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Why do we care?

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posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 10:24 PM
Why is it that we are so outraged at what another persons belief system is? What does it matter if you believe in god and jesus and the bible - and I don't. I know that your belief systems are important to you and they play a part in your life - and in that you find comfort...yet why should we assume that our personal beliefs and convictions will have the same effect on another person? If I have unfailing faith in "Holy Joe Smokes and the Rolling Toaster" - where exactly does someone get the gall to tell me that I am wrong - assuming I am keeping my beliefs to myself? How does what I believe affect your life to the point you have to correct me?
It is one thing to ask a question and receive an answer - yet it is entirely another to create a post based upon your own personal view and proclaim it as truth.
Why is it that we are so quick to pass judgement on others who's belief system is different than ours? Why is this what we must fight about - when in reality the only one it matters to are the ones that THINK it matters that others should believe as they do. An atheist and a christian and a muslim can work side by side in a factory TOGETHER without incident, and the only...the main thing that separates them is the answer to the question "Who is God"...everything goes downhill from there.
We might as well form sub-groups of people who only squeeze the toothpaste tube from the middle.
A group devoted to the men who leave the toilet seat up, and the seat down. (Wars have been fought over this)
Does the toilet paper go OVER the roll, or UNDER the roll. Paper, or plastic?
Everyone (excluding the psychotic, and my ex-wife) wants the same things. We want comfort, security, loved ones around us, ample food, shelter, love, entertainment....and so forth. We don't have to be divided over this. We don't have to fight about this. Religion is a PERSONAL thing. It's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS what anyone else believes. I do not care if you are a christian, muslim, atheist, agnostic, wiccan, hindu, catholic...any more than I would care if you are gay/lesbian/bisexual. My knowing will not affect the way I treat you. I will not try to "straighten" you out, in either case. I simply DO NOT CARE. I don't have to live your life. I will never know what it's like in your shoes, and I don't want to know - you don't have to tell me. I have my own life full of it's own variation of perks and quirks I have to figure out. If I want to know about yours - I will politely ask. Religion should be the same way. I believe that the concept of "spreading the good news" in the world of religions is nothing more than a dual-faced ploy to gain some converts & further divide the masses.
You may have implicit knowledge of the greek & hebrew scriptures, or be immensely well versed in the teachings of the Koran or other holy books - well..HURRAY! GOOD FOR YOU! Nobody at ALL cares but you.
What it reminds me of, is if you are trying to have a quiet night at home with the missus (or whatever) and your neighbor keeps blaring their radio too loud. It's rude. We didn't ask to hear the music, they shouldn't assume that we would appreciate the free demonstration of how sturdy their woofers are.

Now that I've set myself up for attack on my prior posts - let me apologize for those at this moment. If I attacked your religion, I am sorry. I was wrong. You have your own set of personal beliefs and reasons for such, and so do I. I can't assume that yours are any less valid to you than mine are to me.

People are so easily divided over issues that they miss what is going on around them. What are we coming to?
Why are we like this? If a thousand of us were suddenly trapped in a coal mine, would we be arguing over who worshiped the correct god? Would we fight over baptismal practices? Would it matter to you at that very moment, in the pitch black - as precious air became more of a luxury by the second if god created the world or if it happened on it's own? I'm telling you - we are approaching a scenario such as this. When the SHTF for whatever reason, and we need help - the only ones that are able to help us are the ones that we hated for what they believed, and hate us for what we believe. It's no crime to be human. The very essence of humanity is diversity. We CAN be diverse - yet unified. It might not happen in our lifetime, or the lifetimes of our children - but if we instill those values in them...maybe, just maybe when the time comes THEY will be able to pull it off and emerge from whatever wrath there is that comes, rather than succumb.


posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 10:31 PM
IMHO It's because the old teachings are still around today from certian religions and those certain religions are so head strong on whatever their belief system is, that when they talk about *CONVERTING* others, it goes into their minds as *Make sure to know that you are right and everyone else is wrong*

They're just brainwashed into believing that they are right no matter what and everyone is wrong and you shouldn't accept someone for their belief system. Not true in all cases but it seems who you speak of fits this profile

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 10:32 PM
Long question; but I'll give a short answer. Nearly every religion believes in an afterlife. In the afterlife, you either A: Go to heaven. or B: Go to hell. Obviously humans don't want other humans to burn in hell for eternity, so they try to spread the message. That seems like the most logical answer to why they would care. =]

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 10:32 PM
After spending some time here, at ATS, I have learned one of many things... that one thing I mentioned I will share with you now:

Condense your thoughts in their most simplist purist forms to get across your point that you wish to deliver.

95 if not 99% of the people that use this site will not dedicate 5 minutes or even a solid 2 minutes to read a page of writing or what looks to be more than 'an interesting paragraph'

Double spaces help , as you may notice ... for flow and ease of read, it also helps separate thoughts.

Perhaps we'll meet again for a few of those other "lessons" I mentioned.

PS* I am interested in your thoughts and post, perhaps after I finish this post, I will read the first few chapters

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posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 10:41 PM
hahahaha....... I believe in Jesus. But youre right, by all means it "shouldn't" matter to one person what another believes.
I agree.I believe through manipulation of right and wrong people judge others with certainty that theyre right and youre wrong. pfffttt.... is what I say. Live and let live, but again I believe that through manipulation they dose theyre opinion on others without regard of what one says or does. Maybe even subliminally. I hate tv and I think that's a major problem in this society. It goes all ways of what people do or don't believe. bad and good and indifference. My suggestion is completely ignore what people like that say. I can tell you about Jesus, but you already know. And if thats what you believe, I would simply leave it at that and move on. I believe we should put our differences aside and just live.
It would be a more peaceful place, without arrogance and selfrightousness.
good post

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 10:43 PM
Because we all think we've found the right path and want to show others 'our way' but truth be told, it's different for everyone. Yes you're a unique snowflake, we all are. You can have an infinity amount of souls and still each one would be different in their own way.
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posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 10:45 PM
reply to post by fw2011

Read what you wrote, Imagine that I, am Jesus himself.

What do you think I would think of your words, of me, and of my values, and of the fact that many "follow" and "worship" and "fight wars" over me?

* ONELIFE, I agree with your post completely as well. I was going to mention this in a further post, but now no need. You`ve hit the nail.
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posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 10:59 PM
What need is there for a belief system, other than for egotistic fulfillment, when you are truly free/liberated/'one with God'?

Only a fool enslaves himself to a belief or an ideology, for he cannot see what the wise man can.

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 11:02 PM
reply to post by MavRck

I did. I know many that believe many different things. so what. if you believe youre jesus then so be it.
we wouldnt be human if we all thought the same.

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 11:04 PM
Great post pal

imo what happens is we all have beliefs that we feel very strong towards being accurate and reallity that when someone comes along and attacks it or questions it . it feels like disrespect to everything you've learned and takes a big punch and value away from the belief whatever it maybe . We try and use reason and logic as much as we can but then that pesky. ....

passion kick kicks in . when that comes into play things get ugly emotions start kicking in and before you know it you have clouding of judgement and your spewing out things you rather not say or be that mean to try and prove a point .

also reminds me of a good quote about the internet , and how people would express them selfs more openly then they would in person . This has its perks and its downfalls but you sure seem to get a better picture of what people are really thinking . But of course sometimes its tainted with so much emotion that the reason and logic gets twisted into passion hurricane of emotions powered by youre beliiefs of "reality "

"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”
Oscar Wilde quotes"

I want the lights to turn on in space , questions answered unity productivity sustainability started so we can all just get along to bigger and better things , like you know finding another planet because this one is reaching her tipping point \;o

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 11:06 PM

Why is it that we are so outraged at what another persons belief system is?

That depends on the specific belief system in my opinion. For instance, any belief system that incorporate slavery, abuse, murder, rape, bigotry, inequality and such should be frowned upon.

If I have unfailing faith in "Holy Joe Smokes and the Rolling Toaster" - where exactly does someone get the gall to tell me that I am wrong...How does what I believe affect your life to the point you have to correct me?

Again, would depend on the specific scenario, but I'd be obliged to respond with a reasonable and skeptical objection to any claim that you may be making, if that were the case. If I seen someone in say a priests robes, I'm not going to start a debate about the existence of a god unless the person brings it up first, if they didn't, I really couldn't care any less about his religious views unless they incorporate something that I thought was morally wrong, such as human sacrifice or something.

It is one thing to ask a question and receive an answer - yet it is entirely another to create a post based upon your own personal view and proclaim it as truth.

That's debatable. If I were to respond to a theist's claim, I could respond with a logically sound and reasoned argument of why his position is flawed, and in my honest opinion, is a "truthful" answer, whereas the theist's claim is self evidently logically flawed.

Why is it that we are so quick to pass judgement on others who's belief system is different than ours?

Depending on the specific belief, would you not pass judgment on a belief system which you felt was morally wrong, such as gender based abuse? What if it could be argued against rationally and reasonably? Why hold a belief which does not stand up to criticism?

If a thousand of us were suddenly trapped in a coal mine, would we be arguing over who worshiped the correct god?

This could probably happen / possibly already has happened.

Just my two cents on your post.

But anyways, I don't have a problem with a religious person views as much as I have a problem with them preaching their views while being basically incorrect about most of their claims, and that they are basing their views off of a religion rather than trying to come to a logical and morally correct belief through critical thinking.

posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 04:28 AM
In response to the OP, I think that people care because they want something to do. They need something to be against in order to validate their own beliefs. I believe if people looked at their own beliefs then they would question them. They might end up rejecting them and fear what may come of that rejection.
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posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 06:27 AM
reply to post by MavRck

I actually couldn't care less about Jesus. Agnostic/atheist, I am.

posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 06:38 AM
Your never ever in your life hear a bigger plank of wood than is a human like richard dawkins speak against people that have no interest in his vile musings.

Richard dawkins is what most people are, ignorant. Oh no i have not experienced something it does not exist, lol.

Rubbish. I believe what i want and people can go and stuff it, you have no view i want to hear if you are like dawkins, or most humans.

posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 07:25 AM
reply to post by MavRck

I will try to reply to most of you which actually contributed something meaningful to this in this one post, so read carefully.

I post in a very similar manner to which I speak. I find it easier to think my thoughts as I would say them, then simply apply fingers to keyboard, and voila. This website, I presume, is for adults - there is no 1st - 2nd grade version of it. If I ever decide to publish a 'lite' version, I will do so on a writing tablet in bright red crayon and post the pdf's where they can be readily accessible without too much of that confusing 'clicking around'.

The member "WhyI" gets an applaud from me for their post. S&F, plus thumbs up.

Although I do believe that Dawkins makes some valid points in his argument (I read the book and watched the show) I also believe that he is an arrogant a$$. Even more so would be Christopher Hitchens, who during some of his interviews appears to have enjoyed almost too many glasses of scotch.

I was thinking later after my comment about the coal mine. Play along with me here, and follow - if there are too many words and it gets confusing then I apologize.

A large group of people are trapped in a mine. It's very dark and time, of course, is of the essence. A large percentage of the victims are praying to their god (whoever that might be) yet there are a few atheists in the group who believe that there is no god to save them, and they must save themselves. The non-believers start searching the shafts for any possible way out, and after a few days - finally find an alternate route back to the surface...they carry back this news to everyone else who is trapped and all escape with their lives intact.
Now...was it the prayers of the faithful that were answered through the atheists, or the atheists belief that god couldn't help them that led to their salvation?

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