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Near-term Minefield Reconnaissance System

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posted on Jul, 12 2004 @ 04:05 AM
The Near-term Minefield Reconnaissance System (NMRS), under development by the submarine community, is a minefield reconnaissance UUV that can be launched and recovered through the submarine's torpedo tube. The torpedo body is fiber-optically controlled, with data recovery in real time. The system is equipped with ahead-looking and side-scan sonar for moored and bottom mine detection and with either TV or LIDAR for mine inspection. In addition to the submarine's mine surveillance role, NMRS gives it a covert reconnaissance capability as well.

Since the submarine is likely to be the first naval platform to reach an intended assault area, it will, of necessity, have to transit more distant areas, including straits, in which mines may have been planted in anticipation of a naval presence. NMRS will stand it in good stead in its own defense as well as proofing such areas for following submarines and surface ships. Furthermore, the deep scattering layer, which rises near the surface at night, has been demonstrated to adversely affect both hull-mounted and variable-depth sonars using mine hunting frequencies. The submarine, with its depth capability, may be less affected by these scatterers than will those reconnaissance systems tied to the surface, such as the Remote Minehunting System (RMS).

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