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What the Hell Is Happening in the world these days

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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 03:34 PM
reply to post by Nox789

The question is worth asking: "What the Hell is Happening in the world these days?" problem is the answer is hard to find. There ain't nobody speaking the truth these days. Personally, I don't like Obama, but that's besides the point. Is the crap about his social number true or crap? Some judge says it don't matter so fer get it!. Then this crap about his Birth Certificate. Either it's phoney or not. Seems phoney but ain't no body gonna stand up one way or the other and actually get something done. But this is not what is really scarey. It seem we have a convergence of world events today. I mean, just look: There are more earthquakes now than ever and you can't convince me otherwise. I lived in California for 30 years and here for another 40 and there are actually more than ever. Here in Alabama we have had more tornadoes that at any time in history, there are more floods, more fires, more terrorism, more people just shooting other people, and money is not the same as when I was a kid. Back then you could get a job at the Texaco station and get married. Today such jobs won't even pay for the gas you get there. Everything is Electronic funds. Twenty years ago China was a basket case, and today it's buying the world and we owe them trillions and that's crap. Now we are just getting started. The U.S. takes in some 2 trillion dollars and we budget some 3 trillion plus. It don't take a genius to figure that ain't gonna work. Iran is hell bent on wiping Israel off the map, the Palestinians are demanding statehood and with Gaza split from the West Bank, that ain't gonna work. Turkey plans to send an armada to break the blockade and that ain't gonna work, the E.U. wants Germany to fund the entire EU and that ain't gonna work either. The Sun is about ready to ship some heat through a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) and that is gonna play hell with everything especially my money and investments which is all electronic these days and Piggy Wiggly don't take promises of my money held up by CMEs. Everybody is looking for some UFOs to save the planet and I don't hold much to that crap. DARPA is trying to clone a super soldier and help everybody to live to 900 years and I never see that happening. What I think is gonna happen is that some terrorists are gonna trigger Israel and they are gonna lay some nukes around the Middle East and then all Hell is gonna break out. I suspect Obama will take the side of the terrorists like in Libya. Well, we voted in Hope and Change and we got it. The world has gone slap crazy. I saw where high school kids have formed Vampire clubs and wear weird stuff and that is OK but some jerk wears a Jesus shirt and he's expelled. Grandma tries to a trip with here depends and craps her pants and the TSA who just copped a feel from a four year old kid wants granny to shed the diaper so they can check for bombs in her drawers and the old bag is in a wheel chair. Yea, thanks for saving us from terrorist. Oh, and by the way, couple of TSA agents were just arrested for shipping thousands of Quaalude's from Miami to NYC. So, what in the hell is going on? Maybe the TSA guys got the right idea, get a hand full of ludes and mellow out. Think it is time to cash in cause if 2011 is crap what will 2012 bring?
Thanks for an ear. BBMcCrealess

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 05:43 PM
The problem with the world today is simple.
Too many people are morons who waste their time being easily swayed by meaningless emotions and religion instead of doing useful and productive things.



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posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 10:17 AM
reply to post by Qemyst

The problem with the world today is simple.
Too many people are morons who waste their time being easily swayed by meaningless emotions and religion instead of doing useful and productive things

OK, Good, you got it figgured out, too many morons. SO, who is or are the moron police? Would you say that those who voted for Obama were or are morons? Or, those who voted for McCain and Bush, are they morons?
I am not sure just what a "meaningless emotion" might be. Love?, Hate? Are these meaningless? Are all religions meaningless emotions of which we (the world I guess) be better off without? Or, maybe just some religions or belief systems. LIke Christians, surely we could do without them, couldn't we? Or maybe keep some of them and get rid of the Catholic Church, surely they ain't no good. How about Islam. Should we get rid of the some two billion Muslims or the bad ones at lease. Maybe we need a Religion Police but who would select who that might be. Should Obama select members of the Morons Committee? Maybe Eric Holder, maybe he could sub as the Moron police. Since everybody is in love with immigrants, one of them with a heart of gold and a tree hugger in his sould might best suit the purpose. No, I got it, Gore, no one cares more for this planet than Gore or that fat guy, what's his name...oh yea Michael Moore. Or, is he one of the morons, I just can't tell any more. How about Keith Oberman, naw, Chris Matthews with the tinglely leg?

I'm with you, too many morons with meaningless emotions so we need only logical folks, like us. You and me, since we think alike, we could rule. Now, I don't like limp wrists so that's out. Rush Limbaugh is really out. He goes on and on about nothing. Now, Obama is in if he will release all his school records, his real birth certificate and his two social security numbers so we can really see if he is who he says it is. Is he Christian or Muslim, I can't tell.

If UFOs are real, and I don't think for a minute they are, but if they are, I don't want no grey running the country even if the Catholic Church says thay are brothers in Christ without original sin. That don't cut it. Billy Graham is too old and Benny Hinn is well, I just can't figgure him out yet. So, who's left. Paris Hilton? Naw, she is too something. How about those folks from NORMAL, you know the MJ boys and girls. They seem to have a handle on things. WHo is that other group, yea,NAMBLA they seem to like everybody and the yonger the better. Maybe that is what you mean by meaningless emotions. I mean, those guys are really emotional maybe too far out for out new club.

Lets see who's left. Oh, don't forget the Illuminati thay seem to have a plan and Kissinger is their lead boy, and he wants Obama to rule the world, if you like Obama that is. WHo else, lets, see, the Masons, the Skull and Bones with Gore and Bush, the Tri Latteral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations with Mika Brzezinski whose Father is Zbigniew Brzezinski, you know that gal on Joe Scarborugh who hates everybody. I got it., that gal who calles everybody little people from yea, Huffington Post. That gal, just bought Newsweek. Maybe she could rule with Hillery Clinton as second, if anybody ain't got meaningless emotions, those two are stone cold. and Maurine Doud could second..

Well, i dunno, it just seems so f'''''ked up. I guess we need Ghostbusters to straighten it all out. From now on, I am going stay in my room, lock the door and hold my breath untiil it is all better....

BB McCrealess

posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 08:35 PM
reply to post by bbmccrealess

I feel quite certain that my original post is the CAUSE of what is wrong with the world today. However,
I definitely don't have it all figured out because I don't have a solution for it all. Also, I should say that only religions whose followers can't keep it to themselves are problematic. One thing I feel is certain is that too many morals are becoming problematic. There are good morals, obviously. Get along with people. Help one another out. Don't harm others. Be respectful to one another. Don't steal. So on and so on. I'm sure you, and anyone who reads this, can agree that those are positive morals.

My ideas on a solution are quite extreme and cold hearted, as the general public would view them. I will say that it does involve millions, possibly billions of people being exterminated world wide. People from all walks of life, in all nations. Religion, skin color, gender, or sexuality hold no bearing in this extermination. Only certain criteria, that if not met, would result in extermination. Very cut and dry. Simply getting the weeds out of the garden would be a good comparison of how I would feel about the loss of life.

..As to Paris Hilton? She would most definitely be one of the people who gets exterminated. She is vain, feels she is superior to others, rude, doesn't get along well with the majority of people...the list goes on.


posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 01:22 PM
reply to post by Qemyst

Whoa, this this quite a departure from the mundane world..... just take out a few million or billion and reduce the worlds population. DIdn't Scrooge suggest this in Christmas Carol by Dickens?

Would it really help to rid the world of much if not all the world's population. This happened in Europe in the 13th Century during the plague but the ones who died were not selected for their bad morals, just had their ticket punched and both good and bad moral folks lived so Europe remained as crappy as ever.

You say your ideas are a bit cold. Well, you are not the only one with such ideas, let's see: Peter the Great, Ivan the Terrible, Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot all took out a lot of folks but things didn't change much. The Turks took out the Armenians which is still denied, we had a Civil war and that took out thousands, WWII took out fifty million and that didn't help much. We bombed Japan and took out several hundred thousand and again, what do we see? I think you gotta think bigger than this small number. Let's see, the Rider on the Pale horse in Revelation 6:8 takes out a forth of the earth, that would be about one and one half billion, now we are talking.
Then there are more taken out by plague and famine and earthquake, about another third so we would have eliminated about three billion, now that is a number we can work with your idea to make this a better place to live. But three billion would be left and there is no way to be sure they are moral enough for us. We gotta have a test of some kind to really weed out the baddies.

I mean, I am all for a better world and one filled with people I can live with but with all this doing away with, there is a chance you and I might get caught up in the getting rid of folks and all is lost cause we would not be around to ensure that only good guys lived.

Ya know, the Vikings had a good deal, when they sacked Europe, they took only the blond blue eyed gals and none of the fat one and now when you look at Sweden, Norway and such, you only see pretty people. Now whether their morals are OK, well they are mostly socialists but the Muslims have begun to squeeze in and account for about 1 per cent of the population and with a birth rate of 8 per household they out produce the blonds by eight to one. In ten years they will over run the country so that deal ain't gonna work unless you prefer blond Muslims.

Seems you ain't too hip on Christians so no help with Jesus as a backup. Guess Muslims are out, guess all religious folks are out. Now the New Agers might be a way to go. They are expecting a paradigm shift next year and an evolution of their kind into the new Age of Aquarius. And with the Space Brothers about to land that might be a marriage made in heaven. The Humanist Manifesto might be just your cup of tea and they believe in DNA and gene splicing so you might be better able to control what comes out.

Of course Satan is out with all is hell raising hellions, I mean they ain't nothing but trouble, see Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28 for the hell they have caused. And the same for Fallen Angels, the Book of Enoch spells out the trouble they brought when they mixed with the good looking gals they found. All the babies were Giants and enjoyed eating people. That can't be good.

So, what or who is left? Just me and you and I don't even know you name so how do I make sure your not taken out with the others? But there just has to be a plan of some kind to make it all better, but I just can't seem to figure it all out

Boo Boo McCrealess

posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 03:58 PM
reply to post by bbmccrealess

I like your response.

Though it's true that I am not the only one who has had such ideas of "thinning out" the population, those others mentioned, like Hitler, Stalin, so on and so forth-- their plans weren't quite what I would have in mind. My plan would be fairly simple-- It would be targeting those who act intentionally ignorant, intentionally unreasonable, and intentionally indifferent to others for simple reasons like skin color, sexual preference, gender, looks; things people can't help.

Now, naturally, someone with downsyndrome for instance, would not be punished. It is well known, medically and scientifically, that their mental processes are not always reasonable and so on. That's forgivable. They aren't acting they way they do intentionally. The same goes for others who can have their medical issues proven.

Someone in perfect mental health who acts poorly and looks past reasonable solutions to things for some poor ulterior motives-- they would be targeted. There's no good reason to act poorly and make stupid decisions because it will make you look 'cool' or 'tough', etc.
Someone in perfect mental health who simply chooses to hate Asians, or black people, or jewish people because of the way their eyes look, or the way their skin looks, or because of what an Asian culture did to their great-great grand pappy-- they would be targeted. There's no good reason to hate a culture for a way they look, or for the actions of their great ancestors.
Someone in perfect mental health who would bully or humiliate someone simply because they are smaller and smarter, and because they don't like all the 'manly' sports the bully likes-- that bully would be targeted.
I'm not too hip on any religions, really. I can deal with them just fine, until I hear about them in public. IMHO, if someone is religious, it mustn't be something that person lets publicly affect their decisions and actions-- they would be targeted.

I could go on and on, but I think we both know that none of my ideas will ever work in either of our lifetimes, and I think that's simply because people are too hung up on 'feeling bad' and 'being sad' and 'believing in fairy tales' and making unreasonable decisions based on those feelings and beliefs.

DNA and gene splicing is genius, and is something that should be developed much further. The humanist manifesto is definitely something that speaks a lot of truth, imho. I'd love to see humanity evolve into homo-novus with the aid of science and the breeding of more reasonable people throughout the world. Who knows...

All in all, I agree that there needs to be a plan to make it all better, even if it hurts like hell at first. That's what growing and adapting is all about. If it doesn't kill you out, it makes you stronger. I just know that my plan won't work without basically 80-90% of the entire population of the world getting behind it, and even then, many many details would need to be smoothed out.

Oh well.


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