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average orangutan is more diverse -- genetically speaking -- than the average human

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posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 01:49 PM

Among great apes, orangutans are humans' most distant cousins. These tree dwellers sport a coat of fine reddish hair and have long been endangered in their native habitats in the rain forests of Sumatra and Borneo in Southeast Asia.
"The average orangutan is more diverse -- genetically speaking -- than the average human," says lead author Devin Locke, PhD, an evolutionary geneticist at Washington University's Genome Center. "We found deep diversity in both Bornean and Sumatran orangutans, but it's unclear whether this level of diversity can be maintained in light of continued widespread deforestation."


Well,this makes me wonder why exactly they found stability within the orangutan genome yet in comparison to chimps and humans whom showed large-scale structural rearrangements of their genome that may have accelerated their evolution. (emphasis by me)

could this lead to possible evidence of genetic tampering? or is it simply a case of natural selection? either way as the article states at the very bottom an in which I find most important and paramount is as follows:

"Orangutans spend more than 95 percent of their time in the trees," Locke says. "They travel through the trees, nest in trees and forage for food in trees. But all the genetic diversity in the world can't save them in the wild if their habitat is destroyed."

If it were only on a small scale and only one primate or animal species being affected by the warpath of mans destruction maybe it would not cause for alarm but unfortunately many species are being affected widespread

Here is a link to a relevant article involving orangutans & the human genome-Genetic Archaeology Finds Parts of Human Genome More Closely Related to Orangutans Than Chimps

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