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China’s emulation of America’s 19th century growth

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posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 10:10 PM
There is so much talk today about the rise of China, their economy prospering unlike those here in the Western world. With the fear that soon China will overtake America as the world’s largest economy, but why is that? There are so many reasons why China will overtake the US and probably becoming the next superpower. Yet many people refuse to open their eyes to the exact reason why this is happening.

No it doesn’t have to happen, ignore those who claim it does. Ignore those who want to mislead you into believing this is a natural cycle in world events. Ignore those who want to convince that continuing our current policies here in America is good for us. If these policies were so good for us why are we in such a crippling recession, unemployment at 9.4% (disputable), and our trade is very weak.

Many will try and teach you that ‘Free-Trade’ will save you, let free-trade be the savior of America. Accept it with open arms! Remember it’s got the word Free in it, so obviously it’s a good thing right? How could freedom possibly be bad? Gee I don’t have any idea why Free-Trade could be bad…

Well let us just take a short trip down history lane. Schools are still teaching American history, right? Oh well who needs history anyways… Back to the subject at hand, in American history you will understand that at the beginning of this young Republic we needed a way to build up our businesses and manufacturing base.

Across the Atlantic sat England, a glorious and powerful empire that was the hub of trade throughout the world. We had to find a way to compete with glorious England. So our founders tapped into the historical economic system of mercantilism but they realized, as anyone with economic sense would, mercantilism alone cannot support a nation and thus we had to add Liassez-faire capitalism here at home.

Quickly American businesses sprung up all across this great land, finally having a seat at the table with such countries as France and England. At this time England was pursuing a policy known as Free-Trade and they were trading far more than little ‘ol America. So we had to find a way to compete which we did, we slapped on tariffs on all imports of goods. This was our way to build up American trade, business, and economy while at the same time bring in revenue to our federal government without taxing the people.

We witnessed one of the greatest expansion in the history of the world occur in our nation during the 19th century. Throughout the entire century we grew from a small and fragile nation into a mighty economic power, beating that of England. But throughout that century England embarked on a different course, they were a nation of free-traders, goods moved freely through borders and they too had a growing economy.

But by the middle of the 19th century we were there with them and finally surpassed them, rising from this miniscule nation of farmers and small traders to a nation with a mighty manufacturing base, vast trade, enormous population, and a strong sense of entrepreneurship and patriotism.

So how did this little nation in less than 70 years surpass a mighty nation such as England? Well we did that through our form of trade. While England was trading goods for free we set our trade so that our nation benefitted. Did this cause prices to be higher here at home than they would have been over in England? The answer is yes. We may not have been able to be major consumers like we are today but we also weren’t without jobs like we are today. Americans had jobs, a relatively good income, and an economy much stronger than it is today.

What does China have to do with this? Well China, unlike the US, actually pursues a strong import tariff on many goods. Do they have a devalued currency? Well yes of course! But how can we possibly blame our troubles of China? Should we actually be attacking China for our stupidity and not being able to manage our own trade correctly?

China doesn’t have free-trade, we do, so we send our businesses to China but not our products. China actually encourages businesses to relocate there yet we tax them, regulate them, and do not protect them at all. Who do you, in your right mind, think is the smart one in this argument? Do you think China is smart or the United States?

It appears to me that the Chinese leaders have been reading a little too much into the 19th century American Presidents, Congressman, and economic policies. *Who let China get hold of the ‘Report on Manufacturers’?*

To me it looks like China is the smart ones here. The Chinese have woken up and seen what we did in our past to out-compete England and become the world’s largest economy and they are doing the same. We have become the new England and China has become the new America. Soon they shall surpass us while we just sit around diddling our thumbs and crying about how great we once were.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game!

If you don’t like what I said, that’ tough. If we have good reason to believe free-trade is a better alternative than please, enlighten us. But right now it does not in any way appear to me that free-trade is the right idea. Not unless we are planned to force every country to abolish tariffs. But China would be foolish to go for free-trade, especially after seeing what it has done to us here in America. Why would China embark on free-trade and lose their jobs to India?

Hey America, you listening? You still want that whole ‘free-trade’ thing that has been pushed by all the international bankers? Our businesses here in this country use to be glad that we had import tariffs so that they had the upper hand. So why are they now set on going over to China? Well they lost the upper hand here but Chinese are more than willing to give them the upper hand over there.

This is a good read to if you are interested: Link
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posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 11:12 PM

We used our stimulus money to save government jobs. They used theirs for bullet trains.

From the article.

I remember in college back in the 80's all the professors lamenting "how are we going to get the rest of the world to play by capitalism." It was a grave concern.

By 2000 it had become a reality.
A great victory of sustained effort for twenty years.

Naively I thought that America would celebrate.

I now realize that the public will never discuss, or find interesting, something that is supposed to be good news. That, in fact, the only way to get the public to admit something has happened is to get them to complain about it.

The Chinese must think we are insane.
We spend decades trying to get them to embrace capitalism more closely,
and now that they have
we treat them like a red headed step child.

David Grouchy
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posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 11:12 PM


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