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General Scowcraft on Dateline Point Blank NWO Statement

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posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 06:41 PM
On Dateline right now. Gen Scowcraft answering a question from Brian Williams as part ofbhe POTUS 41 Admin roundtable regarding defending Kuwait against Sadaam Hussein "I think it was about the pattern we wanted to establish for the world emerging from the cold war (Baker nodding head) that aggression, simple, naked aggression ought not to be allowed in this New...World...Order." NjWO was done with finger motions of quote-unquote. When they are out in the open about it. Noting to fear. Hopefully a case of hubris. I might add Cheney is very weak in his speech. Why does he always tilt his head and speak rom the corner of his mouth? Does this man personify evil the way the popes do? Bush 41 finished when asked about 3500 US Vets dead and 32000 wounded replied, "No I don't, I really don't. Time marches on." Yeah, Poppy is easy to speak about marching with both of your legs and arms. How unthinkable.
edit on 23-1-2011 by sirjunlegun because: Bush quote.

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