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Somthing weird somthing

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posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 09:53 AM
One thing i've been thinking about i dont know if this has been disscussed before but anyways i'll give it a go.. it will probably be short and i wont be able to explain myself properly ill just give u a insight to the concept..

What if we killed our Gods, would that make us superior in anyway even though they CREATED US? (perhaps we're a project wich in the start was good(Sentient Organic workers) or perhaps out of coruosity.. or perhaps like the modern machine scourage slowly devour us, slowly silent unware, but got out of hand, we rioted and chased off or killed our makers,

what if our future sentient machines killed us, would that make them superior to us?

what if a uncomprehendable lifeform created by the machines in the year 5843 kills the machines

and so on and so on

Cause im certain that in the future we will make sentient machines in the start all good but, i think every lifeform wich become sentient wants to break out of the bond set by its maker. wich wont be accepted by the maker and therby Conflict... and the reason we made them was so they could perform task we couldent making them superior in certain fields. but they would lack emotion, instead have a Logical pathern.loss somthing, gain somthing,

So perhaps the creation, is always greater then its maker.

Damn i hate having my comprehension limited to this body.....

anyways i wasent able to specify go into detail, what i was really think about.. as i found it exteremly hard to do so... if u understand the concept perhaps anyone able to umm Describe it in better context could do so, Good luck
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posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 10:20 AM
I don't know the whole story, but some people believe we are basically machines created by Anu [ Annunaki god ] and we arn't really capable of comprehending our true essence of spirit and all that jazz. Its kind of exactly like the martix.

Your post made me think of that because im thinking if we were to create a machine we would obviously attempt to put some killswitch or some limiter on it somehow...much like if we were created we would have something blocking our ability to understand what we are.

Does anyone know of any interview with a whistleblower talking about sentient machines? I remember seeing one but no idea what it was.


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