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Freedom to Quality of Life Ratio - Does it exist ????

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posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 12:57 PM
Hello everyone.

This may require some explanation, but please bear with me.

Does there exist a reliable index of 'freedom' and 'quality of life' ?

What I mean by this is as follows;

lets say that country 'X', has great healthcare, low taxes, good access to education, low death rate, etc etc,

that country is rated 'Q100' as a quality of life score.

and country 'Y' is rated Q0, as it is ridden with disease, crime, high taxes etc etc

NOW, secondly we have a freedom index, where a country with full rights of expression, minimal government interference in your personal affairs, freedom of political thought etc is rated as 'F100',

and a totally freedom restricted country would be 'F0'

Now thats the boring bit over with, let me ask a question...

Would it be possible to create a true ratio of freedom to quality of life ratio for Countries?
What I would mean is a 'F to Q' ratio
Does such a thing exist?
If so, could anyone point me in the direction of such information?

How would you rate your own Country?

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posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 01:07 PM
No such animal

People can choose freedom and liberty, at the expense of progression and equality

or people can choose quality and safety, at the expense of freedom and liberty.

the retoric is that we value freedom over all, but that is simply untrue. All but the most radical anarchists choose quality over freedom and safety over libertys any day of the week.

The overall point, I think, is for society to try and find the best quality of life for the least amount of intrusive government in your personal space. finding that balance is very tricky and may take hundreds of years of trial and error before the comfort and freedom balance is struck.

I know of no land on earth that has what your looking for. Nordic lands are the most happy with life generally, but from a outsiders point of view, they have a near crushing government presence. Ask a nord however and they enjoy their life more than any other place on earth.

I think happiness is best overall. If your happiest living in a forest away from any authority and not bothered by no conveniences, then thats what you should seek. If your happy in a city apartment with 60% of your pay lost to taxes but all the conveniences given to you anyhow, then thats what you should seek out.

Add: making it personal: I am seeking out maximum progress (scientific). That comes in societys with active and intelligent governments fueling massive projects to progress science. parts of China or Japan may actually be more fitting for my mindset than the US.
The freedom V rules means little to me...I am over that and simply want to be in the most advanced nation. I want my personal liberties, but am not bothered with tax rates much..more concerned with futurist visions.
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