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CHILLING - New Air Force commercial - what does it mean?

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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 07:55 AM
This advert is AWESOME!

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 08:21 AM

Originally posted by skateb0arder
that made me laugh so hard.tryin to make people buy into the whole hero that is proper propaganda if i ever saw it.anyone from the states should check out similar british airforce and army commercials.same stupid ass "yeah we're hero's" or "this is better than COD".i seriosly hope that none of these adverts convinced anyone to join.if you wanna save people then be a doctor not a murderer.and while im ranting do you or have you met anybody in your life that ever wanted a neither

Agreed. These adverts and many others like it are put together by HIGHLY paid professional media PRODUCERS along with psychologists that know what it takes to attract the proper emotions that glamorize war. It is all very sexy. And I don't mean that in the usual Calvin Kline billboard way. Nobody would join if the military would air an ad that generically stated, "We need a lot of people to do what we think is right." Jeez, if that were done those commercials would cost A LOT less, reduce the military budget by 1/3 or so
Really, the Pentagon ain't totally stupid. They spend a bunch when it comes to making war attractive.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 08:45 AM
I can tell you why and it should be pretty obvious. First and foremost to the original poster I did not get the feeling it an american city under attack, or a nuclear bomb was going off feeling at all. I thought they were going for a natural disaster rescue like a earthquake.

Ok so on to the video you have to remember that the people they are targeting for the Airforce are teens and young adults. People who grew up with transformers, playing HALO, and all these other outrageously addictive games. The commercial mixes in those types of elements to make them think whoa that is like Halo or COD etc.. They are simply trying to recruit based of the culture of their targeted audience.

Also being a Veteran of the US ARMY and serving through Panama and The Gulf War I would highly recommend anyone who has a loved one looking to get into a service seriously look at the Air Force. Now this is my opinion as an Army Vet that the AirForce will give them a better opportunity for technical careers with less likelihood of being put in harms way.

Just my 2 Cents worth.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 08:53 AM
Directly on :14 of the video, you see what looks like the twin towers standing in the distance behind the plane.

The thing that bothered me was seeing this plane fly low around buildings. It tends to pull on the ol' 9/11 heart strings doesn't it? I think this video has alot of hidden imagery in it but I don't have time or patience to go through all of it.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 08:59 AM

Originally posted by chefc14
The way I see it is when they make these commercials they are trying to appeal to the 16 and 17 year olds out there. Those are the people that grew up playing the modern video games. If they can make the commercial appear like a video game or the movie 2012 then they have caught their attention. Next step is the teen thinks it's cool and might think about enlisting to play a real life video game. Remember it's the video game generation.
I definitely see where your coming from but I'm 42 and won't be enlisting any time soon. Now if the next commercial shows them wearing black NWO riot gear and disarming people we might really need to start worrying.

Exactly. They set up shop in town last summer, but this time they didn't bring their rock climbing wall, they brought out a bunch of flat screens with simulated games with loud music and food to boot. They know just how to target these kids.

I don't think this video is any worse than this one, check it out:

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 08:59 AM
I just think its a cool commercial. Reading WAY to much into this. Trying to make something out of nothing. But, thanks for sharing!!!!


posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 09:20 AM
This kind of imagery is used because people are sensitve to it.
I see no predictions or warnings in there.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 09:31 AM

Originally posted by Alda1981
What a load of propagandistic crap... THE "GOOD" AMERICANS... my ass... take off the army from the countries you invade for their oil and after killing hundreds of thousands of civilians for target practice and then you can sell that propaganda # to your own people. Cause obviously those are the ones who have the brain to believe it anyway.

What is your problem ? Do you live in a perfect country ? Are you the righteous one who does no wrong along with your government. All governments of the world are corrupt or inadequate. Don't kid yourself if you think the sole purpose of Americans in the middle east is about oil. There is no apperant reason the world as a whole is the way it it, except for power, greed and money ...

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 09:33 AM
reply to post by vincentBlue24
uman nature being what it is, no matter what scenario was used in the commercial, someone would be asking why they used that particular one. Don't read so much into it.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 10:03 AM
ts a pretty cool commercial and since its actually something I do in real life (albiet as a civilian) it makes it all the more relevant.

One thing people tend to forget is that the US military spends alot of time and money researching trauma (for obvious reasons) and are the foremost innovators in the field. THis gets out to the civilian population pretty fast. People mock Reagans Star Wars proposals, but the technology that came out of that research is used in everyday lives. THe same with all that medical research. Towards the end of the video most of that technology you see on the C-17 I have used for some time like the Alaris MiniMed III (off when it flips by) and the monitor is a ProPaq.

Yes it is supposed to appeal to the audience it targets. WHich in this case would be nurses, medics, firefighters etc all of which are needed in the armend forces. it also shows that our armed forces also are here for disater relief as well.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 10:14 AM
reply to post by Helious

It's to show that in a worse case situation, rescue services would still work, but let's be honest here they wouldn't save civilians, they have better things to do. But yea you are reading too far into that.

You really think they are going to hint what is going to happen? Like a James bond villain telling you their evil plan?
Reality doesn't work like that

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 10:49 AM
It means:

"OMG, I wanna join the airforce and join in a spaceship crew where we help people get through alien warfare and fly planes on the street and...and...MOM, I need the car, gonna join the air force TODAY!!! Whoot!!!1"

or something to that effect.

They are targetting the gamers..

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 11:28 AM
reply to post by Helious

I dont think there is anything sinister. To me it looks like a cross over ad for the airforce. Bridging the gap into the next generation of whats in store for the airforce.

As far as the city goes... When you develop and ad that is geared at showcasing a new airforce image, it will be set against a backdrop that will make the new airforce stand out. In this case, showcasing the technology of the 21st century against a disaster, which in the end, the people were saved.

Showcase the best the airforce has to offer set against a backdrop of the heros swooping in to save the day.

I dont think they are trying to hint at anything in particular, aside from the message when disasters unimaginable strike, they will be there.

Even the plane transformeation at the end has meaning.. A Phoenix rising from the ashes.. Changing shape to meet unknown needs.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 11:29 AM
reply to post by Helious

Remember who the market audience is for these commercials. It's young men and women ages 12-18 who love the CGI/Transformers type movies. They have the toys, the apparel, the posters, the video games et cetra. It's trying to portray what they potentially may be working on in the future.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 11:55 AM
I think the commercial is being taken out of context. There is a clear line where sci-fi changes to reality in both commercials.

It's simply a way of saying that joining now will put you on the cutting edge of your chosen field. Sure an EMT in Dallas deals with trauma, but not like a combat medic. You'll notice that the military is getting away from offering careers, instead they offer schooling and jobs. The military is no longer meant to be a twenty year obligation. Get in, get experience, get out. Simple.

These adverts are really no different than looking at the book "Starship Troopers" or "20,000 leagues under the sea". It was purly sci-fi when it was written, but many things in the books are now common.

As far as the building in the background that's pure hollywood. The same commercial on a dry lakebed in Saudi would not be as "cool", so it's set in an urban environment. It's the future they are showing, mankind is moving into cities. Look at all books written about the future. A vast majority take place in huge urban sprawls.

Just my two cents and my first post. So, take it for what it's worth.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 12:02 PM
That's the medivac A-team. They get to use transformers.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by Helious

Yeah, I just don't see what you see here. First off, I don't see how you can tell for sure this is an "American" city. It could certainly be America, but could also be just about anywhere really. The victims seem culturally ambiguous to me. It could be could be Isreal. It could be anywhere. Secondly Natural disasters are nothing new. There is no reason to think that the Natural disaster is 2012, or even anything other than a Natural Disaster. I see bad weather...I see Flooding. Looks like a Natural Disaster to me. The bridge is certainly odd. Seems hard to imagine how that happened exactly, but honestly I think this was just the Special FX guys going overboard trying to make it exciting. I see the same sort of rediculously over the top "disasters" in any Hollywood movie, so why should this be any different. As for the "its not sci fi". The message is that this is a very real image of the future. If you enter the Air Force today, then you may see some of this stuff. Now again, I think the Special FX guy went a bit crazy with the whole Transformer plane...but ignoring its needlessly complex transformation, it didn't do anything that other planes in the past have not been able to do (VTOL for instance). So I see how they are saying its not sci-fi. Of course IT IS FICTION...and this is obviously the future..but it isn't necessarily SCIENCE fiction. For instance the plane didn't use Anti-gravity, nor did the rescuers show up in Iron Man suits.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 01:19 PM
Well , All I see is a classic example of military propaganda at its very best .Why you ask ? Well my younger brother just saw it while passing through my room and said the one day he would join the army to do 'cool' stuff like that .
I bet he felt the same awe that I once felt playing CALL OF DUTY games and the like . Pre-teenage and teenage years are when the mind is the most impressionable , the govt. is just advertising the best way it can to get some expendable human resources .
The video also reminds me of Hitler's efforts in WWII .

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 01:20 PM
Watched this over and over. Noticed a large lightening storm in the background. Weather 'catastrophe' caused by unusually powerful storm. The city is not in 'ruins'. Only the bridge appears to be damaged. The whole video depicts the USAF and America as the saviors of humanity. They aren't!

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 01:21 PM
You know, as a person who is joining the air force in 1-2 years, I really am confused by the vast majority of these people in this thread.

What is wrong with getting training, going to college for close to nothing and having a profession for the rest of your life, and getting paid while doing it? Sure you're joining the evil gubberment, but look how they live, they are the wolves and we are the sheep, face it. I would rather help them and reap the rewards than be on the masses side and being a poor loser, besides I'm anti-social, screw you sheeple lol.

What are you people doing on a daily basis that makes joining the military laughable? Besides going to your little job where you make 12 bucks an hour and get drunk every night while you post on ATS. I mean unless you're born into a good middle-class family where you can afford to go to college then there is an extremely good chance you will be working crappy low end jobs for the rest of your lives. Other than taking out a $50,000 student loan there is nothing you can do other than join the military if you want to actually get out of your low wage family and have a secure job and not worry about getting kicked out of your house.

If you have a better idea I would love to hear it, I really would, but I'm not happy with being poor, maybe you are but I'm tired of it.

Let me add that in my house nobody has ever had a job that paid over $16 an hour, the best we've been which is now is my mother makes $9/hr full time, I make $9 also and only get 20 hrs, what else am I to do other than join the dark side?

You know the world would be a lot different if we never played the roles in our wars, I disagree with the iraq war, but you got to admit those people we're invading seem awfully fishy and up to no good, we're not killing the citizens we're killing the people killing their citizens, but every now and then a citizen gets mixed up with them, but the hard truth is the losses caused by us is a hell of a lot less than how many people gets killed on a daily basis by them, but that is just my opinion.

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