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The road to Firefox 1.0...

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posted on Jul, 11 2004 @ 11:15 AM
With all of the recent talks of Firefox here in "Computer Help", I've decided to add to the fire (no pun intended) some information about the impending release of Firefox 1.0.

The following link is straight from the Mozilla site:
Mozilla Firefox 1.0 Roadmap

Quote from Mozilla Firefox 1.0 Roadmap site:
We have picked an ambitious target release date for Firefox 1.0 - 9/14. While it is possible that we may slip past this we want to set that date now so that it gives us a near term goal to target and then slip from, rather than wait for things to "fall into place" or setting a later date that will result in further slipping. In order to hit this date and meet our goals for stability and localization, we are targeting a RC1 at or around 8/10 by which time the most risky/complex/localization impacting changes will have been made...

I'm excited for this. Firefox 1.0 is going to be SO AWESOME. w00t.



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