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Only 47% Of Working Age Americans Have Full Time Jobs

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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 08:23 PM

Originally posted by Advantage
Oh yeah, we'll keep it up.Its become a habit.. after an initial gasp concerning the real cost of practicing what you preach.
Well we will as long as the hubby remains in that 47% of full time employed folks!

Another side benefit is the familiarity it breeds with your local merchants/business owners. I find that we get much better service then if we were only infrequent patronizers of an establishment. I enjoy going were people 'know' us.

Id love to see a massive shift in things as in a positive bubble burst.. and would love to see the pendulum swing back to communities caring about and serving their own community.. but it only seems to have gotten worse in the last 2 decades. Hope our China addiction implodes in my lifetime though!

I think it will be sooner rather the later for a variety of reasons. I am in industrial sales and our chief customers are end-use manufacturers. Many are getting away from Chinese material and are specifying either domestic or Tawainese (and before there is any commentary, the Tawainese do not view themselves as Chinese and make a much better product). The quality levels for our commodity are very substandard when coming from mainland China. Many of our customers can not afford to have production issues as this would completely offest any savings garnered by purchasing Chinese material.

Another factor is China's proping up of their currency and the fact that they can not sustain the growth necessary to support the burgeoning middle class and the expectations they have. Something must give somewhere. There are several other issues at play in China regarding banking and corporate structuring that can also easily come back to cause fairly large issues. I think within a few years you will see significant changes coming to the region in regards how they do business.

I have a real hard time finding the right numbers to really assess this thread.. If you take the claim of 47% ft employed, the numbers of pt employed, seasonally employed, those on welfare, those on unemployment and those who have run out of extension on unemployment and the current percentage of "unemployed".....and he population as it is after the census.. the numbers do NOT add up.

No they do not. We 'cook the books' as well. Not as much as the Chinese but we do none the less.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 08:24 PM

Originally posted by boondock-saint

can't say that Ross Perot didn't warn
everyone about that giant sucking sound
of industry when they passed NAFTA
and those free trade agreements.

Rajneesh warned India 50 years ago if they didnt do something about their population they would have a billion people by 2000.

Well there's a giant wailing sound of babies.
20 million immigrants with a birthrate of 4
children per female will produce 1.2 billion
additional people here in ONLY 80 years.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 08:35 PM
It's pretty simple.

In the medieval ages the peasants were told that the Lord had to practice with his sword all day to protect them, and there was barely enough food as it is, but to just hold out a little longer and things would get better.

In the Renaissance the laborers were told that the Nobles had to make clocks so their ships could protect them, and there was barely enough time as it is, but to just hold out a little longer and things would get better.

In the industrial revolution the shop workers were told that the Captains of Industry had to provide for everyone, and there were barely enough engineers as it is, but to just hold out a little longer and things would get better.

In the modern age the public was told that corporations would provide everything for everyone, and there were barely enough lawyers as it is, but to just hold out a little longer things would get better.

These days we are told that medicine will heal everyone, but there are barely enough doctors as it is, so just hold out a little longer till things get better.

History has taken our food, our time, our engineers, our lawyers, and now our doctors.

We the people have had all of our creativeness confiscated before our very eyes,
and somehow 53% of us are guilty of not working hard enough?

David Grouchy

edit on 25-1-2011 by davidgrouchy because: spelling

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