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The Witnesses to the Assassination, Assassinated – The Lesser Known Victims of JFK’s death

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posted on Apr, 2 2011 @ 09:46 PM

Originally posted by SpookyFox
Rising Against if you're not careful you'll find yourself on your own list of 'mysterious deaths'! That's a whole lot of suspicious information you just posted which really does warrent vital questions. Lets hope the CIA don't have ATS bookmarked!

Naah, if they want me for anything, It's this thread. Or this new one I just posted.

Anyway, seriously, the truth is hidden here, therefore the absolute need to discuss it further - If someone wishes to "come after me" for it (which I seriously doubt), they can feel free. Just see what I have wrote under my user name.

You seem quite versed in this topic, what is your personal opinion over these events?

Which point would you like an opinion on exactly? I'm confident a conspiracy has taken place here - a bigger opinion than the JFK assassination itself. That's my overall opinion on the "mystery deaths."

I could go more in-depth on this or anything else sometime if you wish? It's just a bit late here is all so It may have to wait till the morning..

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