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One Day in a World of Madness

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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 05:36 PM
Man o man, Im just doing my daily reading after getting home from work the the worlds madness is just out of control. What the heck does one post about all the craziness?

Just for one day, I have read about a Attack at a TACO BELL. (Source with Video, A brawl at IHOP (SOURCE WITH VIDEO, A woman jumping out of a 23 story window and landing on a taxi and surviing no less, (Source with Pictures

I guess we have become so amuned it just doesnt matter anymore. Sad, but really? What madness is taking over?

Then we have this I read, which Is something we can do something about, but Will we? A total blatant in your face waste, and we wonder what we can do to cut spending... A prime example is presented here:

Federal Agency Headquarters Leave Lights On In DC

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Night after night, year after year, this nightside reporter observed lights left on in federal government buildings. So I decided to see just how much taxpayers were spending to keep empty buildings illuminated. For several months, we kept track of the lights left on in a dozen federal buildings, including the Departments of Commerce, Agriculture, Transportation and Energy always checking after 10 p.m., each on at least six occasions.

Just one of the bottom lines:

The Department of Health and Human Services paid a bill last August of $799,000 for a month of service.

Not to mention Late fees no less.
Source for Whole Story

So I sit here and shake my head at all the madness that surrounds me. We must stop this somehow someway. It is no wonder people are cracking up really, but can't we at least start with the something we Can do something about? Like, Turn off the dang lights? We do it at home, why can't the big boys do it?

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 05:41 PM
Why do they care how much money and energy they waste? These people know that there are schmuck taxpayers like you and me out there to foot the bill.

They have an unlimited budget, and they would kill entire states full of people who interfered with it.

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