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Revisiting "The Battle of Los Angeles": 70 years of cover-up

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posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by Gazrok

Robert Wood and his son seem to think the Majestic Documents have some truth. Whether that makes them suspect or not or means the Majestic documents should be taken more seriously is the question I'd like to answer.

What do you think Gazrok? Does endorsement of the Majestic documents by the Woods give you any confidence in them? (I know some are bogus/altered by the way.)

ETA: I have posted this in your Majestic thread for on topicness.

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posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 03:30 PM

Originally posted by Imtor
Some of you are thinking that the night the military were shooting a weather balloon !? Are you serious? It was an aircraft, whatever it was.
I don't think there's any doubt the weather balloons started the shooting, along with some itchy trigger fingers.

However as Gazrok said, what they were shooting at after that is anybody's guess and eyewitness reports are all over the place. The AA shells left puffs of smoke in the sky and one theory is, they were shooting at those puffs of smoke, so of course every time they fired, there was another puff of smoke to shoot at.

posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 05:32 PM
reply to post by Gazrok

Editor Peter Jenkins of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, "I could clearly see the V formation of about 25 silvery planes overhead moving slowly across the sky toward Long Beach."

Long Beach Police Chief J.H. McClelland, "I watched what was described as the second wave of planes from atop the seven-story Long Beach City Hall.”

Navy observer Carl Zeiss, counted nine planes in the cone of the searchlight. He said they were silver in color.

CS Littleton, “What captured our rapt attention was a silvery, lozenge-shaped "bug," as my mother later described it, whose bright glow was clearly visible in the searchlight beams that pinpointed it. Although it was a clear, moonlit night, no other details were visible, despite the fact that, when we first saw it, the object was hanging motionless almost directly overhead. Its altitude is hard to estimate, especially after all these years, but I'd guess that it was somewhere between 4,000 and 8,000 feet.”

Residents who lived just north of Baldwin Hills saw it clearly. It was round with a slight hump in the middle. A woman named Kati said it was huge, elliptical in shape, with a brilliant, orange glow. This means it looks just like a classic domed saucer, just as we see in the photo, and not an explosion.

The object was said to be big enough to dwarf an apartment house. Some have claimed it to be 800 feet in diameter. Experienced dirigible specialists doubted it could be a Japanese blimp because the Japanese had no known source of helium, and hydrogen was much too dangerous to use under combat conditions.

An eyewitness in Redondo Beach recalls that it descended as it passed slowly over his home. It looked like it was going to land but it regained altitude and passed over the hills to the south. He claims that the "stern" of the craft was rectangular, with rounded edges, and very thick. This sounds more like the Arnold, Rhodes and Roswell crafts.

Reporter Bill Henry of the Los Angeles Times, "There were a number of direct hits scored on the object."

Author Ralph Blum, “The "white cigar-shaped object" took several direct hits but continued on its eastward flight.”

Afterwards, the Long Beach Independent noted that: "There is a mysterious reticence about the whole affair and it appears some form of censorship is trying to halt discussion of the matter."

Wind patterns and the flight direction of the object rules out a balloon, as the UFO reversed its course and firing began again 20 minutes after the first round of shots was over. What we do know is that 5 years before Roswell, the military had started its UFO cover up.

For thirty years, until the release of the Marshall memorandum, the Department of Defense claimed to have no record of the events on the night of Feb. 25, 1942.


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