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Ecuador has released all of its UFO files;

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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 02:48 PM

Scientists, researchers, military personnel and astronauts have been talking about UFOs for years. Recently some major governments have begun to make their files on UFOs public. Some people swear they've seen, photographed and filmed UFOs. But all too often, government documents remain secret. France, England and
Ecuador have all recently released documents about UFO encounters to the public. Even the Vatican has recently stated that the existence of UFOs does not go against the Catholic faith. Of the secret documents that are now available to the general public, the information from the Ecuadorian Government is the most significant and the most fascinating. Get the facts about these amazing new discoveries as we investigate UFOs In South America and UFO / ET disclosure by governments around the world.

link source;

Found this video about Ecuador recently releasing documents about UFO encounters to the public.
Seeing as other country's have in essence released their UFO files too, NZ being the most recent one i did think that this particular video of Ecuador's contribution is fascinating.Is this a domino effect we are seeing here, country's waiting for other's to release their files before they follow suit, kind of a "follow the leader" situation unfolding.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 02:53 PM
still no legit pictures of aliens or ufos...i thought so

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 02:56 PM

Originally posted by AtruthGuy
still no legit pictures of aliens or ufos...i thought so

It's 53 minutes long. You watched the whole thing?
Just saying.
I'm watching now and nothing extraordinary going on.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:00 PM
reply to post by AtruthGuy

So your saying they didn't show any of the files they released?

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:02 PM
reply to post by mr10k

So another country releases more paperwork about sightings, BIG DEAL.

See my signature below, nuff said.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:09 PM

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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:11 PM
reply to post by downunderET

Big deal? If there is a conspiracy it would do no good to us if we didnt have paper documents, files, or sightings to back it up. Wihout these "Big deals", there would be no conspiracy, and we wold go about our daily routine:

Fred: "Sup Jim?"
Jim: "Sup Fred."
UFO: "woop-woop-woop"
Fred: " load o' swamp gas, eh?"
Jim: Yup, looks like it."

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:20 PM
I would like to see UFO disclosure from Russia or China... or maybe one day USA

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:21 PM
reply to post by cluckerspud

Love the response. I starred you.... mentioned his pre-mature statement and then agreed. LoL

Watching now, hope is interesting....
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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:23 PM

Originally posted by AtruthGuy
still no legit pictures of aliens or ufos...i thought so

Yeah, you clearly need to watch the video before jumping to any such conclusion.

Just 8 minutes and 33 seconds in it says that some 400 videos alone of UFO's were released as a part of these file releases.... Have you not only watched this 53 minute video in just 5 minutes, but also watch all 400 of those videos as well? No....

Watch the video and them see what you think. I will do the same.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:25 PM
There is a video in youtube about it, dated march 12, 2008. It's in spanish but it means Ecuador released their UFO files 2 years ago already.

Here, video 1 of 44 :

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:26 PM
Like the US hasn't touched those files before this release? Of course you won't see anything amazing, and no I didn't watch the video yet. I will watch it, but if you understand the system in place you would see how The US government would never let anything slip that it didn't want to. I mean we get tiny slip ups but they surely checked these files before letting them go public.

I have said this before about the other disclose statements from other countries. The US government will NOT allow another country the rights to global disclosure. It just won't happen like that.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:32 PM
Here is more info.

Spanish to English translation (Google).

C.E.I.F.O. is the commission for the Investigation Ecuadorian n the UFO phenomenon, was officially established by the Ministry of Defence on 5 April 2005, the national coordinator is the recognized logo ufa ³ Jaime Rodríguez.

Office: 01-2008-C


Complying with the provisions of the agreement between the Ministry of Defence N. MS 1-4-2005-01 and N. MS-8-2005-020 in which delegates the creation of the commission of Ecuador for the Investigation n the phenomenon UFO, according to the disposal n given by the President of the Republic in the COSENA the day June 25 of the year ± or 2007, we adhere to inform the Ecuadorian community, that from today, Thursday March 13 this year ± o, "declassified"the first 44 testimonials "official " that lie in our power, in both audio and video primarily for any of this evidence may be required for you to be able to share this information with anyone interested in this topic.
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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:35 PM
I'm peaking around for these 400 videos...

Edit: the UFO pictures that the radar director at the Ecuadorian airport took around 17:00 min into this vid looks a bit promising? Multiple people caught the UFO on different cameras in different locations too it says...

I can't find the picture anywhere online either, and although I have only been looking a couple minutes that it enough to tell me that some of these pics could very well be legit.

This video may have some good info in it after all. They did say that they wanted to get the message out there and they have nothing to hide.
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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:35 PM
Ecuador releasing its UFO files should be enough, it shows that many people throughout the country reported seeing UFO's and other strange phenomena and the government took it seriously enough to investiage.

And yes, they will be heavily edited, when british released its UFO files Nick Pope (who used to work for the british ministry of defense investigated UFOs) said that ours was heavily edited too.

Id like to see something official regarding its releases, like on a government website like the british releases, but if it is legit no matter what it contains is a step forward that the UFO phenomena people are experiencing is real.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:39 PM
It's also a thread here with a list of all the countries who had disclosed UFO Files.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:42 PM
Some of that footage was incredible. The most detailed video I have ever seen of craft.

Thanks for posting, I will be sharing this with friends. S&F


Those are some very interesting craft.
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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:51 PM
reply to post by K-PAX-PROT

Okay so your OP title says UFO files...

I come here to find files...

You show me a movie by UFO TV...


When ya find them add them here, where we have REAL files

Disclosure NSA Style

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 05:17 PM
reply to post by zorgon

The files are audio and video. Total 44. Check my previous posts here.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 05:21 PM
I also found this video informative and entertaining. I was very uninformed before. Man, I really hope that we can get this Truth out... hopefully, maybe then, WE can re-claim what is all of Ours.

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