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Kabbalah and Global Flooding

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posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 12:49 AM
"For hundreds of years, Kabbalists have been saying that entire continents will disappear under water as Redemption Day approaches. Today, scientists around the world are carefully monitoring earth's rising waters. Things are changing, just as the Jewish sages predicted."

It is pretty amazing that the Jewish Kabbalists have spoken about this for well over 600 years. They said in the future most of the known earth will be under water, including our continent, north america.

Is global warming really a lie? Or will the melting icecaps and other catastrophic earth changes reconstruct the surface of our planet?

These same kabbalists say that in the future era - the messianic age, there will be 3 continents, with Israel as the center, and the highest point on earth. Of course in midieval Kabbalistic texts theyre not admitting a knowledge of HOW this will happen, but on some metaphysical basis, this will happen. How that happens physically is something different alltogether.

Maybe lands will shift and the earth reshaped... Who knows?

Anyways. This is all just speculation, which nonetheless is based on predictions made for the past 500 years which so far seem to be occurring. The ice caps are said to be melting and there is some concern - whether real or not - that this could result in the lost of coastal lands and eventually whole areas.

Sometimes i wonder if reality is stranger than fiction.

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