportunity- and honestly, what better opportunity for power could their be than extra-terrestrial technology?

In taking control of the incident, this person/organization had just then become the most powerful such person/organization in the entire world. Sure, you could have all the nukes in the world, but what does that compare to being able to control gravity and even time itself?

With the technology in their hands, this group has been able to work outside the law and observance of any kind of government or law enforcement company, and has used such power to do who knows what.

When you think about it, if this person or group was able to master the technology they had, say time travel, who says that they aren't using it right now to control the world?

It really is an uneasy concept to think of- imagine if radical Islamic terrorists were suddenly given all this technology along with an instruction guide on how to use it....

In such a reality, it is no surprise as to why "disclosure" hasn't happened, and is reason enough to argue that disclosure will never happen until this group is dismantled, or the ETs themselves decide to reveal themselves.

Of course, this is just a giant speculation, but none the less an attractive one in my mind, as the imagination seems to have no limit when presented with the idea of being in possession of alien technology.

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 01:22 AM
reply to post by Monts

Dear Monts

A supper villain who is now ruling the world.

Well there is a little snag or glitch to this just a small one.

This all powerful supper villain with all this ET tech, doesn’t need to hide.

They would be in your face on the TV every night.

No sorry what ever they found in the desert of NM in July 1947 is hidden.

Hidden for a reason. This always gets me about disclosure threads.

Most take no account of what will be disclosed.

You can bet your sweet bipy if is more than visitation.

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 01:29 AM
reply to post by Monts

So the question remains... why did this cover-up happen?
Why has nothing really changed or been revealed to us over the last few decades?
Mainly because the aliens obviously don't want to reveal themselves yet, and TPTB obviously don't want them to reveal themselves. The common sheeple couldn't really give two damns, and those who do reject them for numerous reasons (religion, fear of invasion, can't handle paradigm shift). So it's a winning situation for everyone but the truth seekers and conspiracy theorists. Only when the aliens decide to make their presence publicly known will anything change.

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