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What would be the implications of America returning to Isolationist foreign policies?.

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posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 09:05 AM
This thread is inspired by a debate in Chat yesterday regarding America returning to a a policy of

So what do you think? Would the world be able to cope without America's support? Would rogue nations become more of threat? Would the world be less peaceful? would it be possible for America to return to such policies in such a globalised world where nations are dependent upon one another?

My argument was that it if the world is brought to its knees by a financial crisis, America has to take some responsibility for that crisis. America cant just turn its back on the rest of the world to sort it out. Like it or not we are all in this together and wanting to go alone is not an option.

This is not intended to be an Anti American thread, so please dont take it down that route.

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posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 09:29 AM
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Dear Woodwardjnr,

Very interesting topic. I would need to do a hell of a lot more research into the exact amount of import and export the US is involved in, what is essential etc from other countries to be able to really make a sound judgement on this.

Simplistically though, I don't think "support" was the right word in your opening statement. It's not American support it is simply trade. On to the crux of the topic, the US has energy resources so should be able to sustain itself for a time, but being one of the biggest consumers of "oil" that would dry up very quickly. Without some alternative form of power I don't think things would actually be viable beyond say 100 years? Again I don't know the exact figures and how much oil is left, specifically within US borders.

Are there any products other than oil which the US absolutely "needs" from other countries, I don't think so.. again way way more research is required, but from my limited understanding the US has the correct climates and land mass to sustain arable farming, animal farming etc.. and already does.

It would for sure create far more employment and would potentially resolve the internal economy as products which are currently outsourced and bought on the cheap from China would have to be made internally. Globally speaking though, how would international debt be handled?

Are you talking about a completely blanket shut off from anything external here?

Fascinating subject by the way, i'm really looking forward to seeing this topic expanded upon.


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