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This is why we should all have the right and the possesion of a firearms.

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posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 09:13 AM
reply to post by TWILITE22

Amen to that. I agree 100%. Prosocute those which commit these crimes.

I saw a program preview on I forget which channel but they are inside a prison for one year showing what goes on in prison. They show this one guy and he says if someone is locked up in here for a couple of years they should never be let out because you change for the worse and become more dangerous.

This is very true.

These people in prison are left to become more violent.

Listen if you in jail for murder.

I believe you should be locked up in a cell and all these aholes should be locked in a cell 24/7 no communication with others no gang banging.

No tv except sesame street and mr rogers period.

Books if your lucky you get top read books about motivational stuff compassion inspirational stuff not muslim extremism books.

Society breeds hate. And Prison breeds murdereds and rapist.

I know of a friend who went to prison for 5 years and he was very young. He said he was lucky he was isolated becasue he would have been gang raped by people with aids or TB and other stuff that is what goes on. If you got no peeps looking out for you and you have nothing your dead.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 09:23 AM
reply to post by Ciphor

I agree also.

No matter what people think.

There will always be sick people.

There will always be people who are skitzo.

There will always be those who wish to do evil to children.

This is a fact of the real world.

Now if we delt with those people the right way. Like not letting a level three sex offender who we know is a child rapist back out knowing he is going to do it again.

Listen if you rape a child you deserve to be shot point b\lank in the head nuff said.

You murder someone same thing one in the head.

You beat up old people and rob them .

Tha is right one righ in the head.

Now after awhile once people realize that if you do something like this is the outcome I can almost bet that there would be a violent swing downward in violent crimes.

Of course some people cannot control them selves and would do it anyway. But the ones teetering on the edge this would make them think twice.

And I'm all for this to be done and shown on public television for people to see.

Breeaking news.

Tonight the man who raped and beat six old ladies and cut off their heads will be executed live at 10:00pm. Stay tuned.

Now I'm not into stoned of hanging a man or woman for minor crimes as insulting islam or anything stupid like that but and eye for an eye.

you cut off someones head the chop chop off with your head. Bring back the guilotine


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