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Missing nuclear weapons in Russia -- Could terrorists actually get their hands on one?

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posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 09:43 PM
I remember reading many years ago that there were several missing nuclear weapons from the former Soviet Union. Does anybody else remember this or have any articles detailing this? I have been reading several scenarios lately talking about the possiblility of a nuclear weapon falling in the hands of terrorists and was wondering if any of these weapons had been retrieved (if they were ever missing in the first place and not just complete BS).

If there really are missing weapons then I would think that the only way for the terrorists to get one of these would be if the weapon would be on the small side. Now I know when it comes to Nuclear weapons, there really is no such thing as small but even if they could purchase the smallest one available, it would have to be pretty large, right? I know there was talk about suitcase nuclear weapons but that never came to fruition, if I am not mistaken.

So, does anyone really think that it would be possible for terrorists in the middle east to actually purchase a nuclear weapon? And if so, I would think it would have to be one of the very older models that would not have the capacity of intercontinental travel but I do not really know the specifics of these weapons so I can't say for sure what they would need. The scary thing is they would not have to have a intercontinental missile to use on Israel or another of our allies so it is still a very worrisome possibility. But could it really happen?

I found this article online that talks about a Muslim Terrorist group that claims to have a nuclear weapon but it doesn't sound at all credible but it is the thought of them getting one that scares the sh*t out of me.

“We have a nuclear bomb ready to be fired at a moment’s notice.” “America and its allies need to leave all Muslim nations at once or this nuclear bomb will be used and millions will perish at the hands of the evil infidels.” This is what several news outlets are reporting throughout multiple Middle Eastern countries during the past week. The statements are coming from a group of Muslim Extremists who have not identified themselves by name yet
I would appreciate any other articles or other thoughts on this. Thanks.

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 09:47 PM
The terrorists all ready have nuclear weapons - The US and Israeli governments.

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 09:56 PM

Officially I don't believe anyone says that there have been any former Soviet nukes stolen, although unofficially, who knows. They probably wouldn't tell us anyway for various reasons.

There are a lot of organizations out there that would love to get there hands on one though and with guys like this....

and others like him in the world, there is always that chance.

I think the biggest concern would be for a dirty bomb to be detonated.

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 09:56 PM
The perfect scenario.......

The US Military get their hands on a black market Russian Nuclear weapon.....not sure what they would need to do to trace it to a Arab country of choice.....maybe detonator not sure.....ship it over to the US, let one off in a major city.....trace the Uranium fallout to Russia....Russia confirm that it was a stolenm nuke from the late 80's thus dissolving themselves of their involvement.....Major Crusade launched against said Arab nation.

How would anyone know or be the wiser whether it was an actual terrorist attack or another 911 pulled off by the White house and the military?

The news networks would scare the public with their propaganda into supporting another attack on said arab nation.

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 09:57 PM
a simple "terrorist" group cant steal a nuke. it's the mossad that bought it and blaming the terrorists for it missing so they can light it up. to me if a nuke goes off, my first presumtion will be a mossad/cia involvement. war on terrorism is a complete farce. the borders are wide open. simple

posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 02:34 PM
It's not a question of if but WHEN. I do think sadly that something like this will happen. Maybe then the world will finally wake up and realise we cannot go on acting like spoilt children anymore. Ie My God is better than yours and so on. We all need to grow up if we are ever to survive as a Human Race.

posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 03:44 PM
I addressed some of this question here. Lots of the links in that post no longer work though, sorry.

Speaking to the history of the story:
A lot of the original "terrorists have nukes" info came from Hamid Mir "interview" with OBL.
And I discount that story for the reasons listed in the above link.

More recently though Noman Benotman, (a former Jihadi Commander and friend of bin laden), makes some clarifications on that claim. He was in Afghanistan with OBL just before the U.S. began its operations, and he makes clear it that while OBL had sent Mohammed Atef out looking to acquire WMD's, they had not been able to. But when OBL realized the U.S. was going to do more than toss a couple missles at Afghan, he put out the word that he had a nuke, in the hope that it would avert a complete overthrow of Afghanistan.

So that line of history looks like bullspit from every direction.


If one looks at this "alqaida WMD activities chart", you'll see lots of indications that, historically speaking they are either trying real hard to get them, or someone is trying real hard to make you belive they're trying to get them. For many, many years now.

Hellmutt has been documenting the possibility for quite some time in several threads. Here is one of them.
Worlds Most Accesible Nuclear Facility

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