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Inventions and ideas,I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours.

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posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 06:45 AM
just remember you only have to change 10% of an outstanding patented product to make it your own so the easiest idea for patenting something is basically draw it all out all the specs make 2 copies and send one to yourself in the mail when you recieve it DO NOT OPEN IT file it and leave it until there is a dispute over who came up with the idea and you can submit the unopened evelope with your spec in it as evidence as it will be date stamped by the post office. Cheapest and easiest way especially if you only have to mod 10% of a product to be your own hey

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 08:21 AM
reply to post by daddyroo45

I have thought about posting some things in this area of thinking for some time. I don't because the nature of what I seemed to have been .. well I better say stumbled upon.

I have had several moments of clarity in regards to hyper dimensional physics and how it relates to building a device that could be used to heal or... it could be perverted into a weapon. The drawings I did in like a little over 30 minutes are very interesting and contain the same physics found in ancient Egypt's and temples around the world. It relates to music as well. I can just see how to manipulate frequency with structure. This idea i had involved inventing new super concentrated laser wave guides. Then I see an article right after I was thinking about it that NASA had just invented such a material. Also my idea will involved the growing of crystals to a very precise degree. That really scary thing is I'm a sound engineer by trade and I'm no scientist. But everything I put forth matched a lot of research into hyper-dimensional physics. I know this sounds kooky but you asked

It's so funny because my device I drew up...well lets just say George Lucas would be proud. If I only had financial backing to get materials and start testing. Of course I wouldn't be taking serious I know.

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 08:23 AM
reply to post by niceguybob

Hello can you u2u please. Thanks I tried to u2u first to no avail. Sorry don't meant to mess the thread up.

Oh and it's not about my previous post about hyper-dimensional stuff it's about a more normal product I want a patent on and perhaps you can help.


posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 08:29 AM
A micro sized remote crontrolled helicopter, that hovers above, and follers the person who has the remote.. for instance.. you are worried having to goto a bad part of town, this micro helicopter will pretty much be invisibile, and follow you, recording surveillance so you can atleast feel safe that whoever harms you will be caught..

like a guardian angel

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 08:33 AM
I was wondering about new house designs?

I have been designing a simple but safe house to be built a lot cheaper and faster then a typical house.

While maintaining a safe and secure home, during sever weather (esp. floods) as it's 100% water tight up to say 7 feet.

This can be done using existing construction material, such as earth-bags, hay etc. but the trick is to
use them "together" to get all the benifits and have a house that looks and feels like a typical house built today.

Link below to one example: (hope that link below works if not type 3D Multi-House Layout in to find, and/or my user name is the same)

I also have many videos for this house design, and put one model in google warehouse for download for everyone to have.

In additon to Google Sketchup, I also have in autocad format if anyone would like it.

I would love one day to see this built' and help people have a home that can't afford the homes built today.

The nice part of this design is you can build and finish the "upper" part of the house to live in before the "bottom" part is built.

All negative and possitive comments/ideas welcome.

Your Canadian friend,

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 08:48 AM
reply to post by OatDelphi

I have what you need, and probably why you haven't been contacted. It's a frother. They are usually sold around the "non-automatic" coffee pots, by the tea kettles. I use a French-press, found one there. It's battery-operated, with a spring on the end. Put it in a narrow glass, press and froth! My husband uses it for mixing chocolate milk.

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 11:38 AM
reply to post by niceguybob

I now know why so many great ideas, be them new or just 'how to build a better mousetrap', never seem to surface.

I put in two catagories-
There are the thinkers, who ponder their ideas all day but won't write them down or do anything about it. Then there's the doer's that did persue their ideas but got their 'pants pulled down', so to speak, and add to the horror stories that you hear about.
I fall into the latter.

Not trying to be the one that "pissed in your Post Toasties" but I got tied up with an outfit that did the following-

Now, SOME companies will give you a package deal to develope your product. They could care less if you sell any..

There are conpaies that WATCH patent expiration dates as they come to expire. BAM..

There are Companies that will BUY your idea and offer you a licensing fee if they like the idea.

My product was/is simple and very practical and has a multitude of uses other than what the original purpose was to be. My idea was percieved to be used in the construction trade.Here's a brief summary-

Anybody that works with their hands or just likes doing that 'Honey...Do' stuff knows what 'joint compound' or 'drywall mud' is. This comes in two types, pre-mixed or dry. My product is for the pre-mixed variety.
In the pre-mixed department , it usaully can be purchased in 'the box' or 'a bucket'. PROS and CONS are-

PROS- weighs 48 lbs, less storage space, less waste when job is done
CONS-Cardboard box containing mud splits at the seams, handles rip, handling the plastic baggie in the box is a chore in itself scooping the mud out or wringing the baggie when moving the mud into a seperate container, the mud dries quickly on top of bag which falls in and gives you the 'chunkies' in turn just making the mud useless other than for the first coat or texture, messy trash to dispose of

PROS- very cost effective(#/$), easier to manage out of container, less trash, get a free bucket (and everybody knows there's no such thing as 'not enough buckets!')
CONS-weighs 60 lbs, when saving, the inside walls must be cleaned and a thin layer of water added to seal the mud from trapped air inside the bucket to prevent 'chunkies', previously opened container now has to be remixed with the water seal thus making your mud too thin to work with.

My product was/is a lid that conforms to the inside of a standard 5 gallon mud bucket. When you put this lid in the bucket , it automatically scraps the sides and sits flush on top of the mud, It has a simple rubber button that releases the trapped air when putting it in and you just press it to allow air in when your removing it.
Other post-fact applications were/are for dry storage and the smaller 3 gallon bucket. You would be able to stack buckets inside of each other thus taking up less storage space.

Now to what happened-
I thought I did my research on finding the right company to handle the R&D.They sounded good and were in constant communication with me. I invested close to $10k and was making a structured payment plan of 'pay as you go' for developement of what was later called "THE MUDSAVER". I recieved a ton of paperwork from them including a cad rendering of manufacturing specs, thick booklet of the patent search, and even the approved application for a Patent Pending. I lacked less than $1k from possibly selling my patent or marketing. I was even given a list of corporations that were likely to be interested if I wanted to sell out. This all transpired over 3+ years. This all worked out great because at times things were a little tight finacially and there was no pressure on their end and they did keep in contact with me via telephone. I really thought they were doing something, all those long distance calls, the cad drawings and a ton of paper sent to me. A couple of years go by and I recieved a letter from the FTC (Federal Trades Commission) stating that they were found to be working under fraudulent bases and were sorry that I was a victim of their scam and here's a $500 check to start paying you and others back but the company, which I will now name, being that this is public record, is "DAVIDSON & SONS" (out of Pensylvania I do believe. I would have to pull out the paperwork to confirm). Anyways that 'Davidson' had filed Chapter 11(restructuring) and that was all they were able to give at the time. That was 3 years ago and I have recieved two other checks for a total @ $1600.

So niceguybob, this is in no way being personal towards you, but peoples, I have found that it's alot easier on me if I have an idea, I'll just use it for myself and if anybody else likes it, make it yourself. It's not worth going out of your way to make the world a easier place to live! Pretty profound huh?

Thank you daddyroo45. For some reason I now have some sort of satisfaction by being able to tell of my invention scenario.

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 12:58 PM
reply to post by geo1066

My situation was much like yours with my last patent. I understand fully. However my representing company went bankrupt and I didn't get a dime of my 10 grand back.

People like you and I are part of the reason for this thread. Making any profit from an invention is nearly impossible. Like you stated most companies will outlast your patent and then make your product.
At least you can get the satisfaction of presenting your ideas to the public and let them use the information,to further their endeavors.
I commend you on your honesty !!!

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 02:37 PM

Originally posted by stars15k
I have two inventions I haven't seen before, but they are low-tech and so easily copied that it would be a waste to even try to develop either one.
1) A Sweater Saving Button Backer. I'm a hand-knitter and like large fancy buttons. I designed a shaped shawl (which doesn't fall off your shoulders or a hanger!) with a loose stitch. Most fancy buttons should not be washed; most garments are washed. Sewing a button onto a sweater pulls the garment, possible even creating holes and snags. I figured out how to use a large button which is on the inside of the sweater, with elastic cord that goes through the sweater and attach the button onto the outside. This gives a nice, easily removed for washing button, which is never actually sewn to anything. It also distributes the pulling from use over a much larger space, so the sweater doesn't get pulled everytime you use the button. It works like a dream. It's easy. It's very practical. It's also just a large button and elastic thread. How can you sell something like that? It's about 30 cents to make your own!
2)iPod Hanger. I hate wearing an armband for my iPod, use Nordic walking sticks so can't just carry it, and usually do not have pockets in my clothes. An iPod weighs next to nothing, but if you just wrap the cord behind your neck, it will slip down. If you wrap it around your neck, it will choke up. Both look bad. So I weighed my iPod, then some large beads and a hoop, to match. Place your earbuds in, put your iPod where you want it, put the cord around your neck and attach the beaded hoop opposite the iPod (a simple knot) and VOILA` ! A counterweight that keeps your iPod in place without slipping, looping, pins, lanyards, armbands, pockets, or anything else. It just hangs around your neck, easily in reach, and hands-free. Also something that works, but is so easy to copy a patent would be completely useless. Heck someone could just create a plastic Hello Kitty or whatever the correct weight and completely bypass "my" invention completely. Keep wondering about suggesting to Belkin, though. I think it would catch on. I've never seen anything like it at all.

Two excellent ideas !! Simple yet effective !! Something that could make everyday life just a little easier... My wife said the button with the elastic was great...see you already have two fans !!

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 07:31 PM
YOU mentioned Jacobson,I did not mention them.The're "OK"( kinda not sayin chit) There are a LOT of
freelance engineers(gotta have them), new product invention designers, new idea people out there.And they want questions answer'd so they understand what the challenges are. If this information is helpful.

I base my integrity on being honest about ideas, design,engineering,manufactuablity of a product for profits.
Not my profit,yours. I know I know It's not just about the profit..Better then losing money.

So you make a widget .
It's a Dollar for 1in the US
China quotes.. .25cents for 1
That's a 75%savings one part.

Million Dollars American Verses $250,000 China

Has it's advantages and disadvantages:

Good face cash value....
There's more to it..
Your business license,Fed.Id ,credit references,Banki,bonding company to garuntee your company Name will pass through customs.. More then Fair.. But if you do't have that in advance China won't ship..or your product can be delayed by 30days...
PLUS..Anything you ship from China is paid indvane before the Product leaves Hong Kong.. 12-18s by boat.
Air 2 -4 days((If it geta right through((..."about 100-200% higher in price..dendends on size and weight..)
Anyone that I'll share what I now if i can.. I have no legal advice. Just like most of ATSers and the Owners. AND some mods.AND some old mods. No brochures I have nothing to sell here..././ just if you have a qusetion..beg\haay to answer it...

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 08:39 PM
beg/hay? sorry..I meant just ask me.
second line.

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 08:52 PM
Invented years ago. A std detecting condom. Got all the specs. But invention agency basically took the money and played games. Figured it would help society (positive germ warfar).

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posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 08:55 PM
reply to post by geo1066

I have hung/finished alot of sheetrock in my day and the MudSaver would have been a very good product if it was able to lock moisture in completely and make mud last longer. I also like the fact that it would scrape the walls for you and virtually eliminate draggers from your mud between the fill and final coats.

Truthfully there is absolutely nothing worse than the smell of rotten joint coumpound. I have lost my cookies a few times having to clean out old buckets of mud and/or ceiling texture...

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 09:23 PM
How about a root cellar, three feet wide and made of CPVC. Spring loaded or counter balanced. Bury it in your back yard and you can store all kinds of food in it to be kept fresh for those times you might be facing the end of the world. Bins in the bottom for potato's and onions, fresh veggies go mid shelf and dried fruits and seasonings up top.

Cheap to make, easy to hide and even easier to install.

Put together a few designs, make sure they work, advertise, in the climate of the world today you will soon be rich.

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 09:59 AM

Originally posted by Ophiuchus 13
Invented years ago. A std detecting condom. Got all the specs. But invention agency basically took the money and played games. Figured it would help society (positive germ warfar).

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Not only is this a great idea it would help people seek treatment for std's. The cdc or some other health org.should have jumped on this.
If I were allowed applause I would give it !!

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 09:13 AM
Good News Letter For Idea's. I have nothing to do with this sight. I just read it.

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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 09:19 AM
reply to post by daddyroo45

Thanks friend I thought the same thing its just the company I was working with seemed more interested in getting their $$$$$ for the assistance instead of getting the product out there to help. I did see simular products produced for bacteria detection after presenting the idea to others as I did contact over 150 companies in different parts of the world but these products were not like this. It was designed so any who would try and make it would come up with a expensive product if it wasnt manufactured how it was designed. The original design would of made it compatible with existing condom sales. Thanks for the compliment. The money scheme process did make me think twice about trying any further investing because I trusted the company for the money they were paid.
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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 09:49 AM
My invention would make the profits of Google and Facebook look like pocket change. Make a device which fits inside the ear much like the Invisible Hearing aids they have today. Take the existing technology of frequencies and voice recognition and program the device with the proper data. When inserted into the ear it would work like this.
When your wife says "Get off your lazy arse and take out the garbage!"
You would hear - in her voice - "Hi Honey! Would you be a dear and help me with the garbage?"

Wife: "All you care about is that stupid football game. Get up and go to the damn store and get groceries!"
We hear: "Honey, after your team crushes those terrible opponents, how about you go to the store so I can make you a special dinner."

Wife: "Go out and mow the damn lawn. It looks like s--t!"
We Hear: "Honey, why don't you do the lawn before it gets to hot out. I'll have a nice cold beer waiting for you when your done."

Wife: "You've got to be kidding me. You're having the guys over for poker tonight? You better clean up the spilled chips, and wipe off the table. And don't forget to put the darn beer bottles in the trash or else! You think I'm cleaning up after you and your big spender buddies? Hah! Betting pennies. You might win 50 cents.I'm so impressed"
We Hear: "Honey! I think it's great you have your friends over! Have them just brush the crumbs on the floor and call the dog over so he'll clean them off the floor. And when your done, you go out and spend your winnings on yourself."

Now this is an idea!

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 12:16 PM

Originally posted by mrwupy
How about a root cellar, three feet wide and made of CPVC. Spring loaded or counter balanced. Bury it in your back yard and you can store all kinds of food in it to be kept fresh for those times you might be facing the end of the world. Bins in the bottom for potato's and onions, fresh veggies go mid shelf and dried fruits and seasonings up top.

Cheap to make, easy to hide and even easier to install.

Put together a few designs, make sure they work, advertise, in the climate of the world today you will soon be rich.

I really like the idea you have here. I have been planning a root cellar,but where i had to place it would require a set of steps and a door to get in it. Your idea would allow for the roof to pivot up and allow you to walk down into the cellar . Amazing now much cost it will save... Thanks !!

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 02:20 PM
Some of the ideas are realy cool. My ideas usually come after having a smoke, but then I forget some of them! Anyways, I have an idea for a stapler with the staple remover built in. Or what about digging a very deep hole. So deep it hits the mantle or lava. U then let water run into it, creating steam which then powers a turbine. I also want to start a dream database, to compare dreams and if people have exactle the same dreams. You know like when you dream of someone you have never met. Maybe that person dreams of you.

Just putting it out there.

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